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  • Video Let's See How That Xbox One N64 Emulator Held Up

    Gone but not forgotten

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOUCSIaFutg Despite the recently infamous Win64e10 emulator being removed, we managed to download it before Microsoft pulled it from the Xbox One Store and put it through its paces. The blurb promised it to be the most powerful N64 emulator on Windows 10, but if it runs anything like it does...

  • News Nintendo 64 Emulator Unceremoniously Yanked From Xbox One Store

    Double quick

    Yesterday we reported on the fact that a Nintendo 64 emulator was available for download on Microsoft's Xbox One console. Win64e10 - which retailed for $9.99 - allowed Xbox One owners to run N64 ROMs on their consoles by copying the games to a OneDrive account and loading them into the emulator. The app actually went live over the...

  • News The Xbox One Now Has A Nintendo 64 Emulator

    But for how long?

    Given the recent fuss surrounding a NES emulator on the Xbox One - and the resultant "will it, won't it" saga - it's perhaps a little surprising that you can now boot up your Xbox One system and download an N64 emulator. Win64e10 - a modified version of the Nintendo 64 emulator Mupen64plus - was previously available on Windows...

  • Random Someone Has Created A SNES Mini Out Of Clay And A Raspberry Pi Zero

    Nintendo, take note

    The NES Mini is coming this year and looks set to be quite a popular Christmas present, but a great many Nintendo fans will have their fingers firmly crossed that the SNES Mini follows shortly afterwards. For those of you who can't wait - and don't mind getting your hands dirty - there's always the unofficial route. Modder Hugo...

  • News Microsoft Blocks NESBox Emulator On Xbox One

    That was quick

    The NESBox saga appears to be drawing to a close with Microsoft "unpublishing" the app after it was submitted for launch on its Xbox One console. Many questioned whether or not the company would allow it to stand, given that NESBox effectively turns the Xbox One into a NES. However, on Friday it looked certain to be on the way as it...

  • News Xbox One NES Emulator Passes Certification, Could Hit Console In The Next Few Days

    Your move, Nintendo

    We reported on the development of a NES emulator for the Xbox One console a few days ago, and we're now hearing that the app has passed certification, meaning it could arrive on the system any day now. NESBox will allow Xbox owners to play classic NES titles on their consoles, as well as load up fan-made games. ROMs will be...

  • News The Xbox One Might Be Getting A NES Emulator

    Nintendo's legal team, take note

    Given this is a Nintendo-focused site many of you may not be aware that it is now possible for Windows developers to submit their applications for release on the Xbox One. It's all part of Microsoft's overarching plan to unify its business interests and should - on the whole - result in benefits for console users...




  • News Nintendo 3DS Games Sure Look Pretty In High Definition

    Jaggies begone

    While it's impossible to escape the somewhat shady nature of emulation - especially when you're talking about modern-day systems - we've kept a keen eye on developments in recent years. Wii emulation is at the point where games can be given a lush HD lick of paint, while Wii U emulation is progressing at a respectable pace as well...


  • News Version 1.4.0 of Wii U Emulator, Cemu, Shows More Rapid Progress

    Still a long way from full emulation

    It's hard to know what Nintendo makes of Cemu, a Wii U emulator that's been making rapid progress. Often these fan-based projects take years to come together, but in this case there have been frequent updates, perhaps helped by the similarity - in some respects - of the current-gen system to the Wii. In any...



  • News Proof of Functioning Wii U Emulator, Cemu, Emerges Online

    Still very early days

    For as long as there are consoles there'll be hackers and programmers attempting to reverse engineer them for emulation. Due to all of the work platform holders put into closing off their systems it proves to be difficult, and it took quite some time for the infamous 'Dolphin' emulator to make Wii games playable on PC. It's a...





  • News Turn Your Retro Cartridges Into ROMS, Legally

    Conscience intact

    One thing that we positively don't support here at Nintendo Life is illegally downloading and playing retro games through emulators. As a result it's with a deep breath that we say this, but there's now a way to transfer your retro cartridges legally. A new gizmo called Retrode is on the way to market that allows you to plug in...


  • News Classic Controller Support Comes to Android Wii Remote App

    Finally, SNES games play like a dream

    We few days ago we covered the release of Ryan Frawley's excellent Wii Controller IME app for Google's Android mobile platform. The app allows Android users to connect a Wii Remote to their phone via Bluetooth and play games on with it. Frawley hinted at Classic Controller support when he launched the first...

  • News Wii Controller App For Android Goes Live

    We put the new app through its paces in an exclusive video

    Last week we reported that developer Ryan Frawley had released a "proof of concept" demo which allowed Android phone users to interact with a Nintendo Wii Remote. There's barely been enough time to get fully excited about this tantalising prospect because Frawley has launched the...


  • News Fancy Playing Super Mario Bros. With Other Nintendo Characters? Now You Can

    Mario gets by with a little help from his friends

    Overly-creative gamers may, from time to time, wish that protagonists from different games would swap roles and see if the grass is indeed greener. We've often wondered what it would be like to have a Mario-centric GTA-style game, complete with unsavoury weapons and potty mouth. Well now it seems that a keen gamer has done his own 'mash-up' of..

  • News Mario Leaps Across the Virtual Pages of Kindle

    Amazon presumably thrilled

    You might have an Amazon Kindle e-reader, but chances are you probably don't: all that reading is understandably off-putting. You know what might brighten it up? Some Mario, of course. That was seemingly the thought process over at Klab, a Japanese company behind a NES emulator for Kindle. Although it's perhaps best not to consider the usefulness of such a programme,..


  • News Naughty Nokia Boasts About Nintendo Games On N900

    Official video shows SNES emulator in operation, complete with ROMz

    Let's not beat about the bush - the Nokia N900 is a supremely powerful piece of kit and we want one here at Nintendo Life Towers. The Finnish manufacturer's latest handset is going head-to-head with Apple's iPhone and Motorola's Droid, and has an amazing amount of tricks up its sleeve - one of which is playing SNES games, if a..