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    Review Arcade Archives Ninja-Kid

    The kid is alright

    The online leaderboards that HAMSTER includes with their retro releases provide some replay value as you compare (then try to improve) your point-scoring against players from around the globe. They work better in some games than others and they work particular well with old arcade titles, where in lieu of an ending sequence to...

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    Review Wild Guns Reloaded

    Welcome to Westworld!

    Back in 1994, Natsume delivered the definitive ‘shooting gallery’ shmup made famous in previous years by the likes of Neo Geo NAM-1975 and TAD’s Cabal. Sadly, a limited number of copies coupled with being a late generation SNES game meant that a lot of people missed out on this slice of space western action. Add in some...

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    Review Ghost Pilots

    Eject! Eject!

    SNK may be famous for its fighting games, but in 1991 the Japanese firm decided that it wanted a piece of the 'shmup' pie that Capcom had been munching all to itself thanks its superb 194X series of WW2-themed shooters. Using a 4:3 ratio and replacing the more classic WW2 propeller planes with generic seaplanes, Ghost Pilots...

  • News Cast of the Seven Godsends Will Bring 2D Run 'N Gun Arcade Action To Switch This Week

    Can you save the Kingdom?

    Developed by Raven Travel Studios, Cast of the Seven Godsends is arriving on Switch later this week, bringing a dose of classic 2D, run ’n gun, action-shooter gameplay along for the ride. The evil emperor Zaraaima has kidnapped the infant heir to the land of Dareca. King Kandar must call upon the aid of the...

  • Feature Hands-On With Raging Justice, The Streets Of Rage Successor Your Switch Deserves

    We talk to Nic Makin ahead of the game's May launch

    Once the toast of the video game arena, the humble side-scrolling fighter has fallen from grace in recent years. While we've seen notable titles that have tried to resurrect the genre - such as the brilliant Wulverblade - it remains a relic from a bygone era; a style of game that was arguably most...

  • News Ride Short To Romp Next Week With Saurus' Stakes Winner

    Horsing about

    On 2nd May, HAMSTER will be releasing Saurus' 1995 horse racing game Stakes Winner on the Switch eShop, continuing its unbroken Neo Geo weekly release streak. The ever-popular horse racing/horse breeding/gambling culture in Japan ensures a steady flow of games of this niche genre across all generations, and the Neo Geo was no...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Jotun: Valhalla Edition

    Thora the explorer

    Despite being a little over a year old, Nintendo Switch already has more than its fair share of top-down action adventure games. The presence of Cat Quest, Kamiko, Ittle Dew 2+ and numerous others like it means genre fans are already spoiled for choice when it comes to the old hack-and-slash routine. Jotun: Valhalla Edition is...

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