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  • News Sonic The Hedgehog Turns 26 Today

    Happy Birthday, Blue Blur

    Sonic the Hedgehog made his Mega Drive debut 26 years ago today. On June 23rd 1991, Sega's answer to Super Mario arrived on North American store shelves, with the Japanese and European releases following in July. With its incredible visuals and astonishing speed, the game was hailed as an instant classic, and went on to...


  • News Nintendo Of America Wishes Xbox A Happy 15th Birthday

    That's nice

    Unless you live under a rock you will no doubt be aware that yesterday marked the 15th anniversary of the Microsoft Xbox. Launched as a rival to the PS2 and GameCube, the system laid down the foundations for the incredibly successful Xbox 360 and the Xbox One, Microsoft's current home console. While Xbox and Sony fans are regularly at...