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  • Feature Smiles and Tears - A Mother 3 Retrospective

    Cancellations, rebirths, fan translations and more

    This week marks the 10th Anniversary of Mother 3, Shigesato Itoi's third and final instalment in the Mother series and the follow up to EarthBound that, unfortunately, never saw the light of day outside of its native homeland. Since that day ten years ago we've seen hopes dashed, rumours (some of...





  • News Fan-made Mother 3 Handbook Freely Available To Read

    It's all online, and it's all free.

    Remember that fantastic fan-made Mother 3 guide a while back? Those of you with a marshmallow-soft spot for the series and $20 American to spare probably already have your copy sitting snugly on your shelf. The rest of us? Well, we can now read and download it (legally!) for free. Score one for the cheap-o's! It's a low-res version, but the entirety of the book..