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  • News Fan-Made "Mega Maker" is Releasing Next Week

    DIY Mega Man

    “Super Mario Maker's” popularity proved something most people in the ROM hacking community already knew for years: there is a game designer hidden in all of us. Yet most of us do not have the technical expertise to look up code and understand how it works. Level editors are nothing new, of course, going as far back as some games...



  • News Famicom Version of "Rampart" Translated to English

    But your castle is (with)in another castle!

    If you fought in the great medieval wars of the 1990s, you might read the headline and wonder what the fuss is all about. After all Atari's "Rampart", a perfect mix of artillery / puzzle game, conquered the arcades and gained quick cult status among gamers; it also had many home conversions, even managing...




  • Hardware Review Famicom Classic Mini

    The NES Classic Mini's Eastern relation

    With the NES Classic Mini currently proving to be quite hard to find at retail right now, chances are that the thought of sourcing its Japanese sibling may have crossed your mind. Released at the same time and boasting a design which imitates that of the system that started it all – 1983's "Family Computer",...

  • News There's Another Famicom Chiptune Cart Coming Next Year

    8bit Music Power Final to contain 18 tracks

    The idea of someone releasing a chiptune album on a Famicom cartridge might seem strange if it hadn't happened once already, but that doesn't make the impending launch of 8bit Music Power Final any less exciting or unique. Riki is the developer and Columbus Circle is the publisher, and the cart will hit...










  • Music 8Bit Music Power Review

    Chipping away

    In the world of music vinyl is currently enjoying something of a resurgence, with the antiquated audio format coming back from the dead to take pride of place in any self-respecting hipster's living room. While it's unlikely that this trend has anything to do with the release of RIKI's 8Bit Music Power, parallels can nevertheless be...



  • News The Famicom is 32 Years Old Today

    Should have a steady job and a mortgage by now

    Here's one to make some of us feel old - the Famicom is 32 years old today, released in Japan on 15th July 1983. It was, of course, the system that would be revamped and remodelled as the NES in October 1985 in North America. Famicom was the shortened name for Family Computer; a key difference of this...




  • News The NES Story Began On This Day 31 Years Ago

    We are Family (Computer)

    31 years ago today, Nintendo Co., Ltd. released the Famicom console in Japan, an event which would herald the beginning of the firm's wildly successful relationship with home video games. Hitting store shelves at 14,800 Yen (around $145 / £84 / 107 Euros), the system wasn't an instant hit with the Japanese public. Sales...

  • News Mother 25th Anniversary Fanfest Teleports in this 5th July

    Celebrating the Zero fans have always wanted

    Many of us caught the bus with Shigesato Itoi's quirky RPG series through EarthBound, but well before that came his first game, Mother. Also known as EarthBound Zero, Mother was released July 1989 in Japan and, unfortunately, nowhere else officially since. Not one to dismiss a reason to celebrate their...



  • News Famicom Remix 1 + 2 Coming to Retail in Japan

    A one-two nostalgic combo right in Japan's childhood

    NES Remix was a pleasant surprise when suddenly announced for the Wii U eShop, and the appearance of its slightly more mature cousin NES Remix 2 is a good sign that this particular brand of retro carnival play is taking off. It may come to the delight and/or great envy of others, then, that Japan...


  • Weirdness Famicom Cartridges Turned Into Chiptune Harmonicas

    Because some of you will just never stop blowing into them

    The idea has been sitting right under our noses (where our mouths are) the entire time: we blow into cartridges; we blow into harmonicas. Why not merge the two together? Finally, we have the technology — or at least someone creatively wily enough to use it. The gadgeteer(s) at Ugoita...


  • Hardware Review Gametech Neo Fami

    The Famicom Clone To Rule Them All?

    The concept of clone retro hardware isn't anything new — in fact, we've already covered the likes of the Retro Duo V2, RetroN 3 and SupaBoy here on Nintendo Life — but as time goes on these cheap and cheerful systems are becoming more and more desirable. Older machines are either failing as





  • Hardware Classics Nintendo AV Famicom

    Give the dog a bone

    The Nintendo Entertainment System — or NES, for short — is arguably the console on which Nintendo's current lofty status was built. Launched in Japan as the Famicom, the 8-bit platform is home to an almost endless list of solid-gold classics, including Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Metroid,



  • News Go On, Judge a Game By Its Cover

    Nobody says you shouldn't

    You might remember some of our previous coverage of Famicase, where artists create stickers for fictional Famicom games. A Game By Its Cover (AGBIC) takes this concept to the next stage, inviting developers to create games based on the stickers. The competition runs from 17th June until 18th August and is open to anyone...



  • News How Nintendo Manufactured the Famicom on the Cheap

    Recently revealed report hints at Scrooge-like attitude

    As we all know, the Nintendo Famicom (the Japanese version of the NES, in case you were wondering) was pretty damn successful back in the day. In fact, it would be no exaggeration to state that the machine practically created the modern console market - certainly in Japan, at least. Nintendo...

  • News Read About the Birth of the Famicom in Latest Iwata Asks

    Go right back to the start

    Nintendo's Famicom is a piece of gaming history. The company's first cartridge-based gaming system, it set the revitalised the industry and set the standard for what was to follow. Satoru Iwata sat down with two of Nintendo's behind-the-scenes heroes for his latest "Iwata Asks" feature: R&D advisor Masayuki Uemura and former manager of the Corporate..

  • Nintendo Download 5th & 6th October 2010 (Japan)

    October begins with Virtual Console and DSiWare

    WiiWare's alternating weeks continue, but at least there's the Virtual Console to keep Wii owners happy – even better when the releases include classic arcade games! The DSi has a trio of actual games for a change with nary a lifestyle download in sight. Virtual ConsoleCommando (800pts Arcade, Capcom) – This is the first VCA release from Capcom..


  • News Developers Make Famicom Games from Unreal Famicom Cartridges

    It'll make sense soon

    You might remember a story back in May about a Japanese art project where artists created fictitious Famicom cartridges to display their work. Here we are, three months later, bringing you news that some enterprising developers took the cartridges as inspiration to create games. Taking in cat-touching adventure Neco Touch, sloth simulator Namakemono – translated as..

  • News Start Saving as Famicom Box Surfaces on eBay

    Rare machine up for grabs

    Back in 1980s Japan, Nintendo's Famicom was doing the business, but the company wanted to get more gamers to experience what it could offer. The answer was the FamicomBox, a machine used by retailers to allow customers to try out a selection of Famicom games, with some models even featuring a coin slot to allow gamers to...


  • News Unreal Famicom Games are... Well, Unreal

    Famicase project shows off 2010 line-up

    The humble Famicom cartridge may not seem like the perfect canvas on which to create art, but every year Japanese game shop Meter hosts Famicase, a project aiming to prove just the opposite. Artists are asked to create artwork for a fictitious game and display it on a Famicom cart, and predictably the results range from the brilliant to the bizarre. If you're..


  • News Samurai Warriors 3 to Feature a Nazo no Murasamejou Mode

    Koei's latest Warriors game is Wii-exclusive and includes a Nintendo-related bonus mode.

    If you're not familiar with Koei's popular franchise you shouldn't be too surprised - The only game released on a Nintendo platform, Samurai Warriors: Katana, was a spin-off which was not that well received. All is forgiven with Koei's latest announcement however - The newest game in the series, Samurai..


  • News Famicase 2009 Art Exhibit Opens

    Fifty-eight artists and designers craft imaginary Famicom game carts

    The art on game boxes and carts from the 8-bit era was generally pretty crap. A lot of it is still crap today, but back then gaming was still considered largely a kid's thing so people gave even less of a **** on whether or not the box art looked good. Japanese retro games shop Meteor is behind the My Famicase exhibition, which..


  • News Stupidly Cool Portable Famicom Mod Surfaces

    Shame we don’t know how to use a soldering iron...

    The stuff these crazy modders seem to dream up never fails to surprise us, and this latest endeavour is totally off the chart in terms of sheer genius. Modder ‘goteking’ has taken a business card holder shaped like a Famicom cartridge and skillfully inserted a media player with a Famicom emulator installed. The result? Portable pleasure and..