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  • News Monster Hunter Generations x Star Fox DLC Confirmed

    Gee, I've been hunted by Fox. How swell.

    Monster Hunter Generations is just days away, and in addition to Western-exclusive Capcom franchise cross-overs in its DLC offerings, it seems gamers outside of Japan will also enjoy some awesome Palico outfits themed on the big N's franchises; a Wind Waker outfit was confirmed recently. It's now confirmed...











  • Weirdness Here's What An All-Human Star Fox Team Looks Like

    Don't worry, Slippy's here!

    We've seen some cool cosplay ourselves recently, but nothing prepared us for the awesomeness of seeing the Star Fox team reimagined in human form. The cosplayers known as York In A Box have been busy barrel rolling ahead of the release of Star Fox Zero on Wii U. In the photos below you can see Chri

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    Wii U eShop / DS

    Review Star Fox Command

    Command and conquer

    Fox McCloud and friends are coming back in a big way this Holiday season with Star Fox Zero for the Wii U, and while the jury's still out on whether the title will live up to expectations, Nintendo has given fans a refresher course in barrel rolls by releasing Star Fox Command on the system's Virtual Console in North America...





  • Weirdness Can A Star Fox Barrel Roll Work In Space?

    It seems that Peppy knows what he is talking about

    We don't claim to be experts in astrophysics here at Nintendo Life, but clearly some of the manoeuvres in Star Fox 64 3D might be pushing the boundaries of realism. The boffins over at the PBS Space Time YouTube channel have given Peppy's command to "DO A BARREL ROLL" some thought and have deemed...

  • News This Awesome Star Fox 2 Box Art Shows Us What Could Have Been

    We did a barrel roll when we saw this

    With an all-new Star Fox game for Wii U on the way later this year, our thoughts sometimes drift back to the good old days of the Super Nintendo. With the critical and commercial success of Star Fox on the SNES, a sequel of some description was inevitable and it seemed that the SNES would be the platform to...





  • Nintendo 64x64 Lylat Wars

    Do a barrel roll!

    Nintendo: excellent decision. Ditch Starwing 2 and go for a next-gen sequel. Lylat Wars delivers on many fronts. Corneria is a perfect opener - capturing Starwing’s feel yet graphically upgraded. From then on levels are superbly varied: corridor levels, dogfights, numerous routes to Venom based on mission success. Not just a...

  • Feature We Put Bayonetta 2's Nintendo Outfits to the Test

    Nintendo's mascots have never been so deadly

    Bayonetta 2, one of the highest profile third-party exclusives on Wii U — albeit published by Nintendo — is getting close to release. The Platinum Games extravaganza is all set to deliver high-intensity action to the system, and we've been impressed so far; we said as much in our preview. Nintendo's...

  • News You Can Dress Up As Fox McCloud Thanks To Bayonetta 2's Star Fox Costume

    Foxy lady

    During today's special Bayonetta 2 Direct it was revealed that in addition to the confirmed Nintendo-themed costumes, you will also be able to dress up as Fox McCloud from Star Fox. The outfit comes complete with fox ears and a bushy tail, and looks just as goofy and adorable as the other outfits. As mentioned above Bayonetta 2 will also...




  • Video Please Don't Let This Wii U Star Fox Footage Get Your Hopes Up

    Suspicious shaky cam video alert

    Let's face it, we all want to see Star Fox on Wii U — Nintendo's famous space battle series is crying out for a fresh sequel, and nothing would give us more pleasure than seeing Fox McCloud and his team dog-fighting in glorious HD. However, this longing for a new entry in the franchise won't allow our impeccable...



  • Weirdness Here's a Team Fortress 2 Star Fox Deathmatch Mod

    Yes, really

    Team Fortress is a phenomenon, as the Valve-developed multiplayer FPS typifies the features that many PC gamers adore — basically, it can be modded and manipulated in a lot of ways. It's a major part of the game's appeal, though the default crazy cartoonish action has a legion of fans, with plenty still playing the ageing game to this...


  • News Star Fox Developer: I Wanted To Say "Screw That" To Shigeru Miyamoto

    Dylan Cuthbert reveals the magic of working with Nintendo

    Star Fox is one of the Super Nintendo's most enduring classics, thanks largely to its ground-breaking use of 3D and tight, immserise gameplay. However, had Dylan Cuthbert — one of the game's key developers — had his way, it might have turned out very differently; something he now admits...

  • Video This Is The Star Fox Movie We Want Hollywood To Make

    Behind the scenes on a fan-made masterpiece

    We've already seen how Nintendo games can get the Gritty Reboot treatment, but this latest fan-made video is going for a truly epic feel — and makes us wish that Pixar and Nintendo could join forces to make Star Fox: The Movie with Joe Morrisseau, George Hernandez, Jesus Martinez, Jeff Barruga and...

  • News Two Tribes: We Could Make A Damn Fine Star Fox Game For Wii U

    "It would be awesome to work on"

    Two Tribes co-founder Collin van Ginkel has revealed that the studio would love to work on a new Star Fox game for the Wii U. Speaking in an interview with NintyChronicle, van Ginkel was asked which franchise he would want to work on someday. He replied: I think we could make a damn fine Star fox game for Wii U...


  • Feature The Making Of Star Fox Adventures

    An exclusive behind the scenes look at one of Rare’s most maligned outings

    Although it’s hard to believe now, when Star Fox Adventures launched in 2002 it gained largely positive reviews and shifted 200,000 copies in Japan, making it one of the system’s early smash hits in its native region. However, history hasn’t been kind to the game;...


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