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  • News Microsoft Once Had Some Pretty Wild Ideas, Including Making Xbox Free And Buying Nintendo

    "Name a bad idea and it was something we had to deal with"

    Back when Microsoft was looking at entering the home gaming market and working on the first Xbox console, people within the company had some pretty far out ideas - precious few of which actually came to pass, thankfully. Speaking to, Oddworld Inhabitants' Lorne Lanning has...

  • News Pac-Man Makes a Playable Appearance in Google Maps

    It's already 1st April in Japan and Australia...

    April Fools' Day has begun, or at least that's how we're interpreting the latest shenanigans from Google. With 1st April rolling around in some countries, there is now playable Pac-Man embedded into Google Maps, which is certainly a fun way to waste time and get directions all at once. When you head...

  • News You Can Now Create Your Very Own Game & Watch Handheld

    Soldering skills required

    While some believe that Nintendo's domination of the handheld market started with the Game Boy, it was in fact the Game & Watch series which really kicked things off for the Japanese firm. The brainchild of Gunpei Yokoi - the same man who created the Game Boy - these simple LCD portables sold millions during the '80s...

  • News Nintendo Begins Takedown Proceedings on Super Mario 64 HD Fan Project

    Seems harsh

    Late last week we shared a small demo that had been created by a programmer teaching themselves to create 3D platforming in Unity - Super Mario 64 HD. The title actually sounds a little grander than the reality - it's one level re-created practically from scratch, that serves as a fun proof of concept with no intention of continuing the...

  • Video Did You Know Gaming Delves Into the History of the NES

    Hopefully, an SNES video is in the works

    For those of you out of the loop, Did You Know Gaming is a fun site dedicated to sharing obscure trivia and facts about video games, both new and old. The site also runs a YouTube channel which gets updated on a fairly frequent basis, featuring videos about particular series, companies, or consoles and...

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