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  • Gallery Gorge Your Face On These Images Of The First Evercade Prototype

    Retro ridiculous

    The Evercade is promising that ever-so niche but ever-so dedicated market of retro-leaning types who want more and more ways to play their old games rather than just firing up the consoles for which they were made something rather special. Unique multi-carts of games from proper publishers, which is certainly a bold idea, and one...

Wednesday17th Jul 2019

Tuesday16th Jul 2019

  • News Two More Ways To Play Contra Arrive This Holiday Season

    Can you ever have enough ways to play Contra?

    Fans of Konami's seminal run-and-gun series Contra have no shortage of ways to play the classic game, whether you're a fan of the arcade original, the NES port or the numerous sequels we've seen over the years. The recent Contra Anniversary Collection brought together a bunch of them in a package that we...

  • Guide Where To Pre-order PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16 Mini


    Following the shock news that Konami are planning to release a PC Engine Mini console (TurboGrafx-16 for our US readers) we have been eagerly waiting to slam down a pre-order as we're sure that these will sell out quicker than the original NES Mini due to limited supply at launch. Amazon UK is now listing the pre-order for the PC...

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