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  • Feature Some Mario Games Just Can't Be Played Properly Anymore

    At least five, anyway

    Video games are a funny medium; one's released, and about a year afterwards you're not likely to be able to buy a brand new copy of it unless you're very lucky or it gets a second run. As such they age, and in a time of online patches and internet servers being so integral it's likely only going to get harder to play games...

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  • News Yuji Naka Wanted To Join Nintendo After He Finished Working For Sega

    "I had this faint hope that I’d be getting a call… but it never came"

    Ever wondered what would have happened if Yuju Naka - former head of Sonic Team and one of the driving forces behind the success of the iconic blue speedster - had made the move over to Nintendo? Well, turns out that could have easily been reality. In a recent interview,...

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  • News Jin Fujisawa, The Director Of Dragon Quest IX, Leaves Square Enix

    He's now working for a different, undisclosed firm

    One of the Dragon Quest franchise's most influential developers has parted ways with the publisher. Jin Fujisawa, who worked on nine entries on the series (from Dragon Quest VII on PS1 to Dragon Quest X Online) has moved onto pastures new and is now working with a different company on an...

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  • Feature The History And Evolution of Donkey Kong

    37 years in the making

    Few gaming characters have hung around as long as Donkey Kong, and over the years we at NL towers have garnered a healthy respect for the giant, tie-wearing ape. That's why we decided to throw together a short audio-visual retrospective to take a look at how DK managed to get where he is today. What's your favourite entry...

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