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  • News Famicom Version of "Rampart" Translated to English

    But your castle is (with)in another castle!

    If you fought in the great medieval wars of the 1990s, you might read the headline and wonder what the fuss is all about. After all Atari's "Rampart", a perfect mix of artillery / puzzle game, conquered the arcades and gained quick cult status among gamers; it also had many home conversions, even managing...

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  • News Rare Treasures Aims to Chronicle the History of Rare

    Published by Dark Horse Comics

    Rare was a prominent part of Nintendo’s history in the 90’s, responsible for major games such as Donkey Kong Country, Banjo-Kazooie, and GoldenEye 007, though it rather famously departed from the Big N in 2002 for supposedly greener pastures with Microsoft. Still, the company holds a special place in the heart of...

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  • Random China Is Getting A Live-Action Contra Movie

    Because why not

    Movies based on video games have a habit of being somewhat inconsistent; for every decent effort there are countless terrible examples which totally fail to live up to the promise of the source material. We'll let you decide which camp the upcoming Contra flick will fall into. The script - by Beijing Starlit Movie and TV...

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