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  • Video Leafing Through The NES / Famicom Visual Compendium

    The ultimate coffee table companion?

    Bitmap Books' series of visual compendiums already has a strong following amount retro gamers but its latest iteration has been perhaps the most notable yet, for two key reasons. Firstly, it utterly smashed its Kickstarter goal of £25,000 and eventually raised a whopping £190,000, and secondly, it very nearly...

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  • Random Of Course Seinfeld's George Costanza Was A Virtual Boy Fan

    It makes perfect sense!

    Poor old George Costanza. This neurotic, self-loathing character from the popular comedy sitcom Seinfeld never did have much luck in life. It turns out in addition to being unfortunate in love (and virtually everything else) George also made equally terrible choices when buying video gaming hardware. While idly relaxing at...

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  • News Don't Worry, Nintendo Says It Hasn't Stopped NES Mini Production

    The tiny dream is still alive

    Yesterday we reported that a Scandinavian retailer had prompted concerns around production of the NES Mini Classic, albeit with a cautionary note that Nintendo had recently said restocks were in the works. The NES Mini was a hot ticket item before Christmas and it seems that the demand simply took Nintendo by surprise;...

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  • Video Digital Foundry Puts the NES Mini Up Against Retro Rivals

    Compared to Analogue NT, the original NES and the Virtual Console

    The Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition (Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System in Europe) was a hit in the last Holiday season, even if stock issues meant that not everyone that wanted a system could pick one up. For those that do have a NES Mini, though,...

Friday3rd Feb 2017