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  • News This Faithful Fan-Made Brawler Is Mega Man Meets Smash Bros

    Blue Bomber beatdown

    Do you love yourself a bit of Mega Man? Can't wait until the release of the Mega Man Legacy Collection and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2? Well, how about a fan-made creation that takes the classic retro platforming of the Blue Bomber and transforms it into a multiplayer brawler, a la Smash Bros? Mega Man Arena - which you can...

  • Random You Can Now Play NES Games In 3D And In Virtual Reality

    The 3DNES gets a VR makeover

    Back in 2016, we covered the launch of 3DNES, an emulator that took the 2D data of an NES game and rebuilt it in the wonders of three dimensions. Well, the little bit of software is still going and has just received one of its most intriguing updates - support for VR! Yes, you'll now be able to experience the likes of...

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  • Feature Getting The Best Picture Out Of Your Nintendo 64: The RGB Edition

    Soupy visuals, begone!

    You'll have to forgive us, but we're a little obsessed with getting the best picture quality out of dusty old game hardware here at Nintendo Life. Those of you with long memories may recall our early experiments with upscaling and scanline-generating devices many years ago, and more recently we've looked at the benefit of HDMI...

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