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  • Random Counting The Screws In NES Cartridges Is A Big Deal For Collectors

    Not all NES cartriges were screwed alike

    Hardware revisions are a common practice in all manufacture industry, and video games are no exception; to either augment the original design with new features before a new unit replaces the existing one or to simply cut manufacturing costs by streamlining the production process. What no one might have...

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  • Random Here's What Star Wars: The Last Jedi Would Have Looked Like On The SNES

    Spoilers contained within, young Jedi...

    Star Wars has a long and proud history in the realm of video games (as well as a few bum notes), but one of the most memorable interactive adaptations has to be the excellent trilogy of titles on the SNES. We'd dearly love to see some of the modern movies recreated in this 16-bit style on Switch, but that's...

  • News 8Bitdo Firmware Update Fixes Controller Power Issues

    Updated to Version 1.23

    If you are the proud owner of one of 8Bitdo's SN30/SF30 Pro Controllers, you may be pleased to know that the peripheral maker has released a firmware update to address a known bug and to add extra features. The firmware has been updated to Version 1.23 and can be downloaded directly from 8Bitdo's support page. You can check...

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  • News Super Mario Land 2 Gets a Fan-Made Colour Treatment

    Now with added plumber

    We are still catching up with all the fan retro projects released during the Holidays.  Often cited as the very best platform game on the original Game Boy (sorry Kirby Dreamland fans), Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins not only seemed to defy what was possible with the humble portable, but was also responsible for...

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  • Random These N64 Box Art Covers Have Not Aged Well

    In fact, most of them looked terrible at the time

    We've all got plenty of fond memories of Nintendo 64 - which is why we're excited for the inevitable N64 Mini and its third-party friends - but that doesn't mean we look back on every game with a smile. In fact, just thinking about some those box art covers makes us a little queasy. Over on N64...

  • Video The Complete History of Phantasy Star

    The other “Fantasy”

    Though it happened a long time ago, the last month of 1987 has gone down in history as one of the most influential times in gaming. This week three long running, ground-breaking franchises were first released in Japan. Mega Man and Final Fantasy had already had their day earlier in the week. Now we turn to Phantasy Star...