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  • News Flash Carts Could Be Slowly Killing Your Retro Consoles

    Scary technical details contained within

    The relentless march of technology - combined with the rising price of certain retro games - has created a healthy market for flash carts which allow you to load up a bunch of ROMs onto an SD card and play them on your original vintage consoles. We've made no secret of our affection for such carts in the...

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  • News Fan-Made "Mega Maker" is Releasing Next Week

    DIY Mega Man

    “Super Mario Maker's” popularity proved something most people in the ROM hacking community already knew for years: there is a game designer hidden in all of us. Yet most of us do not have the technical expertise to look up code and understand how it works. Level editors are nothing new, of course, going as far back as some games...

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  • Random How To Take Photos Of The Moon With The Game Boy Camera

    2-bit moon

    Just when you thought the humble Game Boy Camera couldn't get any cooler, someone comes along and takes detailed photos of the moon with it. Enter Alex, a Reddit user who connected a Game Boy Camera to an antique telescope in order to take grainy photos of the Moon and Jupiter. In his own words: The Game Boy Camera is a...

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