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  • News Classic Neo Geo Racer 'Over Top' Speeds Into View

    Coming to Switch eShop soon

    The lovely folks over at HAMSTER have been treating us to some Neo Geo classics on the Nintendo Switch eShop while we await Nintendo's own reboot of the Virtual Console. One of the lesser known games in the Neo Geo library, called Over Top, will be coming out on 27th April in Europe priced at £6.29 - according to the...

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  • News SNES Prototype Quik The Thunder Rabbit Uncovered

    Quite A Departure From The Original Amiga Game

    After the success of Sonic The Hedgehog back in the day there was a flood of animal mascot platformers on every system imaginable, trying with varied degrees of success to cash in on the overnight popularity of the genre. French developer Titus Software was one of many companies all over the world...

  • Video Seeing A R.O.B. The Robot Get Torn Apart Is Rather Hypnotic

    Don't worry, he gets put back together again

    The Robotic Operating Buddy - or R.O.B. for short - was one of the many ways Nintendo attempted to differentiate its NES system from "traditional" console platforms which had poisoned the market after the 1983 video game crash. This robotic companion could connect to the console and interact with various...

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