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  • Random You Can Now Fly A Drone Using Your Game Boy, If You So Wish

    Pocket power

    Not so long ago we reported that one industrious individual had turned the Nintendo Power Glove into a device which could control a drone. Now, Gautier Hattenberger has gone one better by turning his dusty old Game Boy into a remote control for his Parrot AR.Drone 2.0. Hattenberger - who is Assistant Professor of Flight Mechanics and...

  • Video These Five Mario Games Were Never Really Mario Games

    A Link to the Farce

    Companies will often use a mascot to sell a mostly unrelated product, whether it be a tin of SpaghettiOs or otherwise, it's an expected move by big brands. Video games are no exception to the rule, and more times than we'd like we've been tantalised by the Mario name only for the portly plumber of Nintendo fame to not be the...

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NES classic and Street Fighter

NES classic and Street Fighter

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