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  • Random Worms W.M.D Assets Included in Nintendo's Nindie Showcase Press Details

    A weird error or an announcement yet to be made

    Nintendo's Summer Nindie Showcase wasn't short of announcements, but it naturally didn't cover everything coming to the Switch eShop. One game that Nintendo of America seems to be confirming - which is a new one that wasn't even in the European sizzle reel - is Worms W.M.D. At the time of...

  • Random CoroCoro Has Started an ARMS Manga

    Because of course it has

    ARMS is one of the newest IP’s in Nintendo’s deep stable of franchises and although it may not have been quite the homerun that the company was hoping for, it’s still a great game that has plenty of free additional content to look forward to. It seems likely that at some point, Nintendo will want to build this game...

  • Random The Cast Of We Bare Bears Help Out In New ARMS Commercial

    Surprising crossover

    If you follow TV animation then you'll no doubt have seen The Cartoon Network's We Bare Bears, an amusing look at the everyday lives of, well, some bears. Seemingly out of nowhere, the animated cast of this show have been recruited to star in a new commercial for ARMS on Switch, which you can watch above. Does this mean we'll...

  • Random See Pikachu Run, Show Impeccable Balance and Skip Rope

    Why wouldn't you want to see that?

    This scribe has a slightly odd obsession with those inflatable Pikachu outfits that are frequently seen in Japan, possibly because of the sad tale of the Pikachu that couldn't dance. Thankfully The Pokémon Company uses them constantly for promotions and marketing, so there are frequent opportunities to see them in...



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