Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta 2 remains one of the finest exclusive releases on Wii U, though back in October 2014 it had an interesting, and slightly muddled, release. After flip-flopping on details following its initial E3 reveal, Nintendo's regional subsidiaries ended up taking different approaches when publishing the PlatinumGames title. In Europe it was sold both as a standalone game and as a special edition bundle that included the first game, while in North America it was only released in a bundle with both games included.

Nintendo of America has now announced that the sequel will get a solo release, tying it in with the upcoming Bayonetta DLC in Super Smash Bros., which is planned for February.

That seems like a solid price for what is an excellent game; as a point of comparison GameStop is currently selling the original bundle for $38.97 online, so for those that only want the sequel this new release should offer a saving.