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Mii Mascot Outfits Shown Off for Super Smash Bros., as Sakurai-san Teases Meta Knight

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

It's either a hint or gentle trolling

Meta Knight was a somewhat divisive character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, as he was so proficient in aerial combat, and so deadly with very little effort, that he was actually banned from competitive tournaments. A favourite of button mashers not actually sure of what they're doing, his absence so far from the new Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS will have some cheering and others bemoaning the potential loss.

The roster for the new games has already reached an impressive size, however, with various new characters and Miis also entering the battle. Masahiro Sakurai's latest Pic of the Day shows how Mii customisation will go beyond move sets across the three classes — Brawler, Gunner, Swordfighter — but also affect outfits. We're sure this'll be a popular feature, with the examples below being rather cool.

Pic of the day. "Hello! I'm Samus, the intergalactic bounty hunter!" "And I am Meta Knight, joining the battle!!"

We're running out of time for new character reveals due to the arrival of the 3DS entry on 3rd October; whether Sakurai-san is teasing that Meta Knight may still make the cut in his message, or gently taunting fans that are hoping for an arrival that will never come, is entirely up for debate.

Do you like the look of these Mii outfits, and would you welcome the inclusion of Meta Knight in the new games? Let us know.


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IKAY said:

I dont think it's a Meta Knight tease. All the wearable hats the Mii have in the screenshots look pretty much like the ones you can give them in the StreetPass Mii Plaza.



Ricube said:

They do look nice and made with love. I don't know how much time I would personally spend customizing my Mii



Volmun said:

Well I notest that the BattleShip Hilbert (pr how ever its spelt) his stage from Brawl is in the game its on one of Captin Falcons screens on the SSB site if i recall correctly



AJWolfTill said:

I hope Sakurai hasn't been showing too many of the unlockable characters... I don't mind if the third parties are but it would be nice for there to be some secrets left. Alternatively I hope there are lots of secret costumes : D



Monkeh said:

It's not like he has to announce every character before release...



BakaKnight said:

Not just the mask, he even stated - "And I am Meta Knight, joining the battle!!"- O.O;
Unfortunately for our sanity, Sakurai is levelling up a lot his tease-trolling skills XD



ModestFan93 said:

@PvtOttobot @Volmun Noticed* Battleship Halberd*. And Sakurai revealed the stage being back in April when the Veterans and Greninja were revealed.

The game comes out September 13th for Japan unless they smartly move the release date we have about a month before everything gets spoiled online.



Grumblevolcano said:

@IKAY Meta Knight hat is unlockable via Streetpass games? Cool, 1 thing I was wondering about Streetpass is whether the DLC games have unlockable hats too or whether it's only Find Mii (Streetpass Quest) 1 and 2?



Detective_TeeJay said:

I'm honestly surprised people actually think Metaknight even has a slim chance of not returning. He's one of Sakurai's babies, the Metaknight stage is returning AND the newest pic of the day is directly referencing him. Even though the Metaknight mask is a mii hat the fact that Sakurai chose to reference him of all fighters makes it plainly obvious he is returning. If Sakurai did this and Metaknight didn't return it would be suicide, and he is not stupid.



NintyMan said:

@TeeJay: Thank you for that. It's laughable that people honestly think this debunks Meta Knight in any way, shape, or form, but that's just ridiculous. Meta Knight is returning and that's that. Remember the whiteboard drawing near the start of development? That was made when development began and we now know the roster was determined at the very start of development, so this is a big, fat tease.

Now as far as the Nintendo character accessories themselves, they're great! Sakurai and his team are doing far more with Miis than I ever imagined, and I wanted Miis since almost the beginning. There's already those default Mii costumes, but then you get these on top of them. They're just about like the hats on Streetpass Mii Plaza. It should be interesting to see how we unlock them.



BigH88 said:

Yea I'm sure Meta Knight is confirmed now. Not too happy personally but as long as he gets nerfed I'll be ok.



AlphaAlex said:

"We're running out of time for new character reveals due to the arrival of the 3DS entry on 3rd October;"
Actually, Sakurai has less time seeing as the game will be released in Japan on September 13, 2014. I'm still keeping fingers crossed for downloadable content, though.



Captain_Toad said:

Sakurai, you never cease to amaze me. Did anyone else realize they we are getting costumes of our favorite characters now?



thesilverbrick said:

@eLarkos @ricklongo I wouldn't worry about Ness. Remember, he was a secret character in Brawl and wasn't revealed until the game was released. I'm sure we're looking at the same situation here.

Also, if you remember in the Smash Direct back on April, Earthbound items are returning, complete with the meteor series symbol. There will be Mother representation in Smash 4, and Ness is clearly the best candidate.



ikki5 said:

I like the mii idea for smash but so long as they are banned from online, they are a dead character to me.



MrMario02 said:

I doubt that meta knight will be revealed before either game comes out. or any character for that matter.



LasermasterA said:

I am still waiting for Isaac to be announced. Don't disappoint me Sakurai.
I am expecting great things from this game, especially Isaac's inclusion!



TheWPCTraveler said:

@thesilverbrick You know, to be honest, I'd love to have someone from Mother 3 supplement Ness in SSB.

Because, you know, they owe us Mother fans a lot for roasting us alive in E3



Frank90 said:

Miis are waste of time and effort. Put as character is okay, but Sakurai is putting a lot of detail on Miis only, and this pisses me.



ikki5 said:

@Frank90 if they were going to be a full fledged real character for smash, I would actually not mind him putting the time in but since they are banned from online. I am not happy with them as there is pretty much no incentive for me to use them now.



SylveonLover said:

I just hope my Mii gets to wear his signature dark emperor helmet (for the one match I ever use the Mii)!



IceClimbers said:

@ikki5 Miis aren't usable online because of how hard they are to balance. Changing the height and presumably the weight of the Mii changes how fast they are and I'm pretty sure the hitboxes change a little too. Plus they can avoid people using Hitler Miis online.

Of course, I wouldn't mind if Sakurai allowed us to use a default Mii, that would be fine.



Caryslan said:

@TheWPCTraveler Ness needs to be in no matter what, since he comes from the only game that made it out of Japan, and therefore, would be more recognizable to international audiences.

I'm sure Mother 3 has a great cast, but I doubt they are as well known in the US as Earthbound's cast.

I say Ness and Lucas stay, and a new rep from the series joins in.



ikki5 said:

@IceClimbers Lol the Hitler excuse. Tell me something. How many Hitlers have you seen on Mario kart 8? How many Hitlers have you run into with Tomadochi life? How many Hitlers have you run into even just street pass and though Mario kart 7? I am willing to bet that the answer is 0. If isn't 0 than it is no more than 1. Even more so if that is a problem, why are the miis allow on those games or to be shared? Also balancing them shouldn't be too hard, Take a look at Mario kart 8, The just threw them in to different weight classes and they could use a similar system here as they have characters of a variety of sizes. Also, most of the Mii's I have seen seem to be the same height and size in general. Either that or they just made all the Mii's they've shown to be that way.



WreckItRyan said:

As someone mentioned before, it's not so much about the mask as it is Sakurai's comment: "And I am Meta Knight, joining the battle!!"
Regardless, characters like Ness, Wario, and Metaknight aren't going anywhere.



Mewthree456 said:

@TeeJay @Volmun
Kirby and Meta Knight share the same game. Therefore Halberd is a Kirby stage, a character that has already been confirmed. Just because Halberd is a stage doesn't mean that Meta Knight is guaranteed to be a character.



2Sang said:

Is anyone really doubting him? Anyone from melee or earlier plus meta knight, wario and rob are guaranteed in. If you're doubting any of their returns, you're a silly human being.

The only characters that could possibly be cut are Lucas and Wolf, but at this point that's very unlikely for both of them.

Squirtle and Ivysaur have already been deconfirmed and Snake is up in the air but becoming less likely every day simply because of licensing issues.



Gen0neD said:

Still secretly hoping for Bayonetta. This game seems loaded with goodies. Counting the days.



Pod said:

Sakurai's always partial to his own creations, so of course Metaknight returns. Though hopefully balanced a little better, as not to be quite as insufferable.



DarkKirby said:

"Teasing" Are there people who really think Meta Knight, Sakurai's own character, was going to be cut?

It's like when people were celebrating Captain Falcon's return as if he had a chance of being cut.

As much as I like Kirby characters I can only hope Meta Knight has been nerfed.



Detective_TeeJay said:

@Mewthree456 The Halberd is METAKNIGHT'S SHIP. Imagine the backlash if Metaknight's own ship made it in and not Metaknight himself! Besides, like I said before, Sakurai's own characters tend to get special treatment. Metaknight is 100% making it in and I am disappointed in anyone who has even a little doubt in that.



YouSeemFRAZZLED said:

@Grumblevolcano In the DLC games, you earn Plaza Tickets by completing achievements, which you then exchange for a hat or entire costume at the Exchange Booth. Meta Knight is one of them.



LasermasterA said:


I sincerely hope that the next game Camelot is working is the next Golden Sun with Isaac in the lead. Isaac for Smash Bros. 4!


Back to topic, I doubt that Metaknight will be unable to come in Smash Bros. 4. As we all know, Sakurai is biased towards his own characters so there is an extremely low chance that he won't come. Although he should be nerfed a bit to make sure the game is still balanced.



ToastyYogurt said:

I used to play Metaknight. A lot. After deciding to take him out of my rotation, it was only a few months ago that I realized why he was hated so much. All someone has to do with him is stand and mash the attack button and nobody can get close to him without getting hit, ranged attacks and throwing items aside.

I overheard a lot of people in line for Smashfest saying they hoped Metaknight wouldn't make it into the next game. I'll only mind it if he doesn't get debuffed. And I doubt he'll go unchanged if he makes the roster, seeing how Sakurai, Nintendo and company have taken good care to listening to their audience with this game.



retro_player_22 said:

If I had to guess, these will be hidden characters in the new game. Make sense considering they are veteran characters:

  • Meta Knight
  • Wario
  • Ness
  • Jigglypuff
  • Ganondorf
  • Mr. Game and Watch
  • The Ice Climbers
  • Falco Lombardi


tiger47 said:

i hope meta knight gets the cut im also hoping for daisy, waluigi, impa, birdo, peppy, slippy. i saw videos on youtube saying wolf might be on super smash bros so is shulk, rayman, septile and mewtwo.



tiger47 said:

metaknight is not as deadly as you thought he was he kind of has the worst final smash in super smash bros. brawl.
so he should come back, but if they think he's deadly they should weaken his attacks a little bit



Frank90 said:

I want a Platinum Games combo for Smash Bros, Wonder Blue (yeah not Red) and Bayonetta!



Volmun said:

@ModestFan93 ahh ok ta - yeah i sorta remmemberd there being gameplay of it but honstly culdnt remmember off the top of my head and the Falcon screen was the only prober viue of it i culd rememmber lol well hes confermed now eniway thats another Amiibo to the list lol.



Mewthree456 said:

It is indeed a Kirby stage. Meta Knight is from Kirby's game, and therefore the stage is from Kirby, and it is essentially one of Kirby's stages. And for the sake of the argument, let's say that Halberd is (and only is) Meta Knight's stage. But just because Meta Knight has his own stage doesn't mean that he will be in the game. Animal Crossing, Pictochat, and Electroplankton had stages in Brawl but that doesn't mean that they had characters in Brawl.

And I didn't see that Meta Knight was added as a character until you showed me, so I guess that there is no point in this reply except that just because a character has a stage doesn't mean that they will be guaranteed to be in the game.



Volmun said:

@Mewthree456 only difrnce is that Sakur (not sure on the spelling) sed about etch charicter will have its own stage represnting them or something in this SSB can fully remmember the coment but something along thows lines- lol yeah I personly wouldnt mind him not being in althow now he is im defntly going to get his Amiibo.

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