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Hyrule Warriors DLC Floodgates Opened with Alternate Costume Packs

Posted by Alex Olney

Costumes we've seen may not be free

The recent Hyrule Warriors Direct brought a lot of details over into western territories, and there were some slices of new localised information to take in.

Nintendo announced that the alternate costumes it has been showcasing in Japan for Link and Zelda would not be standard unlockables within the game – rather as several packs of DLC that will be available from specific retailers as preorder bonuses. Which retailers will offer which costume packs is still unconfirmed.

There'll be three alternative costumes for both Link and Zelda, based on their appearances in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

At the moment there's no word as to whether these costume packs will be available to download singularly, but given the number of people who would want them it would be surprising not to see them become readily available on the eShop at some point. It should also be made clear that the Direct itself was handled by Nintendo of America, so the entire distribution situation within Europe may well be different, with its variation of the video due soon.

A third DLC pack has also been confirmed for the Demon King himself – Ganondorf. Click here to learn more about this Club Nintendo distribution.

Will this development lead the way for meatier DLC for the game in the future? Is this a sign that Nintendo is treating additional content more seriously?

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MasterGraveheart said:

...I don't like this. I hope the different packs will be available as pay DLC at least at a later date! I want 'em all!



MixMasterMudkip said:

Did Nintendo every think maybe I'd want to play as both Ocarina of Time and Skyward Sword Zelda in Hyrule Warriors? cause i do. I'm sure they'll be made available to everyone eventually, but this really rubs me the wrong way.



Ron1212 said:

I really hope they're all available at each store, and not one pair of costumes exclusive to each store.



Technosphile said:

Remember when you guys whined about no DLC on Wii U versions of games?

Yeah. Enjoy your "retailer exclusive" costume packs, $3.99 for a pack of three weapons, 99 cents for a Santa hat for Link.



Pahvi said:

Costume packs meh, but more characters and scenarios would eventually be nice

One big annoyance is that there's no Club Nintendo here in the Nordic countries.



ModestFan93 said:

Really only the Twilight Princess themed characters look the best. Still hoping every character gets this treatment as well!



sillygostly said:

Ugh. This was to be expected considering Koei's history of costume pack DLC. The amount of DLC available for Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper is absolutely obscene. It would cost around AU$120 alone just to download all of the DLC packs.



Kolzig said:

Club NIntendo is such a pain. This will be unevenly and badly distributed in Europe that will just leave a lot of people feel disappointed.

Or is it possible to make a UK Club Nintendo account and get the DLC if you live in Nordic countries?



SnackBox said:

So the game isn't out yet and they are advertising DLC? Way to scam us to pay more money for something that should be in the game. Grrrrr



justinluey said:

Keep in mind that this isn't a first party Nintendo title, and Nintendo is one of the only companies left that hasn't jumped on the DLC and retailer specific exclusive DLC.

They are in a no-win situation: people complain when they don't offer DLC, but complain when they do (see Mario Golf).

I think it's great that they are offering free DLC to Club Nintendo members. They should keep finding ways to reward Nintendo fans through Club Nintendo.

I hope the pre-order bonus DLC is available to everyone for free at some point in the future, or available to purchase at a reasonable rate.



justinluey said:

@sillygostly I don't think that will be the case with Hyrule Warriors. Nintendo is wary of DLC because of the perception that it's a crash grab or poor value, and even though this isn't their game, I bet they put restrictions on Tecmo Koei.

I think you'll see a limited number of DLC "packs" that will include costumes, weapons, characters, and maybe even stages.



MrGawain said:

watched the UK one, you can download the Ganon dlc free, and there's a special edition with a scarf. DLC is available, but doesn't look like it's pre order.



Emblem said:

"Is this a sign that Nintendo is treating additional content more seriously?"
This game isn't being developed by Nintendo... read the dev stuff, Nintendo are supervising their IP and that's it.

That said Warriors games always have a million and 1 dlc packs, its also a major complaint from fans. They either have too many small dlc packs or fans are complaining that their is not dlc comparable to past titles. They do however make sure no dlc packs are essential or take away from the main game and are totally optional which is why i can (mostly) stand their dlc model.

DLC examples are: Music, stages, custom character parts, costumes,characters (FOTNS only) and items. These tend to range from serious to silly, for example you can get a dlc that makes all the enemies look like Power rangers etc.



arnoldlayne83 said:

Tecmo is very accostumed to dlc, there are plenty of them both in warriors orochi and fist of north star... However, as long as u get a complete game and these dlc are just extras, i don t see why complaining...



0utburst said:

@Kolzig @Pahvi
Nintendo did open up a website for Nordic regions to register Mario Kart 8 for the free game promotion. If they'll do the same for the Ganon DLC of Hyrule Warriors, I think they will open a website for it or re-use the one they've used in Mario Kart 8.



Peach64 said:

Nintendo is fully on board the micro transaction train now. I hope they start doing ultimate editions with all DLC on disc. I rarely buy DLC, but I'm happy to wait a few years to pick up those ultimate editions for a fraction of RRP. In the last few months I've got Skyrim Ultimate for £10, Dishonored GOTY for £10 and Saints Row 3 Full Package for £8.

I like DLC, but I'm not buying a full price game like Mario Golf was here in the UK, then dined an extra 50% of that again for DLC. It's not hard to use the model others do and make it cheaper for those that don't mind a long wait.



97alexk said:

@Pahvi exactly, i live in sweden, and theres no way im able to get the ganondorf pack. kinda sucks thet did it like that. hope they do it like the mario kart 8 game distribution. it was also available in sweden thankfully



Einherjar said:

Well, DLC for Orochi 3 Hyper also was an afterthought and yet, its fully featured in the eShop. The same goes for Kens Rage 2.
Even though both games did not great sales wise.
Koei is very dedicated to release every bit of content for a game, should it get released at all.
So since Hyrule Warriors world wide release is a no brainer due to nintendos support, im very optimistic when it comes to DLC support.
Also, Koeis pricing for DLC has been mostly fair so far. For games that did better sales wise, the DLC has been fairly cheap and affordable even in large quantities. For games with much lower sales numbers, the price for extra content has been increased. Not really pleasant for consumers, but perfectly understandable.
I really cherish their approach in that they dont blow out their content for a default high price.
Example: DW7/8 offered costume packs of older entrys in the series for ALL characters for about 1€. So roughly 70 older costumes per pack. Newly designed costumes (mostly themed stuff like school uniforms, super heroes, fairy tales, police and military themes etc) went for 3-4€ per in game faction.

And judging by Pirate Warriors, even pre order DLC stuff will eventually hit the digital store shelfs sooner or later. I will wait and see, but honestly, im quite optimistic about it. They usually listen to their fans.



aaronmclaren said:

Seeing as it said details were coming soon, I'm gonna say that retailer specific preorders are out of the question... surely if that was the case, they'd have just mentioned it but be rather unspecific as to whom said retailers are.
Will be interesting to see how they go about doing it. I'd expect eventually for them to be up for purchase on the eShop but I wonder how they'll distribute them? It'd be nice to see Nintendo try something a little different, say putting codes in with other Nintendo products or handing them out at events, or even as rewards for certain hours of playtime, Miiverse interactivity, leaderboard positions etc. Try a model that gives different ways to obtain the DLC rather than just paying up for it.



japfelix said:

Wish these would show up weeks after release on the eshop. Would gladly play as SS Zelda and TP Link.



Trikeboy said:

I'm torn, this is DLC for the sake of DLC which is bad. However, it is only cosmetic DLC and not missing modes, which is good.



Wonky_Kong said:

Urgh.. I hate retailer specific bonuses. Id rather buy it on amazon but no doubt in UK they'll give it to GAME. In my opinion, if these models are finished then they should be put into the game as unlockables.



Kirk said:

The Twilight Princess art style is the weakest and fugliest of the three imo. It's a shame the whole of Hyrule Warriors looks to be based mostly on this look and style unfortunately. Somewhere between the classic Ocarina of Time art and more recent Skyward Sword art styles would be ideal...which I guess is roughly what they are going for in the new Zelda for Wii U.



DarkNinja9 said:

though im not getting the game at all the only thing i do like about this is the part about free DLC from club nintendo i think that idea is interesting even if you do use your coins for dlc it isnt too bad everything else is blah



Stu13 said:

Seems like bypassing the retailers and buying straight from the eShop should net you these costume packs outright.



Grumblevolcano said:

If this is comparable to Sonic Lost World(1 of the few Wii U games with preorder DLC if not the only), the DLC will be available on the eshop at launch.



unrandomsam said:

@justinluey They could have done some DLC for Tennis Open. Then held back the Mario Golf DLC for another year without annoying people so much.

The only good DLC they have done to my knowledge is New Super Luigi U.



NextChannelGame said:

I just notice this but why does Skyward Sword Link have a armor skirt? The other links have a full green tonic but this link has half a tonic.... I don't even remember him looking like that?



jos said:


If this game uses retailer specific exclusive DLC I will not buy it. nor should anyone else. gamers should sent these companies a message that all content should be available to everyone and not punish people for not not supporting a particular retailer



Mega719 said:

Why couldn't this be regular DLC? Now I need to make another account in Club Nintendo just to get the Demon King pack



timtimdaunholy said:

it will be on the eshop after I beat it or get sick of it.

think I may get this game but im still on the fence



Sherman said:

@AlexOlney, have you being wrigting for NL fon a long time? I didn't pay much atention, but if you've been just recently added to the awesome NL staff, then congrats.



justinluey said:

@jos I understand why it upsets you, but it doesn't bother me. I wouldn't pay for cosmetic DLC anyway. I'll just download the free stuff from Club Nintendo, and if the costumes are available in a "pack" that includes other valuable content, I'll consider buying it.



justinluey said:

@unrandomsam That is exactly the conundrum I was referring to. Typically DLC doesn't sell well for older games, but I could imagine that being different for Nintendo, because people tend to play Nintendo games longer and revisit them more often.

The Mario Golf DLC disappointed some people, because of the perception that the content was ready and just should have been added to the game.

I hate the idea that developers are holding back content or shipping games with less content, because they want to sell DLC. Mario Golf didn't bother me, because the game already had more content than previous games in the series, and was sold at a reduced price. Plus the DLC provided good value for the price.



duffmmann said:

I wanna pick and choose my alt costumes. I want Twilight Link but Skyward Zelda! Give me more options Nintendo!!!



SKTTR said:

They hyped me up and I was ready to buy, and now this!
Get rid of Day-One DLC altogether already!



Hyperstar96 said:

@Mega719 Why would you need to make a second account? Just use the one you already have.

@SKTTR There's no reason why optional costumes should prevent you from buying a game.



Gamecubed said:

Remember when alternate costumes were unlocked as a reward in the game itself? Yeah sixth generation... good times. Good times.



allav866 said:

I'd rather just pay extra at a single retailer to have each costume pack along with my preorder. Why does Nintendo have to make me choose which costumes I want the most?!
Whichever one I choose, I hope I can pre-order the digital copy of Hyrule Warriors and get the DLC. I'll be disappointed if I have to buy the disc.



DBPirate said: have to buy Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, OR Skyward Sword? Bummer.



Bass_X0 said:

I'm getting the Ocarina of Time pack free with my game.

How much do the others cost in the UK?

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