Nintendo has concluded its Hyrule Warriors Direct, and a few snippets of new information were revealed. A major announcement saved for the end was Ganondorf; he's not just a villain in the game, but will also be playable.

He looked pretty powerful in the reveal footage, dishing out meaty blows with his Great Sword. He wasn't the only villain announced to be playable, either, with Zant — The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess — and Ghirahim — The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword — also confirmed beyond their roles as the enemy. It'll be interesting to see how they'll be woven into the plot; will they be allies of Link and company, or simply playable from another perspective against new foes?

As an extra, those in North America that register Hyrule Warriors on Club Nintendo in the first four weeks of release will received free Demon King Ganondorf costume DLC.

Below is a trailer showing Ganondorf's big reveal — let us know what you think.