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Fantasy Life Offers Multiple Ways to Connect With Other Adventurers

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

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It's likely that Fantasy Life will be given a fairly substantial marketing push by Nintendo and Level-5 ahead of its release in the West, arriving in Europe and North America in September and October respectively. It's an adventure RPG on 3DS that promises plenty of depth in its mechanics and in the size of the world, with a visual style that's undeniably charming.

Nintendo is also keen to promote its online and communication features, emphasizing how they'll help to bring gamers together while tackling the various gameplay elements. Link Mode allows players to hook up when playing the game at the same time while exchanging messages, applauding each other's achievements and more. Online co-op as a whole allows for parties of three to set off, with options such as exploration, tackling dungeons or exchanging items, along with a chat feature when questing together. StreetPass will see new characters pop up and offer items, while Snapshots allows you to grab screenshots at any time — though Miiverse will likely do this too, we'd hope that Snapshots will support the Nintendo Image Share tool for posting to social networks such as Twitter.

It seems that playing with friends and social aspects will be part of the marketing push for this one. Let us know what you think of these features, while below is a new trailer that gives a closer look at some of the game's other features.

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JimJam707 said:

Urgh, this game looks good but it just increases my need for Dragon Quest VII



Spoony_Tech said:

Need to beat Overclocked first but this will be the next 3ds game I'm looking forward to.

Didn't know this had online co-op. Well that's a pleasant surprise. Now I'm really looking forward to this even more!



6ch6ris6 said:

goodbye real life... welcome fantasy life!!

still not sure what jobs i will do.



rjejr said:

I've been thinking about getting an XL to play SSB w/ my 3DS owning sons but I'ld actually rather play this.

That video makes me think the 3DS is getting a bit long in the tooth though, those Ni No Kuni PS3 quality cut scenes make the 3DS graphics look oh so damned ugly.

I do like that ending picture of the XL, 3DS game case, and 2DS model all side by side. Very family friendly.



River3636 said:

I have to admit this looks awesome, but there are so many games coming out at the same time Zelda Warriors, Bayenneta, Pokemon. Something has to give cuz I want to beat these games before I move on it is a shame they don't release something in the summer or spread them out



Tops said:

Can't wait! Even with everything else coming this has earned its spot as a must-have in my catalogue, I've been waiting for it so long!



BakaKnight said:

Oh my... I start to think I completly misunderstood this game, which made the trailer disappointing >.>;

I thought you could actually have a "Fantasy Life", but this look more like a classic RPG where every aspect (gather materials, forge weapoms, fighting, etc...) is given a little more of gameplay.

It's not bad... indeed it still look awesome, but I thought it would be a different, game, fully playable even without doing a "fighting life", which seems very unlikely if the story asks you to save the world ^_^;;;



S3OL said:

This looks amazing...Too bad I lack a 3DS.

I would buy one for this and SM4SH 3DS but with £111 already tucked away for: Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2 and SM4SH Wii U, I doubt I can afford much more. :/

Maybe sometime in 2015.



Tops said:

Also have to say I love the music in the trailer! Watched it twice for that reason alone



Mega719 said:

Does it support voice chat? How come no game has used that feature again? I thought there was a game that used that



Sherman said:

Heroes of Ruin, @Mega719. I do want this, but it's gonna be another Animal Crossing. You know, one of those games where you gonna stop living your real life.



Geonjaha said:

Looks cool, and I'm keeping an eye on it. I just hope that they don't dumb down or make 'role-switching' inconvenient. You can easily have a game where you mine, then smith, then fight - you shouldn't need to waste time switching roles. It might just be the advertising that's making it seem that way but I guess we'll see.



3MonthBeef said:

Seems like the Jobs system from the Final Fantasy series. So I'm a bit disappointed in that since I thought the class you chose would be permanent for that play-through. Would have been cool to have the save the world adventure tailored through the experience of a miner, angler or paladin without actually having to switch between anyone of those during the quest.



Cinaclov said:

This looks cool, but I already have far too many games to play, with more released at the end of the year. I'm really interested, but don't know if I can justify it at the time of release... :/



Kyoto said:

I'm so friggin' hyped for this game! This all looks very, very, VERY awesome!



Jake_homs said:

Can't wait! This game looks great. It's been on my radar for quite a while... so near yet so far!



Porky said:

Not liking the art style of the characters like their facial features.. Did they reuse some of the forgettable, repulsive characters in Layton and Inazuma Eleven games as reference in these designs?



Excep7ional said:

This game seems pretty cool. I have to admit I didn't much care for it when it was announced but now looking at it again, I just may have to make this a purchase.

@Spoony_Tech How is Overclocked? I have been looking to buy a Shin Megami Tensei game, but I don't know if I should try Overclocked or IV first. Whichever one will be my first.



Spoony_Tech said:

@Excep7ional Overclocked is in my top 5 favorite 3ds games but so is SMT IV. Both are great imo and you can't go wrong with either. It more depends on what type of rpg you want. Overclocked is a lot like Fire Emblem but you control 3 characters per person instead of just one on one. That's where the traditional rpg more comes in with spells and attacks. SMT IV is more of a free rooming rpg where you can see the demons rooming (all be it in static) and can avoid if you want. Both of them to me have excellent stories but if I had to choose just one I would slightly go with Overclocked.

I originally played it over 3 years ago and got to day 7 and never finished it. I recently told myself I need to get through this game so I started it over even though my first play through up to the last day was at 60 hours. I'm not one to play a game this long through twice but I felt the story was more then worth a second play through. I'm glad I did as I've got much more of the story this go around.



Ralizah said:

This looks awesome. It has the deep multiplayer component of something like New Leaf and the accessible RPG gameplay of Disney Magical World. This is pretty much the ideal 3DS game for my family, and I expect we'll be playing it for a long time if it has as much content as people have claimed it does.



Pokefanmum82 said:

Already got it pre-ordered. October is the best month for games. My daughter's and my birthday are that month too. So excited. I don't know when I'm going to play all the games though lol



IceClimbers said:

I'd hope that the Snapshots feature allows you to share to social media like Twitter. Social media was a major factor in Animal Crossing New Leaf's massive success, so I imagine it can do the same for this game.



S3OL said:

@luke88 I definitely will be. Man I wish so many great games weren't coming out this year so I'd have time to save! :/



rjejr said:

@CorusFace - "In its defense, the game is 2 years old..."

Yeah, I get that, but even then the 3DS was over a year old, and it really doesn't get much better than what Level 5 is capable of. Though Fire Emblem is beautiful and incredible, I still can't believe it's a 3DS game. But the way tablets are going - hard to find one w/ a screen less than 720p - and many if not most people owning HD tvs, I think a 3DS upgrade in a couple of years will be most welcome.



Ralizah said:

I think you're right. You're the first guy I did online multiplayer with in that game!

AC was fun, but I think a love for RPGs runs in our blood, so this will be even better.



ichigo62 said:

Day 1 both the 2 x 3ds XL and 2x fantasy life me and wifey, thank you Level 5, thank you.



Tigus said:

I'm a little late here but im gonna need people to grind and explore with :3

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