Fantasy Life (3DS)

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A collaboration between Level-5 and Brownie Brown.

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Announced by Level-5

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Flowerlark said:

I'm hoping for a western release, too. Looks too cute for the Japanese to keep to themselves!!



Klinny said:

Oh dear, I'd really love to play this. Here's hoping to an international release!



Sylvester said:

Wauw seems great!
Please come to europe, really, really, really looking forward to it!!



AceTrainerBean said:

Oh god this game looks so fun I just love the art style! I really hope it comes to NA and the EU!!!



Turnip said:

Why does this have a 2013 release date for USA and EU? As far as I know, localization for this game hasn't been announced yet.



NintendoIsLife said:

Come on Japan send it here to USA so I can play. I want to be a blacksmith. This should have came out because I would play this more than animal crossing. Animal crossing was fun but no rpg action or fighting so it got really boring fast. It's an animal crossing, rune factory, and harvest moon put together that's what makes it so fun!



daggdroppen said:

i hope this will come to europe 2013! please make this happen. this is a game im much more into than animal crossing. dont get me wrong. i have played around 40 hours of animal crossing but FL will probably be 100 + hours!! =)



defrb said:

Come to Us in europe! i´m hoping for a world wide release, just to be fair with you all



Tigus said:

Ugh this needs to come out in the U.S at least before they say anything about a sequel.



Windy said:

Something is really wrong if this game doesn't get ported to Europe and North America.



Tigus said:

WHERE IS IT!? I have waited so long for this amazing game where is it every time I play Animal Crossing New Leaf I feel like Fantasy life is mocking me!



Tigus said:

At this point I'm about to give up all hope for this game.. but in the even it does ever come out I would drop everything im doing and get it.



Sylvester said:

I'm with you Tigus, I lost hope too.
But hej, maybe a sequel of the game can make it out of Japan.
If there will be one, who knows?
Lose hope for this one, but leave some for the rest :)



netroz said:

I'm still hoping ANY version to come to America, gods... I'd pay 2 times for this....



she_gamer said:

Wow, comments dating back to 2011... Glad I just heard about it at E3, or that would have been a long wait!



Zyon said:

When I watched E3 and saw this game it really caught my attention. I'm glad it's getting a release, I can't wait to play it.



Tigus said:

I would do free advertising for this game if asked ( already do on AC:NL's island ).

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