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E3 2014: Monolith's X Becomes Xenoblade Chronicles X, Locked In For 2015 Release

Posted by Damien McFerran

Space battles, massive robots, what's not to like?

X has a new name: Xenoblade Chronicles X. The new title was confirmed during today's E3 Digital Event, along with fresh footage which shows epic space battles and massive mechs.

Aside from the new title, Nintendo confirmed that the game will be coming in 2015, crushing hopes of a western release this year.

More details to follow.

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AVahne said:

My mind exploded when they showed all this story-related content.



Player4 said:

Damn, this game has me so hyped! Next year sure will be great with this and Zelda U



ShadJV said:

I still can't figure out if this is a true sequel or just a successor in gameplay, but psyched either way.



Melkac said:

@fchinaski Because we never had a good look at them. The game seems to be far from over, though, they're gonna fix that (hell, if Sonic Boom did it...)



Shambo said:

My Wii U will be so busy, it'll blow the dust off my PS3 and burn it in the air. Nintendo 'won'. I really loved the entire show, and the jokes about themselves on all 'the haters just hating'. By the way, I want that Reggie doll.



fchinaski said:

@Melkac Yeah, I guess you're right. It's just that they looked jarringly different from the gameplay snipets that we saw previously. But anyway, let's wait.



ejamer said:

Requisite "told you so" post directed at all those people insisting the game was going to arrive in 2014. But it is crushing news. Would much rather have been wrong and see the game release this year...



Heiki said:

Between this and Persona 5 on PS3, 2015 will be one hell of a year for JRPG fans. I don't even need to say this will be a day-one purchase.



MasterWario said:

It looks too intense; I'm not sure I can handle. At least the first Xenoblade was still done in Nintendo style, even if it felt like a FPS game at some points (and of course it was an RPG not a FPS ). This straight up feels like Halo or some other FPS that makes me cringe. I guess it's all the cut-scene footage. I need some gameplay.



rjejr said:

Wii U has had a few games I consider to be PS games - W101 and B2 - but this really looks like 1. Or 2 or 3. Xenosaga Trilogy (thought I saw Kos-Mos in there somewhere) and Star Ocean Till the End of Time. I'm only a few hours into Xenoblade - leaving the 1st city - so this gives me plenty of time to finish. Really looks great. Congrats to Monolith for making another JRPG I really want to play. I keep feeling burnt out, which is why I only recently started Xenoblade.



Shambo said:

@FeedingTheWheel And yet, it started of pretty serious for being Nintendo! That fight scene was EPIC! As I said earlier today: (Nintendo will deliver.) And when Nintendo delivers, they Deliver with capital D.



Marshi said:

@ejamer Yeah I knew this would be a 2015 game. Even last year I knew that,not sure why people thought it would be this year.
No nintendo are taking the perfect strategy methinks. Plenty to play on the system with smash been predominently THE game this year. And then we have this e3 with loads of games coming 2015 to show anyone wondering about wii u's future that it is not only here to stay but here to deliver some of this gens best experiences.



unrandomsam said:

@Marshi That is not the best way. The best way would have been loads of stuff available at the end of this presentation. One game that comes out in 4 months time is not enough.



Marshi said:

@unrandomsam Ha ha I was waiting for you to show up with the negative comments! Why on earth are you here? Do you even have a wii u?
Id wait until 2016 for games like X and the new Zelda. Because when they do arrive I know i'l still be playing them in 2026.
Now, id like you to name me one game,just one, that was released straight after e3 thats recieved anywhere near the above praise



WanderingPB said:

Was i the only one who thought it couldve been Metroid Prime in the beginning when Emma was logging on?

The delay sucks but this game keeps getting more and more interesting

I heard some complaining about not showing any gameplay LMAO didnt they show gameplay in the first two trailers?! Wow people just want to complain huh?



MasterWario said:

@Yorumi The actual gameplay did not feel like an fps, but I guess the seriousness of it all. Idk how to explain exactly, but the grisly atmospheres of FPS's I know are really off putting for me.

Err...potential Xenoblade spoilers below (area names mentioned)

To put in perspective, I could not stand Colony 6 and the Ether mine in the original Xenoblade, and if the whole game was like that I would have quit. Thankfully the two areas after that (Makna forest and Satorl Marsh) were awesome. Strangely enough Mechonis wasn't off-putting at all; I was probably just having too much fun at that point.

That's the other thing too. The story can be intense and I'm fine with that, but I want to be having fun (i.e. not feeling heavy because of the story) when in a non-boss battle. Xenoblade did this pretty well, since I could cool off after a cut-scene by beating up some Krabbles or slicing up some generic Mechon. XD



timtimdaunholy said:

this looks amazing and how did I know it would get delayed again.
Better be worldwide release day 1 or close to it



Yorumi said:

@MasterWario i guess I can see that but I just really like intense and deep stories in rpgs. It's got to have a good mix of course it can't be all dark and depressing. What I love about xenoblade, and realy xenosaga as well is the real strong character development and the story having many complex layers.



ejamer said:

Not sure about the "prefect strategy"... that would probably involve having third party support to fill the gaps. But you've got a fair point about them spacing the major titles and keeping owners excited about the future.

Actually, I really don't mind waiting for this game and would rather wait another year (or more) than have the game rushed out early. As long as it does arrive eventually! News of a Xenoblade sequel was the reason I bought a Wii U though, so clearly I'm excited for the day to arrive.



Excep7ional said:

I can't hold all of these feels right now, this game alone got me more excited than anything I have seen during Sony's conference, except for MGSV: The Phantom Pain. No knock to Sony or Microsoft of course, but Nintendo won E3.



Darknyht said:

My wallet!! She can't take much more than this Captain....

Really looking forward to this game, it cannot get here fast enough.



Subie98 said:

Seems more of a xenogear sequel. Still a day one buy. However is it me or did the graphics seem better on the previous clips weve seen?



eaglebob345 said:

I can accept it as a 2015 game for two reasons: the empty wallet I will have by the end of this year and the fact that I didn't finish Xenoblade Chronicles yet.



Henmii said:

Did anyone else go out of its mind at the beginning of the trailer?! I thought Metroid's coming!

Ah well, its still a promising game.



MasterWario said:

@Yorumi I haven't played Xenosaga but that was definitely one best parts of Xenoblade! All the characters were great except...well I just didn't like her because she was clearly a fan-service character. XD



BulbasaurusRex said:

I knew "X" had to be a new Xenoblade Chronicles game! What surprises me is that this appears to be a prequel to explain how humanity wound up on the Bionis to begin with (and probably also the origin of the Monado). I would've highly suspected it of being a spiritual sequel like with most of the Final Fantasy games if not for the appearance of that Nopon at the end of the trailer; although I suppose it's still possible.



AshFoxX said:

It is official.

2015 - Year of Nintendo surpassing PS4 and Xbone sales combined.

Calling it right now.



Genesaur said:

Lookin' good! Sad, though, that it's further out than expected. Zelda, I expected for 2015. I'd always assumed that X would be a similar time to Bayonetta 2. I'll not complain for getting a full-fledged release, though. Wicked hyped for this one, for sure.



Ryu_Niiyama said:

Character editor looked pretty nice. I hope you can play as a female. Won't influence my purchase (pre ordered today) but it would be nice. So stoked for this game!



JudgeMethos said:

@fchinaski I was thinking the same thing. They changed the models from realistic to more anime looking. I loved that realistic look from last year but this one looks good as well. Almost like two different games. Still want it though.



Yorumi said:

@BulbasaurusRex actually the ending of xenoblade explains their origin. I won't spoil anything here but I'll be surprised if they're actually directly related. Given they showed the entire opening cutscene of X in the treehouse I have trouble seeing it fitting into xenoblade's timeline. Of course considering the entire story of xenosaga spans like 40,000 years they could do the same thing here and just say it's a several thousand years after xenoblade.



LawRulesALL said:

@Marshi Totally with you in that regard. The Wii U might not be the best console or the more desired one but at least I know for sure that it's going to deliver some of the best experiences a man (or woman) could dream of this Gen :') Also, totally agrre that i prefer that zelda and xenoblade chronicles x take their time to be perfect adjusted and polished as possible so I can have THE best experience out of these. My two most antecipated announced games!!!!



BulbasaurusRex said:

@Yorumi Ah, thanks for explaining that without spoiling anything. I'm still at that Mechonis wayward island colony. I really should get back to playing it before too long.

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