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Evil Controllers Offers Custom Mario-Themed Wii U Pro Controllers

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

$30 more than the standard pad

Not long ago it seems there was a fair bit of buzz over PDP's announcement of a licensed GameCube-inspired Fight Pad for Wii and Wii U, which is all set to be shown in some form during E3. If you're a fan of the existing Wii U Pro Controller but want a more interesting design, however, a custom range from Evil Controllers may be what you're looking for.

Available in four designs, these most certainly aren't officially licensed, but nevertheless look rather nice. They're actually customised shells over official Wii U Pro Controllers, so in theory the pad should be of a high quality as per Nintendo's standard option; naturally the quality of the custom job is down to the seller. These come at a bit of a premium, too, costing $79.99 in the US, when you can typically get the official version from a major retailer for $49.99, and cheaper if you shop around.

Are these designs nifty enough to justify the extra cost? That's for you and other Wii U owners to decide.


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Shpongled_Mario said:

As I stated somewhere else about these, the price is way too high. The regular price of $49 is too high as it is for a cheap controller with no vibration or pressure sensitivity and things like that. They have an orange one I want more than the Mario Kart ones but not paying anywhere near that price.



sleepinglion said:

Too pricey.
Still, as a retro gamer with a nostalgic soft spot for the original SNES and NES I'd go for one much in the style of the Classic NES GBA SP. That thing was beautiful. 1st party, of course, but Nintendo doesn't really capitalize on the retro gamer market with accessories.



FJOJR said:

Not paying that price for a knockoff. Either get the license or make a unique product. Mario's M is distinct. Can't just slap the typeface you got from daFont and sell it for more than what Nintendo offers.



MajinSoul said:

They look all pretty cool, even the pink one and I normally don't like that colour. The price is rather terrifying though ...



Hy8ogen said:

@Shpongled_Mario It is either you bought a defective one, or you hands are made from ham. Apart from not having analog triggers, the Wii U Pro controller is a piece of quality hardware. Definitely worth the 50 dollar price tag.

79.99 for a different color? Give me a break.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Man, this stuff is pricey. And the designs aren't really that good. But I do wonder how they justify that price tag...



Marakuto said:

The Yoshi one doesn't make sense to me. Yoshi is associated with an egg, not a lightning bolt...



FabioSMASH said:

"They're actually customized shells over official Wii U Pro Controllers"

So, do they just snap "over" the controllers or do they actually replace the original shells with these new shells?

Also, Mario looks great!



Iggly said:

The only thing that makes these controllers look ugly is the fact that it doesn't show its labels for the buttons like the home button(Talking about the word label and not the button itself). Call me picky, but it really does make the design look awkward.



T7L3RB said:

@Iggly Thanks for pointing that its all I notice when I look at them. That really does make them look awkward.



Nik-Davies said:

What are those symbols?
Really, these are just a different colour. Pretty meaningless to be honest and definitely for that price. Pass



Mahemoth said:

Reminds me I still need a pro controller... But everytime I'm planning on getting it, I realize I can get a new game for the same price...



readyletsgo said:

I like the colours for sure, but the small graphics on the controllers make them look bigger than they actually are. I'll wait for Ninty to release their official ones.



Emblem said:

@Spanjard Take a look at the Afterglow pad, its see thru like the old N64 pads (can light up aswell) and its build quality is excellent. It also has trigger shoulder buttons and you can see the rumble feature as it works.

We have 2 afterglows and one official pad and i can honestly say i prefer the afterglow pad more, the battery is not quite 80 hours like the official pad though which is its only real con. In the UK its £20 cheaper than the official pad at Amazon, i'm sure its cheaper in other countries aswell.



Phaserborn said:

The red one is the only one that caught my eye. $79.99 for a controller that doesn't look as good as the standard stock is EVIL.



JuanitoShet said:

They look decent, but for EIGHTY DOLLARS? Hell no, the standard pad is pricey enough, I wouldn't pay for this.



Rafie said:

No thank you to the price. However, I bet I can still get my hands on one of these for a way better price.



Yosher said:

Normally I'd be all over this but these designs are just too ugly to justify an extra 30 dollars for an already expensive controller. Why are these so expensive? The special Mario Wiimotes don't cost a dime more than the standard ones.



sketchturner said:

Yoshi lightning WUT? Looks kinda like they couldn't decide whether to make a Samus or a Yoshi-themed controller.



Nintendo_Ninja said:

Nice, vibrant designs. Looking for a pro controller, but I don't have $50 after my Mariokart 8 investment.



ToonLink795 said:

These controllers sure do look nice but there is now way I would ever think about paying $80 when I got a pretty decent 3rd party one for like $30.



jjmesa16 said:

@Stu13 umm. I'm not sure. Why not make it and egg? Also I think that the Luigi and Yoshi colors. I'll probably skip out on these since they are $80.



Genesaur said:

@Stu13 Dude, for real. Certainly not impressed by these. I actually like the white design with black buttons, but again, too pricey and all that.



JaxonH said:



$50 has been the standard price of a console controller for a long, long time.

And Wii U Pro Controller does rumble. Idk where you're getting your information from, but the Wii U controller does feature vibration. As well as 80 hours battery life.



JaxonH said:

People obviously aren't too informed when it comes to custom-work and the collector scene. People pay top-dollar for good custom work. It's all about having an authentic controller- that's where the value comes in.

Obviously hand-painted custom work will run a lot higher than $80, and I'm not necessarily saying every collector will find these appealing. But it's a reasonable price for what you're getting. Keep in mind these are not meant for the ordinary Joe looking for any 3rd party knock-off with a cool design. These are for serious Nintendo fans who pride themselves in owning authentic product unlike anyone else. I'd bite if I weren't so OCD. This is more or less a set, and if I bought one I'd have to buy them all.



AshFoxX said:

Well this is dumb, I can just detail my own controllers for free, not like it's hard to do, and I can even put ponies on them if I want to.



MegaStoneSmash91 said:

These look a bit unpolished. The M and L on the Mario and Luigi ones aren't even in the correct font style. They should look exactly the same as the letters featured on the bros' hats. And generic fireball images? Why not stick a picture of the characters on there, or their face or moustache? Also, since when has Princess Peach been symbolized be the letter P in a circle? Don't even get me started on that "Yoshi" one.

I don't own a Pro controller, but if I did these wouldn't interest me.



Alucard83 said:

They will flatline with this controller. Who is that stupid to pay this much i wonder??



Parasky said:

The original controller was already overpriced - why bother when you're spending most of your time looking at the screen?



Mega719 said:

No, awesome designs but outrageous price for custom material. Not really interested in that Fight Pad either it's design confuses me



HopeNForever said:

Not sure why they don't take full inspiration from the official Wii Remote Plus controllers with the alluded Mario character design, complete with their actual emblems rather than a generic letter based on the neo Super Mario game title typeface!



Shpongled_Mario said:

@JaxonH No, GameCube controllers were $35 I believe with a $10 cut when the Wavebird was released. So the $50 standard you speak of is only one generation old (now 2 I guess since the new one started). Just like it's only the second generation where Nintendo didn't compete with power despite many who claim they were always the weakest system.



Shpongled_Mario said:

@Hy8ogen Non-Analog is a big thing and should be standard for one thing. I said the higher price tag for a different color was dumb, didn't argue that. I think the pro controller is decent but the buttons feel cheap and considering the PS4 controller is only $5 more and does a lot more, yea I would say the pro controller is a cheap controller. Battery life is amazing though I'll give it that. All in all it gets the job done, but Nintendo could have done more to make the controller have what I consider Nintendo quality. And I got to play the new Smash twice and can already say the GameCube is still far better for it in my opinion (and probably most others).



Shpongled_Mario said:

@Frapp Made a mistake, haven't noticed the rumble much, I read somewhere that the rumble is weak compared to the gamepad so that might have been why I didn't notice when I started using the pro more.



Hy8ogen said:

@Shpongled_Mario FYI, the PS4 is 10 dollars more or 15 dollars + tax more in you live in Canada. So yeah the difference in price is definitely significant (For me anyways). However I do agree that the DS4 is the better controller.

The DS4 does have it's downsides though. The horrible durability of the analog sticks and the always-on blue light are unacceptable. Otherwise it is a very solid controller.

Again I disagree on the Wii U Pro controller being cheap. It is very well made and durable. The button feels solid and tight and the ergonomics are good as well. The only gripe though is the lack of analog triggers and the lack of rubberised parts. But hey for 15 bucks less, you get what you pay I guess. I seriously hope they'll come out with a revision soon. I want those analog triggers for Project Cars T_T



Shpongled_Mario said:

The shape is fine, I really enjoy how it feels in my hands, it's the A B X Y buttons that feel mushy to me, other than that it is a fine controller and as I said I LOVE it's battery life. Sorry to hear in canada they charge you more. My gripe is I'm pretty sure GameCube controllers were cheaper when they first came out yet I feel they are better besides not being wireless (wavebird of course fills that, even though I preferred regular over the wavebird due to the added weight). The wireless may add a lot, and it was 2 generations ago so maybe controller parts cost more these days. I got 2 of my 3 pro controllers for 1/2 off at best buy when they had that sale a while back though so I really can't be complaining now can I



Shpongled_Mario said:

By the way is there anyway to know if you or someone responds to me on this site? I don't check my e-mail very often and happened to check today and saw a few people wrote me which is why it took me a few da...almost a month to respond lol



FritzFrapp said:

The Pro controller is capable of very good rumble. It's just that the implementation can be buggy: I know that with Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed the GamePad rumbles and the Pro is also supposed to, but doesn't. Don't know if this has been fixed in an update yet – not played it in a while. I've heard of something similar with ZombiU.
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