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North American Wii U Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Set Bundle Races Into View

Posted by Darren Calvert

Could this be the Best Buy for US gamers?

We've already seen the Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundles for Europe and very nice they are too. Of course North America is not to be outdone and retailer Best Buy is currently accepting preorders for the Wii U Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Set — as seen above — for the attractive price of $329.99.

As well as including a copy of the game with the deluxe 32GB Wii U console, US gamers will also get a lovely red MK8 steering wheel and Mario themed red Wii Remote.

Do you like the look of this bundle? If you don't yet own a Wii U, will this be the deal to make you take the plunge? As ever, let us know with a comment.


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sketchturner said:

If you register Mario Kart 8 on Club Nintendo before the end of July, you also get a free game--Wii Party U, Wind Waker HD, New Super Mario Bros U, or Pikmin 3.

Personally, this is the bundle I've been hoping for, but I am stupidly disappointed by how they ruined the box art compared to the EU version.



0utburst said:

And if you register Mario Kart 8 you will get 1 free download. 8 games to choose from on Europe, 4 on US. Sweet!

Edit: ninja'd.



alLabouTandroiD said:

The second shot looks freaking sweet.
Not sure if i'd want to pay that much for a Wii U right now though.



kereke12 said:

NOW ITS A TIME FOR ME TO BUY ONE!!!!!!!! The part I really liked is the promotion they have on Club Nintendo, but on serious note I do hope this bundle and the promotion they have will move alot of systems.



Judah_83 said:

this is what it should've been from the start. wii remote, wii u gamepad, 32GB console, and a game. Had they did this at launch we're having a different conversation. Go get em ninty!



Osyrhia said:

I'd like the stuff without the console... considering I already have the darn thing! would def go for the Luigi set. =)



Judah_83 said:

this is going to sell like wild fire and hopefully bring in more cash so they can get more titles to us and make 3rd party devs take heed and notice.



justinluey said:

This is a very good bundle, and will definitely attract former Nintendo owners, who decided against or weren't aware of the Wii U. The price is good, and even better with the downloadable free game. They better make sure they have stickers on the box or something in store to make sure people know they are getting a second game.



freaksloan said:

Well, Looks like I am buying a 2nd Wii U. But what free game to get? Wind Waker HD, New Super Mario Bros U, or Pikmin 3?



Judah_83 said:

Anybody on wii U madden 13. Look me up.jetlife83. pissed that their is no madden 15 for wii u smh



justinluey said:

@Judah_83 This bundle is a great value, and had they launched with something similar, it definitely would have helped. But I still think the name and marketing hurt it more than the price.

As good of a deal as this is, $299 would have been a real statement.



2Sang said:

Looks nice and it's an obvious choice for nintendo to bundle since it's one of 3 games that can possibly save the wii u. I think $299 would have been smarter though just because it looks like a much better deal.



Judah_83 said:

yea but you had to expect that had to offset the cost somewhere. think about it your getting two games for the price of one plus $20. Thats a sweet deal imho. I may just get mk8 and register it and get windwaker HD as my free game. Thoughts??



JuanitoShet said:

If I had the money, this would be the bundle I'd get. Arceus knows it's gonna cost a hell of a lot more than just $330 down here in México.



PJR0cks said:

it's a great bundle, you get one of the possibly best 3 games that will be released on this consoles life time, and extra game of your choosing and extra controller. I think in the coming weeks we will all know the fate of Wii U.



rjejr said:

The red box looks like the Wii Mini. No really, it does. And thats a good thing, that red box always jumps out at me every time I pass it. And I like the red game box as well, I've always liked it on PS GH games as well though everybody else seems to think it degrades the game somehow.

This makes me really glad I got my Wii U last August b/c if we would have just gotten it at Christmas I might be bummed. I couldn't wait past Christmas w/ SM3DW coming out though.

Oh, and for those saying $299 would have been better - I agree - but somehow Nitnnedo is still charging $40 for Wiimotes 8 years after they released, (maybe 4 years for the Plus version) so it's still a good deal for $329 for people who want to drive w/ the wheel. I played all of MKWii w/ the wheel and I'm hoping to be steering this w/ the Gmaepad if that's an option. If not I have a really ugly green Madagascar wheel form that horrible Kart game. And besides, that $329 will either be on sale for $299 shortly or come w/ a $20 GC. But $29 for $40 Wiimote and $10 wheel isn't bad.

Question for the NL crew - any word on the DDP being extended? Seems pretty weird to have that big sticker on the box as it's supposed to end this Dec. 2014. From the Nintendo website:

Promotion timeline
Earn points on all digital purchases made through Dec 2014.
Exchange points to receive activation codes by Mar 2015.



ekreig said:

Well done, Nintendo. This is it. Between this, the free game promotion and my birthday, this is exactly the excuse I needed.




sinalefa said:

Good job NOA. I feel the price is right. It has a new, great game, a download promo for an old, great game, wiimote Plus (and the Mario one at that) and Wii Wheel. For a measly $30 extra.



chiefeagle02 said:

As awesome as this is (I've praised this when it was announced in the UK) and even with the Club Nintendo promotion, I think I'll still aim for a Nintendo refurbished Wii U for $200 (last I checked, it was still up).



WanderingPB said:

It's funny that even with a great deal like this people will still complain…well even though i already have a WiiU and have all those free promotional games(except WiiPartyU) i think its a great deal. With such a great catalog of games that the WiiU has sounds like sum people r just stubborn but hey take ur time i'll be playin MK8



Mahe said:

That's not an attractive price. The Gamepad is hurting even Mario Kart's chances. This won't sell nearly as much as some people are expecting.



Genesaur said:

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! This is most assuredly the Wii U bundle that I'll be buying. Couldn't care less about the Wii wheel, but I'll be very glad to have the Mario remote to match the Luigi one I got with Nintendo Land.



Kirk said:

Well that packaging certainly looks really nice.

Kinda wish Nintendo had achieved something as appealing as this with the original Wii U launch package.

More bundles like this in very pretty boxes like this can only be a good thing.



freaksloan said:

Nintendo could be giving these away and people would still be complaining. How sad are your lives?

I already have a Wii U and I will be ordering this as soon as it becomes available.



Dauntless said:

The red game case still has the blue banner and looks ugly. This is one of those games that will need a case swap for a blue. Fortunately Nintendo does sell the official dvd cases on their parts website if you don't have a crappy game to swap with. Why couldn't they just colour the banner & number 8 red to match the case?



dkxcalibur said:

It's a great deal. If I didn't own a Wii U already, I would be all over this. My brother-in-law just picked up a Wii U too and pre-ordered Kart. If you don't have a Wii U...this is a perfect jumping in point. My concern with the free games is that my Deluxe version of New Super Mario U did not come with a registration number to register on Club Nintendo.



Tops said:

Nice! Love the box art and I think the price is fair. (So exciting!!)



uneek said:

Great deal. This will be my second wii u. I was thinking of buying the white wii u. And just get the game. The wii wheel and the wii mote is for my son.



paul1983190 said:

is the Mario kart 8 that comes with the bundle a digital or disk. i Like getting physical copy when possible.



Spartacus3765 said:

This is cool, if you don't have a Wii U yet - if you don't have one yet, other than the slightly high price point (but you do get 2 games in the deal - don't forget that), this is the way to go. Really, really want the limited edition, Europe is getting which includes the Spike Shell trophy thing.



marko said:

I have said it before and i will say it again 329.99 is a mistake.
299.99 was the sweet spot price...
And even though you get a free game the decision would have been better for them to not include the 2nd game and just have the bundle at 299.99 bad move nintendo... anyway i will definitely be picking up the 2 games though since i already have a wii u



JaxonH said:


Red and blue are the colors of Mario! And the predominant colors seen on the case art for the game. Naturally, the blue and red match perfectly for a game sporting nothing but reds and blues. At first it seems odd, but then you notice how everything else is red and blue, and then it starts looking good.



User1988 said:

So wait... Many of you want Nintendo to give you two FREE awesome games, free wiimote and a free wheel? You've got to be kidding. When does the entitlement end??



IronMan28 said:

Well, I already have a Wii U, but this is a nice bundle for those who haven't gotten one yet. I'm pretty psyched about the MK8 free game promotion, I'm going to get WWHD for free!



Psyclone said:

this is great for people getting a Wii U for the first time, I will be picking up MK8 for sure.. now to decide on the free game... hmmm



Slapshot said:

Unless the Wii U's library gains a significant uptick, I won't purchase it until it lands around the $199 price point. Mario Kart is not a system seller for me.



Vincent294 said:

While tempting, you have to go at least $100 below PS4. At least considering that they don't even have universal accounts set up yet. Nintendo is really losing touch with gamers. At least MK8, X, and a few other games are good. Miiverse is also cool, but the fact they can't nail the basics is just sad. Nice that you get 2 games and an old Wii remote if you lacked it already though.



Gamer83 said:


Lets hope so, I'm not sure it'll take it up to PS4 or Xbox One numbers but if it can get Wii U moving in the 150K to 200K/month range consistently, it'll at least put the Wii U in a much better situation.

Games are what matters though, unfortunately I feel it's the gamers who have lost touch, but they're the ones who matter because they do by stuff. I can say as a PlayStation guy, I have never been so absolutely disgusted with a system's first year as I am with PS4's, aside from inFamous it's nothing but year-old games, 10 bad indie games to every rare indie gem and disappointments like Killzone and, soon, DriveClub. The Wii U has more upcoming games to be excited about than PortStation4 or X1 combined let alone if you separate each console. Sadly, because the games aren't all about story, blood, sex and blowing stuff up, the Wii U isn't deemed 'cool' while a console with absolutely NOTHING is flying off the shelves. I hate the thinking of today's gamer, they are taking this industry in a bad direction.



LoveSugoi said:

It's perfect. The price. The free game. The extras. The box art. There's nothing I would improve on. If this doesn't sell then I just freaking give up.

@Genesaur LOL




I have to say I was a bit stunned when Nintendo announced the Mario Kart 8 Wii U BUNDLE would be shelling out for $329.99 seeing as how what they're packaging in with the console and GamePad. In my case, even though I have a Wii U already, the only choice that jumps out to me for the one FREE game I can get that I never had the chance to grab back last year is The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD.



WanderingPB said:

@uneek the paradox that is human nature…ur right my friend. My son told me games are much more fun when we play together and thats why he really likes Nintendo games…makes me wonder when people forgot that games are about having fun and that the rest doesnt really matter. Im thankful to Nintendo for that



MeloMan said:

Glad I waited, I'm going to get this bundle + New Super Mario Bros. U... and right around my birthday early June too



Bizzyb said:

@Mahe LOL are you dense? You are getting A full game (Mario freaking Kart 8), wii wheel AND wiimote with option to get a 2nd FREE game....a retail value of ~$160 all for $30.
Go be a dellusional cheapskatesomewhere else

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