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Google Maps Launches a Pokémon Challenge

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

It's already 1st April in Japan...

Google may be a mega corporation with investments in killer robots, but it does also (occasionally) have a sense of humour. Two years ago it unveiled an awesome NES cart version of Google Maps, and it's now incorporated its map software with one of the biggest brands in gaming — Pokémon.

This app sets wannabe Pokémon Masters on a trek around the world, using Google Maps on their trusty smartphones to track down all of the world's 'mon; judging by the trailer it'll be quite a task. The winner will become Google's official Pokémon Master, no doubt making key policy decisions within the corporation when appointed.

You can see the video advertising the challenge below, which will need plenty of bravery, ingenuity and air miles to complete. Either that or it's something to do with the fact that it's already April Fools' in Japan; still, Google Maps does do something when you follow the instructions.

We'll let you check it out and decide...

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marck13 said:

Great. Not a big fan of Pokémons. But THIS gives a hint of the great potential that still is within the Pokémon-Brand and how awesome a Console game could be and feel like! Bring it to the U - I say!



allav866 said:

Wait, it's the day before April Fools? OMG, they're serious! This is probably the coolest thing they've done. It would be much cooler if they stopped trying to shove G+ in my face, though.



sr388survivor said:

Apparently, the closest Pokemon to me live over 5 hours away. I'll never be a Pokemon Master...



Kazzyland said:

This would be a truly a good investment for Google. Too bad its too good to be true.



Great_Gonzalez said:

this would be pretty cool if real!
Anyway does anyone else think that the VP guy looks a bit like reggie??



bagszi said:

Jolteon - Moscow
Sylveon, Serperior - New York, Central Park
Glaceon - Mt. Everest
Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu, Pidove, Metagross, Ampharos, Bayleef, Plusle, Minun, Audino, Emolga, Unown, Kirlia, Crogaunk, Porygon, Eevee - near Geneva pokemon lab
Emolga - Tesla Motors ?
Snorlax, Wartortle - Vatican City
Pidgey - CN Tower
Dewott - Niagara falls, CA. U.S. South of Moffett field bay trail
Meowth, Squirtle, Talonflame, Milotic - Near Shiodome station, Tokyo
Blaziken - Toranomon, Minato, Tokyo
Garchomp - Great Wall of China
Pumpkaboo, Donphan - Giza, Egypt, Pyramids
Kirlia - Paris / or Geneva, Residhome Prévessin Le Carré d'Or
Aggron - Tampa, Florida
Goodra - 251 4th St, San Francisco, CA 94130.
Jolteon, Bunnelby - Edinburgh Castle
Stunfisk - San Fransico, Japantown
Rotom - San Francisco, Cable Car Museum / or New York Top of the Rock Observation Deck
Delphox - Saitama
Unown - Buenos Aires
Minun - San Francisco, Folsom street
Piplup - South basin
Tyranitar - Twin Peaks, San Francisco
Dedenne- Space needle, Seattle
Miltank - Columbus, OH
Salamence - New York City
Munna - New York, E53
Munchlax - Empire State Building, New York



Santaman64 said:

Agrron is right up the street from my house in Tampa fl, lol zip code 33614 if u wanna caught him



Mask0Gears said:

Two days for an entire world hunt? Fake, but VERY funny! I'd love to be google's Poke-Master! XD



yokokazuo said:

Is it supposed to show up on the Google Maps app? I downloaded it on my iPhone, but it doesn't seem to have anything about this.



supernick1 said:

check out san fransisco, theres alot in the city and the shoreline, just follow it down



ShadJV said:




allav866 said:

@Kaze_Memaryu Well, I have Google Maps already, and it updated to the latest version automatically, so I gave it a try. There are 150 'mon you can catch, but you do it by sliding around the map and tapping PokéMon wherever they appear. It's good for a few minutes, then feels more and more tedious when they thin out.
I caught 26 so far, including a Snorlax that was laying in the middle of Junipero Serra Freeway. What is it with Snorlax and sleeping in everyone's way? Traffic jams are bad enough on the freeways as it is!



Kriedler said:

If they did Ingress+Pokemon, that'd be awesome. On a vastly smaller scale than this, at least



allav866 said:

Ivysaur at Teague Hill Open Space Preserve.
Empoleon at Sutro Baths
Staraptor on the Golden Gate Bridge



TingLz said:

And how do I update it? My phone won't download version 7 for some reason



Xjarnold said:

Men, you go around Google maps tapping Pokemon, fun but boring after a while, lol Metagross just chilling in L.A and with Mew's location: I see what you did there
Edit:Meh, not men



Aylanah said:

Audino is at Big Ben, London, UK
Greninja is at the Alhambra, Granada, Spain



allav866 said:

Milotic is in a lake north of Shiki Theater, Japan
Wobuffet near Tokyo University Hospital, with a Garchomp south of that
Buizel in Tama River



Ash_Anne said:

@ShadJV Sweet. I didn't see it. I only noticed gengar because there is construction downtown and I am trying to avoid it.



rjejr said:

Here's a hint - Pokemon must be cultured b/c a bunch of them like the Opera.

I'm up to about 40 so far hitting the big US cities. Found 2 twice Maganium and Plossel but they only get counted once, so who knows how many are actually on the map. I couldn't find any at the Nintendo World store in Manhattan, thought that was a weird omission. Wasted about 30 minutes, missed my kids school bus DOH! In my defense it was 5 minutes early.



Angiewha said:

I'm gonna be the very best and no one can stop me; I'll catch em all and pass this test, and keep charging my battery; I will scroll across the map, zooming far and wide; Catch all the Pokemon to inflate my pride; POKEMON GOTTA CATCH EM ALLLLLL



Spacemod said:

Absol east of Nitendo HQ in kyoto looking for mew,ivysaur,and charmander line



allav866 said:

Seriously, look up Area 51 for Kirlia! xD
Chandelure is northwest of that.
Unown is west to Kirlia



chibialchemist7 said:

Haxorus near Geary Street, a little bit above 251 4th street in San Fransisco, CA
Spiritomb and Minun to the right of 251 4th street
Froakie near Hardrock Cafe in San Francisco
Scizor and Lucario @ Taj Mahal
Salamence on West 15th street, New York City
Rotom on W 49th Street, NYC
Buizel near Charleston Slough, above Pokemon Lab
Togepi near Disney World in Florida
EDIT: CERN, Switzerland: 2 Pikachu, Emolga, Metagross, Ampharos near CERN, Switzerland, Croagunk to the right, Jolteon on Route la Garenne, Espeon and Lucario near Route de Meryrin



Kmno said:

Goodra found in the same island where the Pokemon Labs are, is near Via Playa el Garrapeto or whatever the translation to english that is.



Megumi said:

...and someone on Youtube said he was doing this on the computer. >.>



Angiewha said:

@Mask0Gears a few days isn't as farfetched (hehe farfetch) as it seems. i've been going hard core for around an hour or so now and i have 92/150. uvu



mogeybear said:

I still need to find Flareon, Umbreon, and Vaporeon if they exist. Here's what I found so far (85 caught), hope it helps!

Pokemon Centers I have found in Pokemon Master Challenge. (These locations are ripe with Pokemon)
Googleplex, CA
Sydney Opera House
Minato Park, Japan
CERN, Switzerland

Leafeon - Minato Park
Jolteon - Edinburgh Castle
Glaceon - Mount Everest
Espeon - CERN, Switzerland
Sylveon - New York Central Park
Eevee - Googleplex



Darkness3131 said:

What if someone actually got all of them... (not in that time frame of course) That would be extremely impressive.



RyanOD93 said:

I've got 147 now, been at it for 3 hours. Only need Fenekin, Chesnaught and Espeon.

If I dont get a Pokemon Master card off Google I'm making my own and claiming its authentic



Spacemod said:

Fenekin and chepen type sydney observatory the rock and that should get them and espeon is in france



RyanOD93 said:

Only one more now, not sure what pokemon it is. 137, betwee Talonflame and Pancham on the list



RyanOD93 said:

I'll be honest I found all most by pure luck.

Honolulu, Stanford, Dublin, Rome, Krakatoa, Moscow, and places like that are where I found most. I found a fantastic list just a minute ago which is what helped me find Fennekin, still no help with Gogoat. I'm new to the forum though so I'm not sure if I'm allowed to share it here



msdos said:

So, how does this work? Now that everyone will find every pokemon, is everyone going to Palo Alto? LOL



Genesaur said:

This seems really odd. Nintendo's name was neither mentioned nor listed in the copyright bit or any of it.



Edgarska said:

@DrDaisy I don't see how that's relevant to the article, but they did release a Peach 3DS. Although I don't see how that relates to having guts.



smikey said:

This is the sort of thing that Nintendo could actually do with apps / websites without putting any games on mobiles or online.

sort of Pokemon Geocaching (a real life treasure hunt game for those who aren't familiar with it)

they could set up a website, place some sort of token or similar in locations around the world and let people go on their own pokemon tracking adventures.
however this is a fun and novel idea from google I even know a couple of people who really thought this was a real job and complained that only millionaires could tour the world to collect them all (some people really will believe anything)



wmcleodford said:

Rotom - st patricks cathedral new york city
Metagross - buckingham palace
Chandlure - tower of london
buneary - london bridge



wmcleodford said:

Rotom - st patricks cathedral new york city
Metagross - buckingham palace
Chandlure - tower of london
buneary - london bridge



itsuniquexp said:

Pokemon keeps mapping me in California when I'm at the other side of United States... Can't even play it



DrDaisy said:

@Edgarska I don't I remember what I posted. Maybe I deleted it myself after realizing I posted in the wrong article (which has been known to happen), but it's also likely deleted (as this one likely will) by someone else to make a point. That's one of the main reasons I almost never come here anymore, and the only reason I'm replying now is because I noticed an alert in an email account I haven't checked in a while.

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