I'm a Perfectly Chromulent Lord

About Me: As the vigilante captain shepherd or whatever of the land of Ylisse, it is my duty to lead our forces to victory against Plegia, Valm, and endless hordes of Risen. Also, throughout my battles children from the future tumble through time and end up fighting alongside us. While that might sound strange, it's nothing compared to the fact that during wartime I essentially manage my troops like one big singles' club.

Location: Ylisse

Ethnicity: Blueblood

Hair: Marth's

Eyes: Discounted if you download both as a pack

Occupation: Lord and Saviour

I would like to meet: A stranger lying unconscious on the ground who can't remember anything about the past so that I can put them in charge of the entire Ylissian army. What? Why are you looking at me like that?

I like to play the following sports: Fencing, Gasping, Speed Dating

My exercise regime consists of: Jogging one step, waiting for every other man, woman and child to do something, then jogging one more step.

My favourite music: Love is a Battlefield, I Am the Warrior, I Will Survive

My favourite movies: War Games, Army of Darkness, Permadeath Midnight

My favourite TV shows: Modern Family, Dad's Army, Sister Wives, Turn-Based Strategy Game of Thrones

My dream is to: Restart my failed battles so that I can try out some different tactics and / or prevent the cutest girl from dying.

On a first date I'd like to: Make sure we're both on the same page. I know what some people use dating sites for, but I'm looking for the woman who will one day give birth to my daughter, who happens to be right here, helping me write this profile. In other words, if you want to have some consequence-free fun, that's fine, but I'm not into "casual mode."