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UK Retailer Argos Drops Wii U Premium to £179.99

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Update: Amazon UK joins in


Amazon, not one to be outdone on a deal, has now matched the Argos Wii U Premium price of £179.99, which you can see right here; as with Argos, this is for the standard 32GB model.

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After a festive period that — as acknowledged by Nintendo — failed to deliver the bumper sales it anticipated, we can expect the company to react in the coming weeks and months. There are early signs of promotional activity at stores to shift stock, however, with previous discounts perhaps being eclipsed by the latest offering from Argos pricing the 32GB model — which includes Nintendo Land — at the same rate as the Wii when it launched in the region.

Its current offer is £179.99 — the Basic model, weirdly, costs the same — while packaged and themed bundles are still around the standard UK price at £249.99. The question is whether, with stock to sell, a broader range of retailers in the UK, wider Europe and North America will begin to offer greater incentives to potential early adopters. We're yet to see, in addition, whether Nintendo's plans for the Wii U include a substantial price cut, or a top-up to that already applied, to bring it in line with the discount that hit the 3DS in 2011. Nintendo won't want a fire-sale from retailers that have no intention to restock, for example.

One line of argument, in considering the Wii U's struggles, has been whether the relative price jump from the Wii generation has put off some consumers that were drawn in by the little console's range of innovative games — that same argument has to acknowledge the role of other devices in providing budget gaming experiences. Would a wider (hopefully final) price reduction to Wii launch levels turn the tide and get consoles into homes, albeit at an additional loss-per-machine for Nintendo?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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SuperCharlie78 said:

I don't think the price is the issue here, you can find a Wii U for that price everywhere, some days ago I've seen a pic from a belgian Mediaworld where they gave it away for just 99€.
Here in Italy you can find it easily at 250€, the premium one I mean.



Peek-a-boo said:

This is the price the Wii U should have been from day one.

... and thus, we wouldn't have been hearing all these persistent doom and gloom stories over the past year or so.



Peach64 said:

Hmm, tempting, but before Christmas you could pick up the Mario and Luigi pack for £180 on amazon.

I think at this point they're not competing with Sony and MS in price. People clearly aren't debating wether to get a PS4 or Wii U. It now needs to be the system they get WITH their PS4. £180 with a game could be that magic price point.



Artwark said:

@Peach64 See that's what I'm scared of... How can the Wii U sell if Nintendo has no intentions to compete against Sony or Microsoft?



Nintenjoe64 said:

I think this is more what families would be willing to pay or what fence-sitters would pay for a second console. It's a bit of a worry if Argos have no intention of restocking so hopefully these sell reasonably quickly but why would they reduce their price if they thought they'd sell?



Boxmonkey said:

If the current trend continues stores like argos will stop stocking the wii u and then it will be dead.



bmprsvz777 said:

I bought Wii U for 149 euro in carrefour one year ago, there are many games for Wii U for 10 euro right now in some big shops (e.g. Zombie U, Nintendo Land, AC 3, Darksiders in Metro) and some for just 5 euro (e.g. Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013 in Media Markt)



LordGeovanni said:

@Artwark Nintendo has never really "competed" with Sony or Microsoft. It was more like Nintendo was playing in its sandbox and those two showed up. Then when they got bored and moved on to "Cops and Robbers", Nintendo was still the one playing in its sandbox. Nintendo is still in "Gaming", but with its Kid- and Family-friendly situation, it isn't competing with them. It is actually more along the lines of Companies like EA and Ubisoft complaining to "daddy" Sony/XBox that "mommy" Nintendo doesn't like them. And "Daddy" pats them on the head and gives them a cookie. Nintendo still is playing in its sandbox and it did fine last gen. I doubt that a Super Significant EXTREME Loss that Single-Handedly Brings About the Video Game Crash of 2014 would be Nintendo's fault. Nor would they lose everything from it. Maybe if they did poorly for the next 20 YEARS, but not now...



jordanmarsden said:

Incredible value for a system of this quality. It's just sad to see retailers having to slash costs in order to shift units.



MysticX said:

@Artwark TBH, if we're talking "Competing with MS/Sony", the twin elephants in the room ( hardware power and third-party support) come into it, and Nintendo loses outright, just ignoring everything else and doing their own thing isn't as profitable this generation (so far) as it was the previous one though, so the big question is "What now?"



AyeHaley said:

@SuperCharlie78 That Mediamarkt was a 20min drive from here...but sadly I couldn't go...I would've bought 2 extra at that price! (though it was 1 per customer...) (it hurts cause I have to send my GamePad in for repairs and thats more expensive than buying new Wii U at 99 euros)



GuruOfGreatness said:

Argos always do sales like this though that don't last long. I picked up a 3G PS Vita from them back in October, for £140, complete with Killzone:Mercenaries, Virtua Tennis World Tour (both games proper boxed hardcopies, not downloads), a 16GB memory card, and a £10.00 Argos gift voucher. I also took them up on their offer of Fifa 13 for £5.00 when bought with a Vita. So all that for £145 I thought was a real damn bargain. But it was blooming hard to reserve the bundle though, everywhere was sold out. Took me two days to get one and when I went to pay, the guy said they've been selling like hot cakes since this promotion. So whether it's permanent or not, hopefully the same works for the Wii U.



turnmebackwards said:

I'm not surprised it's not selling the system seemed rushed on release & was not ready. It was slow many bugs & problems the argument it does not have many games can't really wash as both the PS4 & Xbox One are having the same problems lack of games & Nintendo has a year ahead of them. Both the PS4 & Xbox One is miles ahead of the Wii U technology wise & the PS4 was around the same price as Wii U on launch. People just don't seem to care about Nintendo anymore in the home console market. They should have a clear outline what they will be releasing. I brought the console about 13 months ago & after playing Super Mario U & Zombiu I was wondering what I'd be playing next. It's the same situation now I've pre-ordered Donkey Kong Wii U which I'll most likely be done with in about a weekend as I guess will take about 8 to 12 hours to finish. Then what Mario Kart maybe? Smash Bros maybe? We don't have no third party coming apart from Watchdogs / Project Cars which would not surprised me if they cancel the Wii U versions. People need to see that games will be coming just saying 2014 or 2015 or showing a game once then we never see it again aka Yarn Yoshi, Shin-Megami Tensei vs Fire Emblem, Monolith Soft X & Bayonetta 2. We need to know when to expect all these games to have any sort of hype or something to look forward to. Next thing Nintendo will do is try re-brand the Wii U or make another console knowing Nintendo it will be mini this light that & will most likely fail just look at the Wii Mini released at the same time as the Wii U :S
And why do you sit on a massive history of NES / SNES / N64 / Gamecube / Wii games these could all be released on the Wii shop & if priced right would only help the Wii U but nope we will release one game a week if your lucky from the NES or SNES back history.



Buduski said:

$299 is just fine, what Nintendo needs is an agressive ad campaign showing that the Wii U has games for everyone, it has Mario 3D World (family friendly), The Wonderful 101 (hardcore beat em up gameplay) COD (for the dudebros) great indie titles and all those extra features!!! Netflix, hulu plus, amazon instant video, Nintendo Tvii, etc. What happend to the marketing team who came up with the "Wii would like to play" adds? Those where awesome and showed mostly adults and teens playing the Wii not like the kiddy family friendly BS we where seeing this holiday with the Wii U -.-
I'm just saying that it's common sense that kids love video games, Nintendo should cater a little more to actual gamers and at least try and balance it out a little because for a while it feels like they are forgetting about us, it can't all be for casuals!



LoBo said:

I don't think the price of the console makes any difference to most gamers , it's the games that count , one of the reasons why the Wii u has struggled , the system its self is a very good one , but the fundamental flaw was the games Nintendo were pushing the sell the console with , games like Pikimin 3 , good games but not console sellers , If on the other hand Nintendo had Mario Kart 8 , Smash Brothers Brawl U , Zelda U , Mario 3D world ready at the launch of the system , they wouldn't be in the predicament they are in now , and fans wouldn't have given a sound thought to paying out top Dollar for a Wii U , dropping the price will not help sells in my opinion , Having great games will



Laxeybobby said:

@Boxmonkey Your right on the money (pardon the pun) with your post.
This price reduction is probably Argos attempt to clear stock that's not shifting and once gone will not be replaced. They are not the only store that is already doing this across the UK.



readyletsgo said:

I think we all need to face it guys, the Wii U is pretty much dead, or just at deaths door turning the handle now. I cant see SSB helping the system much. Its really only fans online that talk about SSB at the end of the day. DKTF, meh. MK8 might give it a chance but we have no idea when thats coming out and we know they will rush it now to try and get some sales.

People are not idiots, they know what the Wii U is, they know the controller is a tablet type thing, they just dont want to buy it sadly.

Oh well, on to the next system in a few years I suppose.



datamonkey said:

I'm rather annoyed that I paid TWICE that amount on launch day thinking I would get early adopter games, however the next game I bought (and that interested me) was Mario 3D World over a YEAR later.

To say I feel a bit ripped off is an understatement as I didn't even use the damn thing for a year, yet paid the premium price. C'est la vie, I suppose...



XCWarrior said:

@readyletsgo More like Europe and all their pirates are a lost cause. They are better off bombing the country and just wiping the useless market off
the planet... we are all just being satarical.

@datamonkey You're joking, right? That early adopter thing was a one time mistake. Those 30 cent games was a close follow up. If you didn't get any of those, it was your own fault.

If I'm Nintendo, I"m just saying we aren't going to support Europe for 5-10 years. And if they really want them to come back, they can beg.



LoBo said:

@readyletsgo I disagree , I know so many people from other forums that have held back from buying a WiiU simply because a certain game has not been released yet , Mario Kart wii sold over 35 million copies , it has a huge fan base ww and same for Smash brothers , and zelda, Mk8 has been in development for 2 years , and was originally scheduled for a Christmas 2013 release , but it was put back to spring, was it a marketing ploy or attempt to brush up and finalize the game , which is probably nearer the truth , either way if its finished which I expect it most likely is , then give us a release date and get fans excited , because this game will sell poopoodoodoocacapoopledoople loads
Please watch the profanity — TBD



Kirk said:

Yes, I'm being TOTALLY unreasonable here, of course I am*, but I think somewhere between £150-£199 with a bundled digital copy of a game is where the Wii U should be at.

Having the game as a digital-only version saves Nintendo quite a few bucks over having a physical copy in the box.

Also, rather than having a set game in there by default, which means limiting the consumer options or having multiple bundles with different bundled games, maybe Nintendo could simply have a digital download code that gamers could use to go online and choose a digital game from a large list of available titles to download for free to the console. That way gamers have the choice of what game they get with their bundle and it actually encourages people to go online with the console out-the-box in the first place and use the eShop service etc.

*Just for a ROUGH price comparison of what I consider relatively similar value propositions:




datamonkey said:

@XCWarrior - No I'm not joking and yes I did get the 30p games and while they were nice I have played them many many times on previous Nintendo consoles.

I buy new consoles to play new games built for that machine, not 20 year old games.

Also,, great idea for Nintendo to stop supporting Europe for 5-10 years, that'll really sort them out, not.



datamonkey said:

@readyletsgo - Where did I say it was Nintendo's fault for me paying full price? I didn't so stop putting words into my mouth. It was my choice.

I said I regret paying full price for my Wii U as there was next to nothing released that interested me in the following year.
Please watch the profanity and insults — TBD



element187 said:

@turnmebackwards I don't understand this "miles ahead" comments (I'm not picking on you, I really do want to know)

The xBone is only 3x more powerful than the Wii U, but we have been hearing that the Wii U is only on par with the ps360, but the Wii U is 2x-3x more powerful than the subhd twins. Is it that double standard that only exists when it comes to Nintendo? Because the logic does not compute. Is there a point where only 2x the power is only on par but 3x becomes "miles ahead"? Or are people really overstating the power of the sub-Nextgen twins?

AC4 runs at 1080p/60fps on a 1.5 teraflop PC. Sony claims the PS4 is 1.8 teraflops yet it struggles to hold AC4 at 1080p/30fps. Either the s****y CPU in the PS4 is stealing lots of cycles from the GPU(welcome to GPGPU) or Sony flat out lied about the processing power of their new console(wouldn't be the first time, remember when they said the ps3 was 1 teraflop?)

Wii U - estimated 300-400 gigaflops. based on its ability to power through lots of dynamic lighting, even at 60fps without dropping a frame, almost all games are a full 720p (sub hd twins choked on even a little bit of dynamic lighting)
XBone - 900-1000 gigaflops closer to 900(based on COD shipping at 720p wtf, and most games at 900p/30fps)
PS4 - 1.100-1.2 teraflops based on how it can't even keep up with my 1.5 teraflop PC. It seems to be able handle 1080p in most cases but absolutely chokes on reaching 60fps (where all gaming should reside) on fairly easy games to render

I'd really would like to know what is going on with the two sub-Nextgen boxes and why they are grossly underperforming. I have a suspicion that the GPU has extra strain because of the lackluster tablet CPU's that need basic floating point processing pushed off to the GPU stealing precious cycles games need to run at their full potential.



readyletsgo said:

@datamonkey You said 'I'm rather annoyed that I paid TWICE that amount on launch day thinking I would get early adopter games'...

haha, calm down, You said you expect to get free stuff cause you got a system on launch. That happened once, with the 3DS, that will never happen again. The Ambassador/Early Adopter program for the Wii U was the 30cent/pence games.



Peach64 said:

@XCWarrior I guess you missed the news about it selling less in North America than the GameCube did? Every single month it's been out, it's sold less than the Cube did in its corresponding month. Less than 500k sold in freaking November, but this is all Europe's fault? Unbelievable how deep in the sand people want to bury their heads.



ledreppe said:

Why does every report have to end with "Let us know what you think in the comments below", as if we need to be told for the millionth time!

Getting back on topic, I think £179.99 may tempt potential PS4 buyers to consider a Wii U at some point in the near future. I have both systems, but was lucky enough to be able to afford both at the full launch price. It would create a situation much like the last gen, where you either had a Wii and Xbox 360, or a Wii and PS3.



GraveLordXD said:

@datamonkey dude that's the price you pay to be an early adopter of a console if there wasn't anything at launch or in the launch window you should have just waited. Its why I don't own a ps4 yet, I want one but the game I want doesn't come out till September almost a year after Its released. Next time best to just wait it out



Boxmonkey said:

@MysticX I don't know what's next but one things for sure until Nintendo release a console that gets big third party support I won't be buying one again!



XCWarrior said:

@datamonkey so you lied. You said you didnt get a game for 13 months, now you said you got the 30 cent games. Stop trolling.

Folks, ITS NOT THE PRICE. ITS THAT WIIU ISNT BEING MARKETED. They could price itat $25 and PS4 and Xboner would still outsell it. The only thing that will turn it around is making the system appealing to 3rd parties and gamers.

People waste $500+ on tablets and phones every day. IT IS NOT THE PRICE! Get that out of your heads!



XCWarrior said:

@Jazzer94 All European articles on WiiU sales (and most 3DS sales) are downright depressing. It really is a bad market and I know piracy there % wise is worse than the US.



readyletsgo said:

@XCWarrior 'Folks, ITS NOT THE PRICE. ITS THAT WIIU ISNT BEING MARKETED. They could price itat $25 and PS4 and Xboner would still outsell it.'
'People waste $500+ on tablets and phones every day. IT IS NOT THE PRICE! Get that out of your heads!'

Totally agree here. I think people just dont want it, sadly.



element187 said:

@XCWarrior Interesting idea that I have been thinking about a lot lately... Nintendo would probably save a ton of money if they just sold their console online only in the UK/Europe. I mean why throw all of this money at physical displays, shelf space if you're only going to sell a handful of systems. It's obvious the market isn't very big there for Nintendo. I'm willing to bet the vast majority of their operating losses came from that region.

Allow UK gamers to import the NA Wii U and games. I mean 200k systems in the UK after a full year on the market??, Nintendo is going to have to look long and hard about how they go about the EU region. Even localization would save money if they just used the NA version of games. They obviously can't keep operating in the region like they have been doing.

I know I'll get dog piled for agreeing with you because of the large European readership here, the reality doesn't lie when it comes to the EU and Nintendo. It's like the Xbox in Japan, it's probably not worth having a full presence in the region as it's going to lead to more losses.

Just concentrate on your top two markets, Japan and NA



Morph said:

My biggest gripe with nintendo is it really doesnt pay to be an early adopter. I bought my 3ds at launch, paid the full price and within 6 months the rrp had dropped by a third. I get a premium wii u at launch within 12 month the rrp has dropped by a third. At least with 3ds we got some free games to compensate, what do wii u owners get? Not much by the looks of it, they could have made wii sports free if they'd wanted. After 2 fairly unimpressive console launches i dont think i will be picking up another nintendo console within its first 12 months again



datamonkey said:

@readyletsgo "You said you expect to get free stuff cause you got a system on launch"

I think you are replying to the wrong person as I didn't say a single word about getting free stuff. Please re-read my post.



datamonkey said:

@XCWarrior - I should have said I didn't get a Wii U game for a year. The 30p promotion were for 20+ year old games that I played in the 90's.



shigulicious said:

I think it would be wise for the respected regions of Nintendo to do a 2 week flash sale. Advertise it on TV. Buy a WiiU and get Mario 3d world for $20, something like that. Make some noise, somehow!



element187 said:

@readyletsgo @XCWarrior

If your talking about the dudebro or core gamer you are absolutely correct, the price doesn't matter to them, but Nintendo's biggest demographic will not spend $300 on a console for little Johnny.

Smartphones are subsidized, and tablets are far more versatile and useful than a PS4 or any games machine, so comparing the two is a bit fruitless.

Nintendo consoles always performed better at a lower price point because the demographic is completely different than the demo who buys a ps4/xBone. I keep seeing people posting that Nintendo needs to make this change or that change to go after the demographic that buys playstation or Xbox. That demographic isn't going to buy any Nintendo system in large enough numbers. Ever. Especially not enough to off set the value/budget console gamer they would lose going after the "core" gamer

What people need to get out of there head is Nintendo will never sell very many consoles to the type of gamer that wants to play shooters, even if they had a million shooters on the system. Go take a look at a place like NeoGAF, 90 to 10 would never buy a Nintendo console, even if it had third party parity and more power.

So why should Nintendo throw their biggest demographic out the window to chase a smaller pool? Their biggest demographic lies with the parents and the adults that have always bought Nintendo hardware. It needs to be priced in the impulse zone as soon as they possibly can.



Gerbwmu said:

@Kirk - I think the option bundle is a great idea....even a eshop credit would be a nice incentive just to get the new owners looking through what is offered.

I'd also like to see them partner with "X" company and offer an external HDD add on. I'm sure Toshiba would love to get rid of some HDD's as part of a bundle. $299 bundle with choice of eShop game and a 1tb hard drive would be a nice little package



wasf said:

maybe on next direct nintendo will announce a price cut (premium at 199 euro) and ambassador program (retro games) for early adopters like me!
at least i hope so...
Apologies from Iwata, some games streetdates and a new system upgrade with instant and voice chat! believe!



Galenmereth said:

I think this is one of Nintendo's major hurdles, but not only because of the price jump from the Wii generation and competition from other budget gaming devices. With the Wii, Nintendo arguably alienated customers that were not fans of motion controls. While Nintendo reached new demographics with the Wii, it also lost the interest of many older fans who found the content on offer lacking or not interesting.

These same fans went to other platforms, and stayed there for years. With what some might consider a new "gimmick" (the Gamepad) and motion controls still in the picture, it's required that Nintendo show enough content that inspires the older fans to return, and a price point that makes it easier for the new Wii demographics to make the transition. It's a balancing act that is harder to execute than many seem willing to acknowledge.

It certainly doesn't help that marketing has been severely lacking, and that the name confuses people.



JEM2369 said:

A quick look at the latest Argos catalogue, issued just this week, shows that they are only selling premium bundles (mario and lego) and not the Wii U on it's own. If this is the case I won't expect them to be re-stocking with Wii U's any time soon, as there catalogue normally lasts for 6 to 8 weeks.



Kirk said:



Personally however, I actually wish Nintendo would just offer an official Wii U model with say 500GB of internal storage to be honest (still with the additional option to expand the storage further via external hard drives etc if you wish). I'm not a fan of having to have additional external stuff plugged into my console.

£199 with 500GB storage space and a digital game of your choice would be a good deal imo.



Anguspuss said:

At that price point it is comming in as a second console for ps4/xb1. Or might make some familys start to think of up grading from wii. Hopefully start to see more consoles & more 3rd party games. (no shovel ware please).



SCAR said:

£180 is how much we're paying in the U.S. for the Mario bundle, already, according to currency exchange rates.

So early adopters were paying a premium, afterall...

This isn't bad news. Not a bit. Perhaps a premium was paid, because UK doesn't buy Nintendo all that much, anyway. Early adopters paved the way for a decision like this.



Doma said:

@element187 @XCWarrior I actually feel like you two would make perfect subordinates of Iwata. Your future goal of becoming completely irrelevant outside Japan, exactly matches his!

You guys should apply immediately.



rjejr said:

@readyletsgo - "Totally agree here. I think people just dont want it, sadly."

Yeah, that about sums it up. It's not the name or the price or the lack of games - it has Disney and Lego and Skylanders and Mario what more do people want - it's just a lack of desire. I do blame the desire on a lack of advertising more than anything else - I am constantly seeing that "Perfect Day" PS4 ad and NFL Fantasy football for the fantasy football machine, but Wii U, where's that at? (bad grammar intentional) I've seen alot of commericals on here, but never on tv. Grandparents using Wii U Chat to talk to their kids and play Sports Club, that needed to be on tv. And if there is a single solitary game that lets you video chat while playing that needs to get out there, b/c I can't think of one.

X1 - $500
PS4 - $400 (Anther $60 for camera)
Wii U - $300

It's NOT the price.



readyletsgo said:

@Kirk Its such an obvious idea to include an internal hardrive. I just didnt understand why they wouldn't put one in at the start. They had some excuse saying that not including a HDD helped keep the price down. HDD are cheap for a few years now so I dont see how that is true. It's the Gamepad that makes the system expensive. As much as I love the look and feel of the Gaempad, I do think they should think about making the Wii U without the Gamepad and include the Controller Pro instead, would actually drop at least €50 off the shelf price, I think. I know people really dont like that idea, but they can sell the Gamepad separately, but then Dev's wouldn't include Gamepad features so quickly, but then, what Dev's (even Nintendo) use the Gamepad to its advantage....

I would be the same as you, I dont want extra wires coming out of any console so I wouldnt invest in a HD for the Wii U even though they are dirt cheap to buy.

In saying that, if Nintendo did release a Wii U with internal 500gb or more, I would buy it and transfer all my games etc over. Wouldn't imagine it would add much cost to the system, if any.



Barbiegurl777 said:

I'm getting wii u this april 32gb for $300 from GS probably in black to match with the tv but I wish it was $179 over here in North America as opposed to $300 it'd would make me buy it a heck of a whole lot faster than right now. Hopefully they'll announce a another price cut between now & a april. I wouldn't mind at all.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



Humphries90 said:

I went to buy one from Amazon. I put the order in my basket and the price changed to 149.99!!

I guess it was my lucky day.



Kirk said:


More like*:

Wii U - £179.99
Xbox 360 - £129.99
PS3 - £149.99

Price is definitely a factor.

Note: Amounts are based on the base system prices without a game on Amazon UK.

*These systems are far closer in spec and value proposition to the Wii U.



belmont said:

@element187 PS3 and 360 are not hd twins especially if you play games from Japan and for the same reason PS4 and X1 will not be twins as well. Maybe a PC that costs 1200+ euros is better than PS4 but it is way expensive and in one year you will have to downgrade the games to play them. The 30fps problem that PS4 has in some games is because the developers are not still that familiar with it. That's why there have been updates that upscale them. The Wii U had similar problems its release.

I have both a Wii U and a 3DS and I live in south Europe. If Ninty somehow did what you suggest I would never buy any of them as most of us here. You would have to import a console from the UK, pay taxes and risk it because it may die. You would have to buy from the e-shop only since the consoles are region locked and lose all your games if the console dies and have to send it back to the UK etc. So for smaller countries it is not worth it.

@Kirk I agree. The price always matters. There would be no way I would ever order a PS4 if it was more than 400 euros.



KevTastic84 said:

The truth is. This price point means i will be purchasing a Wii U this week. Which is good news for Nintendo.



hotlfusion said:

I paid £189 for a wii u deluxe that came with Nintendoland and NSMB last month.
If the major UK retailers drop the price to £179 that makes an official price cut by Nintendo much less significant.

I can see the Wii U dropping to a price of £99 or Euros later this year or early next year. The UK and much of Europe just isn't interested even though the system is already selling way below market value.



TonLoco said:

Nintendo needs more of their unique first party games on the Wii u. I buy Nintendo consoles for nintendo games because they make some of the most enjoyable games ever. I'm playing Mario and Luigi dream team on 3ds and despite playing all the others in the series I think its one of the best most unique games I've played in a while. Some nintendo games are just that perfect balance of enjoyment, relaxation, and some challenge. Its why they have lasted as a game company only. Hopefully the wii u will get more of those types of games this year.



Xaltheron said:

@Peach64 I like how people completely ignored this comment and continue to act as though europe alone is responsible for Nintendo's problems.

Yeah, drop it in europe and sell even less Wii U's and games, great idea...



divinelite said:

Well how lucky of you. With out representative Nintendo, we in Asia must deal with 525$ for Zelda wii u

No way I will buy that right?



Peach64 said:

Now that Amazon have matched it, you can use Flubit. Just got an offer of £169 from them. Might grab that and the £30 3D World from TheGameCollection.



SomeoneDifferent said:

You weren't "ripped off". No one put a gun to your head and made you purchase the Wii U for the price that you did; obviously you believed the price was right, when you purchased it, or you would not have in the first place. This is the same crud that people spat when they (Nintendo) lowered the 3DS price point.



SomeoneDifferent said:

@jordanmarsden "Incredible Value"

No, it's not. It has a very sad line of games, the specs. are outdated and hardly compete with the XBOX 360 or PS3, and to make it worse, it doesn't play Blu-ray or DVD discs - I can't even use a flash drive to read/play a movie in digital format.

I like my Wii U. I am a Nintendo fanboy - but it's not a great value. That's just hilarious.




Sorry to say this but we could all see this coming, I think Nintendo should forget the Wii U and look at what they are really good at Handholds and games, They have a very good handhold that they know can run some great games. It can easy run SNES, N64,GameCube games and much more so come on Nintendo lets do this



electrolite77 said:


The problem is that for a long time Nintendo did exactly that, ignore Europe. They gave Sega and then Sony a free run and very few Europeans have the dewy-eyed nostalgia for Nintendo that exists in the US. That said, the Wii did very well in Europe as 3DS currently is, a lot of it comes down to the same issue-the Wii U is a disaster, and it's all Nintendo's fault.



Dogpigfish said:

There are some excellent games on Wii U. A radical price drop will make believers of those who simply have to budget these purchases.



XCWarrior said:

@Jazzer94 Dump EU for China. It will more than make up for it. EU can get the 3DS still, just not WiiU.

@Doma The 3DS is selling awesome, best system in NA in 2013. That part of Nintendo is doing just fine. I think Nintendo is making lots of mistakes, and #1 is marketing. I would love to be able to take that job and actually start running commercials on TV and not just the internet.

@Peach64 WiiU still selling better in US than EU. By a decent amount. What happened compared to Gamecube doesn't matter. Talking about the hear and now.

@element187 Don't forget that China is lifting their console ban. That market is ripe to be selling lots of WiiUs and 3DSs.



SCAR said:

I assure you that this isn't "another Dreamcast". Sega was in debt, Nintendo is above debt by $10 billion dollars.



WWammy said:

I'll buy one now it was a little out of my price range before but it has some great indie and Nintendo games coming up can't wait



Monkeyofthefunk said:

I thought this was great news. I sold my Wii U a couple of months back because as a family, we wanted an Xbox One. Since then I've been looking at getting another, so with this news I called in to get one. The didn't have any in. So I asked and the assistant told me that they won't be getting any in. I asked about the offer and she said it was whilst stocks last. I asked if it was coming back in at full price and she said, head office info said until stocks last and we are not getting anymore stock. I don't understand, are they stopping supporting the Wii U?



Monkeyofthefunk said:

Just as a follow up, no Argos in North Wales has this in stock at the moment. It looks like the offer was just to sell off the non-bundle consoles. So scare over, Argos are supporting the Wii U. Only problem is, I can't justify paying £249 for one at the moment, at least not with games I've already played.



madness said:

Fancy putting something on sale at this time of year.
Never seen this in my 33years of living in the uk, January sales must be a new idea. Wish someone told me this happen ever year..

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