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United Kingdom

Fri 27th Dec 2013

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JEM2369 commented on Nicalis: We'd Like To Support Europe, But Nint...:

I don't understand why this story leads with a negative headline. Other sites are leading this as a good news story. So why the negative vibe from NintendoLife? As it clearly states in the story that the problem is down to the number of companies in Europe that give age ratings, clearly NOE can't be expected to clear that problem up.
Is NintendoLife trying to live upto the Amazon/negative PR story from earlier?



JEM2369 commented on UK Retailer Argos Drops Wii U Premium to £179.99:

A quick look at the latest Argos catalogue, issued just this week, shows that they are only selling premium bundles (mario and lego) and not the Wii U on it's own. If this is the case I won't expect them to be re-stocking with Wii U's any time soon, as there catalogue normally lasts for 6 to 8 weeks.