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Nintendo Picks Up 10 Nominations for Spike VGX Awards

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Super Mario 3D World up for Game of the Year

Spike TV's annual video game awards show, newly re-branded this year as VGX, has released the list of nominees for its 7th December ceremony.

Nintendo doesn't make that bad of a showing among the potential winners, with Nintendo-only titles receiving 10 nominations (11 if you want to count the Wii U version of Rayman Legends) among five categories — only one of which is "Best Nintendo Game." Even Super Mario 3D World, which hasn't been released at the time of writing, has impressed the VGX Advisory Council enough to be up for the coveted Game of the Year award.

Nintendo's nominations, along with the competition in each category, is listed below. All Nintendo titles will appear at the top of each list:

Game of the Year

Super Mario 3D World
BioShock Infinite
Grand Theft Auto V
The Last of Us
Tomb Raider

Best RPG

Fire Emblem: Awakening
Pokemon X/Y
Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn
Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

Best Nintendo Game

Pikmin 3
Rayman Legends
Super Mario 3D World
The Wonderful 101

Best Handheld Game

Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Pokemon X/Y
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Best Casual Game

Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Disney Infinity
Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time
Skylanders SWAP Force

VGX will begin airing at 6pm EST on 7th December and be available globally at Are you rooting for a particular favourite? Think a certain title got burned in the nominations? Let us know below!


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Giygas_95 said:

I don't really know why you'd count Rayman Legends as a Nintendo game since it's multi-platform, but whatever suits them. Anyway, I just got Awakening and I've enjoyed it pretty well so far. Hope it gets best RPG. As much as I'd like to see SM3DW get Game of the Year, I'm sure it'll go to The Last of Us or GTA5.

Also, I wonder what'll get Best Handheld Game. ACNL's a darn good candidate, but I haven't played ALBW yet so we'll see...(Could be the other two games I guess, but I'm pretty sure it'll be either ACNL or ALBW)

@Dark-Luigi That'll probably be some other people's reactions if TLOU or GTA5 doesn't get it!



Dark-Luigi said:

I want Fire Emblem, Ni Nu Kuni, and A Link Between Worlds to succeed.
But I swear if Mario 3D World doesn't win...



FishieFish said:

GTA V or TLoU will win GotY probably.
FE:A or PkMn X/Y will win best RPG.
Handheld game would either be PkMn Y/X or AC:NL
Casual game I have no idea about.



ThomasBW84 said:

@Giygas_95 Yeah, it's a bizarre category. It's just silly branding, I think, as it's equivalents are "Best Xbox Game" and "Best PlayStation Game".



Matts14 said:

Nintendo has a very good chance of wining 3 categories and has a chance at all 5. Goes to show the quality of nintendos products



cookiex said:

Handheld Nintendo should win easily, unless Tearaway blows everyone's socks off or something. RPG is a toss-up and can really go any way (nice to see that Fire Emblem is nominated at least).

The real shocker for me is SM3DW for Game of the Year. I mean the game looks great and I'm counting down the days to it's release but I didn't see that coming. It most likely won't win since the award will probably go to GTA V but it's cool to see it up there nontheless.



jpfan1989 said:

I can tell you who is definitely NOT going to win GOTY is Tomb Raider. GTA5 may get it, much to my dismay.

Pokemon is going to win its categories



unrandomsam said:

@BossBattles I have never played Bioshock but I think the Last of Us was not even a game it was like a b grade movie. Other peoples reactions to it made me think I was missing something so I continued.



Undead_terror said:

When I look at the game, Nintendo's only competition is GTA V and The last of us, the other games don't seem worth while...makes you ask why it's on the list in the fist place?



cookiex said:


The winners are voted by a council consisting of 25 game journalists from various outlets. The only public poll is "Most Anticipated Game".



WingedSnagret said:

This actually looks promising. However if the Handheld award doesn't go to a Nintendo game, I'm not paying attention to VGX whatsoever.



Znerd said:

I'm very suprised that 3D World is on that game of the year list.
If it when all i have to say is SUCK IT GTAV



rjejr said:

Anybody else think the "Best Casual Game" category is a bit overly broad?

2 toy based games, a very successful handheld game, and an iOS and Android game?

I don't think you can have that category and not have "Candy Crush" in it. Or Words w/ Friends. I don't really follow the "casual games on Facebook" genre but I don't think you can have a "Casual game" category without including at least 1. And besides PvZ2 I wouldn't even call the other 3 "casual".



aaronsullivan said:

If best game is measured in fun-per-minute, it looks like Super Mario 3D World has a good chance.

I'd like to see Nintendo get some recognition of course, but not counting on it in the console space.



Giygas_95 said:

Ah, I just noticed M&L Dream Team didn't get nominated for best RPG which is a shame. I've played about 12 hours, and it's incredibly silly fun. The giant battles are pure EPICNESS.



EarthboundBren said:

Well, we know Nintendo is winning at least 1 award this time. I think that Nintendo has a very strong chance at 3 of the categories.



GalacticMario28 said:

I'm definitely hoping that Super Mario 3D World manages to pull a surprise victory, though I fully expect 1st and 2nd to a close call between The Last of Us and GTAV for Game of the Year, and I have a feeling Rayman Legends will steal Best Nintendo Game (it's multiplatform, come on). I'd also like Pokémon to get a victory or two, but I just don't think its as popular among 'hardcore' gamers as Fire Emblem, Zelda, or Animal Crossing. But at least if any of those three win something, it'll still be a win for Nintendo.



SomeBitTripFan said:

I'm putting my money on the following:
Game of the Year: Grand Theft Auto V - The hype, sales, budget, and brand will give this game the edge. For anyone holding your breath for it to be Super Mario 3D World, if Spike awards 3D World with GOTY, they'll need to nuke-proof the Spike headquarters and move to the South Pole.

Best RPG: Ni no Kuni/Pokemon X/Y: I'm not sure which of the two will win, it really depends on popularity sway.

Best Nintendo Game: Super Mario 3D World - This game will likely win as the best Nintendo game. Unless Spike wants an army on their doorstep, It'll be Mario.(Also WTH is Rayman Legends listed for "Best Nintendo Game")

Best Handheld Game: I have no idea. It'll really depend.

Best Casual Game: No idea.



shinokami said:

I expect Fire Emblem to win Best RPG and Zelda Best Handheld, but as much as I love Mario and Mario 3D world looks like the bomb The Last of Us has GOTY on the bag, the game was simply superb in many sectors, including gameplay, story, graphics, and multiplayer



Yosher said:

Even though I really hope for Super Mario 3D World to win GotY, it's pretty obvious that that will go to GTA V. Oh well, c'est la vie.



WiiLovePeace said:

Go go Super Mario 3D World for GOTY, FE: Awakening for best RPG (I don't own Pokemon yet), Super Mario 3D World for best Nintendo game (though it'd be funny if they gave SM3DW the GOTY award but then awarded best Nintendo game to The Wonderful 101 or something else ), The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds for best handheld game & Animal Crossing: New Leaf for best casual game!



Epicnessofme99 said:

I think either Last of Us, or GTA V will win GOTY, especially after seeing all the hype its caused and all the good reviews and praise it's gotten.



GamerGleek47 said:

I screamed like a little girl when I saw that 3D World was a GOTY nominee! Even if it doesn't win it is amazung how a game went from underwhelming to GOTY!
And it will be interesting to see the reaction of Ubisoft and fanboys if Rayman Legends wins as Best NINTENDO Game. And if The Wonderful 101 wins, I'll literally cry. It was one of my reasons to buy a Wii U and if it wins, it will shut every reviewer that complaint about the controls or the graphics. If it wins, there could be a Wonderful 102!!

P.S.: I really don't understand why Smash Bros. Mario Kart 8, "X" or Bayonetta didn't made it to the "Most Anticipated" category :/



biglee said:

Where the hell is Wind Walker HD? It should at the very least be on the Best Nintendo Game list if not also the best RPG list! That is just WRONG! It's one of the best games I've ever played and it doesn't even get nominated for best Nintendo game?! The Wonderful 101 is cool and all, but I think we can all agree that WW HD is much better and Rayman Legends for best Nintendo game?! It's not even an exclusive! Someone really dropped the ball on that one!

Anyway, I'm really hoping that Super Mario 3D World ends up being worthy of its best game nomination! I can't wait to see how the final product came out this Friday!



CanisWolfred said:

Oh my god, I thought I had to vote in all categories before I could submit my vote, but apparently you don't have to. I spent the last 10 minutes agonizing over which crappy game is slightly less crappy than the others. Now I feel dirty for giving games in half the categories more recognition than than they could ever possibly deserve. I think these Spike awards get worse every year. If it weren't for Ni no Kuni and Wonderful 101, I wouldn't have voted at all...



CanisWolfred said:

@biglee It's a remake. Remakes never deserves awards over brand new games. Ever. Besides, it's not an RPG. It would have to go in the overly crowded "Action-Adventure" category (it's only crowded because they put games that belong in other categories there. Have they never heard of the open-world and Third-person Shooter genres? In no reality should The Last of Us be paired against Assassin's Creed).



biglee said:

@GamerGleek47 I totally agree with you about the most anticipated category. I would have thought that SSB Wii U would have been a shoe in for that category. Lame!



UnseatingKDawg said:

While I am a Nintendo fan, I can kinda not see Super Mario 3D World hitting GOTY. But anything's possible.

One thing's certain though - if it does become GOTY, there's gonna be a LOT of rage from other games' fans. Which will be hilarious.



HandheldGuru97 said:

All I want to see is The Last of Us win GOTY and either Zelda or Pokemon win handheld game of the year. Tearaway looks great, but I don't know unless it blows everything out of the water (which I doubt especially with ALBW) I do however wish Sony the best of luck with that game



MadAdam81 said:

@cookiex GTA 5, Bioshock and Tomb Raider have their fair share of problems, and I don't know if The Last of Us has many problems or not. If 3D World is a perfect game, it should win, unless the GTA name means more to the judges than quality.



bloodycelt said:

3D world is not even released yet. I can say out of the other games The Last of Us blew my mind. Its also one of the few AAA Adventure titles out there these days.
Bioshock Infinite is a good game, but not GOTY material like the first Bioshock was. GTA I haven't played, so can't comment on it. However I would say out of the games TLoU gets points in my book because its fresh and new, and was a huge risk for the developer.



Kyloctopus said:

How did 3D World get nominated for a GOTY?
How did Rayman get nominated for Best Nintendo Game?



Rafie said:

To be honest here I don't think it's fair that Mario 3D World be nominated. I mean it's coming out this Friday (towards the end of the year) while the rest of them has been fighting for their spots for months now against other games.

GOTY would be between TLOU and BioShock Infinite. Both incredible games. GTAV will most likely win though. I'll be satisfied with any of those choices though. Not 3D World. 3D World looks INCREDIBLE and will no doubt play incredible. I just want them to be in the market for a few more months to be put up for GOTY. So year.

Best RPG should be between Ni No Kuni and Fire Emblem. Either or will be a justified win.

Best Ninty game can be between Pikmin 3 or 3D World. I'll be satisfied with either win. Next year will pit MK8, Smash Bros. U, and ??? against each other.

Best Handheld...Zelda! Nothing more

Best Casual should be Animal Crossing! Hands down! These are all my opinions and shouldn't be taken as fact.



triforcepower73 said:

We all know best handheld is going to be Zelda! And GTA5 is no doubt getting GOTY. It's the Skyrim of this year. I see most publications, if not all publications giving the award to GTA. Only a few odd ones out will be giving it to any of the other games.



WanderingPB said:

@Rafie i concur SM3DW hasnt even come out yet while the others have been out longer and reaping the rewards of gamers everywhere…kinda feels like a set up for people to talk smack or make the regular remarks of how Mario is no longer prevalent in this industry. Besides all those other games are great in their own rights good competition i say.

But i cant help but smile at the possibility even though its slim that SM3DW would win because it jus looks like its going to be crazy fun! Ah i remember when people played games they thought were fun regardless who made them…good times good times

As for best Ninty GOTY im stuck between Wonderful 101 and Pikmin 3…regardless all are great games in this category am curious to see they winner



shonenjump86 said:

I have played Tomb Raider, GTA5, and the Last of Us. Great games, I see GTA picking up the win. It would be nice if Animal Crossing won handheld of the year.



Kirk said:

Well I don't think it's going to win with some huge critic and fan favourites as competition but it's nice to see it up there



CapeSmash said:

I'm glad SM3DW is one of the nominees for GOTY! :3
(Although, GTA 5 & TLoU are more likely to win...)



Metsboy729 said:

I love Nintendo in any way possible but I have to say that the statistics of the winning game of the year is a 5% while gta V is a 50% and the last of us is a 45%, I'm sort to this because I've been waiting to play SM3DW since they announced it but I think gta V will win game of the year.



Neram said:

Is that VGX logo insinuating that video games are like drugs by resembling the prescription drug Rx logo? I'm probably just looking into it too much...



Csaw said:

I can't see nintendo winning GOTY but their games better win the RPG and handheld awards or these things are rigged.



Luigi789 said:

LOL! GTA V as GOTY you guys crack me up a repititive game isn't going to be GOTY , SM3DW FTW!!!!!!



blinkpunk02 said:

May as well just have GTA V and TLOU in that GOTY category, nothing else there has a chance. And I haven't played either, it's just obvious lol.



micronean said:

You can't do that. The VGAs (or vgx, or whatever they want to call it) is strictly a promotional vehicle for the xmas shopping season. It has nothing to do with any actual awards, it's more about who developer spent the most money on their video game trailer time.

If they could, I'm sure they would place some 1-800 telephone number right at the bottom of the trailer so you could pre-order the game immediately.



divinelite said:

Gta 5 will win, I just know it
And pokemon x/y will win whenever the category have it, it's a given



Einherjar said:

GTAV will definitly win the GotY hands down, there is no way getting past that huge wall of fanboys. Not with a Mario game, even if its the best thing since sliced bread,

And an MMO in the best RPG category ? Dont get me wrong, a Realm Reborn is awesome(except that you cant find prepaid cards for it around here to save your life...) Wherent there any other, better picks for that ?

And it hurts me to no end, that Animal Crossing is in one category with that ripoff that is PvZ2. It could mean 2 prices, yes, but it is a shame that such a "game" (more a micro transaction simulator) is even nominated to win something.



Red_XIII said:

Fire Emblem awakening is so much better than Mario 3d world. A shame it wasn't even nominated, but GTAV will steamroll the opposition, which also sets awful precedents for the industry (quantity over quality, sexism, etc.)



Gamer83 said:

The four games going for GOTY are the ones I'd put as my top four of the year so I think that's a great list. If 3D World is being dubbed worthy to stand along side those, I definitely can't wait to play it. The game certainly seems awesome from all the post-E3 trailers shown.



Gamer83 said:


Having played all except Mario, Bioshock: Infinite more than 'stands a chance.' I wouldn't be surprised if it took the award.



D3athBr1ng3r187 said:

@Luigi789 If you played the game you would know that GTA V wasn't a "repetitive" game but sadly you still blooming in your little bubble for mario. I hope GTAV win even though TLOU is a great too as well SM3DW.



Rafie said:

@D3athBr1ng3r187 I was just about to get on him, but you already got there first. LOL Repetitiveness?! Hahaha Wow!

@Red_XIII How do you know that 3D World is inferior to Fire Emblem?! Do you have an early copy of the game? Don't confuse this with 3D Land for the 3DS. They are talking about 3D World for the Wii U.



D3athBr1ng3r187 said:

@Rafie LOL agreed man GTA V even with all the violence and crime etc in the game Rockstar is a amazing developer that go all out with they titles and stories and GTA V deserves to be a nominee for GOTY.



Genesaur said:

Game of the Year: 3D World (even though of course I haven't played it)
Best RPG: Fire Emblem: Awakening
Best Nintendo Game: Pikmin 3 (if only to show it some love, too)
Best Handheld Game: probably Pokémon, even though I'm sure Zelda will be a better game, overall; Pokémon is just kinda THE handheld series, I suppose.
Best Casual Game: Animal Crossing: New Leaf (because duh)



Red_XIII said:

@Rafie Fire Emblem Awakening is a masterpiece of strategy, with amazing tales of victory, defeat and impossible odds present in both gameplay and story. Whether or not you prefer that to something like Mario 3d world is up to you. I would rather they got rid of GTAV to make room for Fire Emblem.



Rafie said:

@Red_XIII Well you already know that's not going to happen. Oh and did you see the reviews for SM3D World? Damn near perfect scores all around. Fire Emblem is a phenomenal game. I have it and I spent many hours on my 3DS playing it. I'm just curious as to how you believe Fire Emblem is better than 3D World when it hasn't been released yet. I mean have you played 3D World?



Rafie said:

@Luigi789 Before I engage in any debate, I'll give you a chance to explain why it's repetitive. I mean I genuinely want to know. What in your eyes is a good game out what was mentioned here? Oh and please be objective! No bias b.s!



Rafie said:

@WanderingPB While Pikmin 3 deserves huge praise, W101 is slightly lacking. I don't know why I expected more from it. I think the game wasn't well received because it casual players were confused at what to do. Still a good game. I just wished it sold more as I know Platinum Games worked hard on it.

I'm with you on my excitement for Ninty games being considered here in these categories. Nintendo has always been more innovative than any other consoles to date. Their games are top quality and is FUN to play. That's why I'm a happy Wii U owner and continue to play mines. Especially come Friday.



WanderingPB said:

@Rafie i must say what sealed the deal for me about Wonderful 101 was the battle with Ohrowchee…the controls take practice but when they sink in ur really in control and yet the game doesnt stop being challenging…as much as I love Pikmin 3 honestly both are just incredible games and for me its just hard to choose Platinum did a great job to have me not pick Pikmin3 without question LOL!

Im actually getting SM3DW & ALBW Thursday @ the special event at the Nintendo World Store but i agree i cant wait!

Regardless of how people choose consoles im old school and im all about games and this year its awesome to be a gamer!!!



D3athBr1ng3r187 said:

@Luigi789 You have no taste in games why try to play a game you wasn't even mature enough for LOL JK. But seriously though you play Nintendo only titles why waste your time playing something that you think going to be repetitive???? And to think you would be the ONLY person thinking GTA V is repetitive and boring which has a full world of stupid crazy stuff and activities you can do with friends but alas it's not Mario eternal sadness........again when you can get out your bubble and join the world again and play other games besides Nintendo then talk to me also deal with it when GTA V or TLOU win GOTY as a proven fact.



D3athBr1ng3r187 said:

@Rafie He lying he spewing BS just to say he played the game LOL if he did play it he didn't give it a time a day but Mario it's on like Donkey Kong. Like I said if you a Hardcore Nintendo fan you going to hate and ignore other titles regardless how amazing they is look at TLOU for instance. Regardless I'm with you Rafie man I want to know too why he thinks GTA V boring and repetitive.



seronja said:

this is just my opinion so don't atack me;

  • GOTY: The last of us
  • best RPG: Ni No Kuni: wrath of the white witch
  • best Nintendo game: the wonderful 101
  • best handheld game: tloz: a link between worlds ( god i love this game =D )
  • best casual game: skylanders SWAP force


Melkaticox said:

"Best RPG
Fire Emblem: Awakening

Best Nintendo Game
Tough one...I say Mario 3D World, unless it wins the GOTY, in which case Pikmin 3

Best Handheld Game
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Best Casual Game
Animal Crossing: New Leaf

There. I predicted the results.



Melkaticox said:

Btw can someone please explain me why D3athBr1ng3r187 hasn't been banned or something? It's pretty obvious he's only here to say "lol nintendo suckz play manly games like The Last Interactive Movie or Killzone Shadow Fail"



FritzFrapp said:

It's a messed up set of awards that can omit a game as good as Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, never mind Wind Waker HD – THE best game I've ever played.



Luigi789 said:

@D3athBr1ng3r187 oh yea cuz you know me so well that you think i play only nintendo LOL! dude chill out its just a game if i think GTA V is boring ok deal with it your just mad because i don't like your favorite game ,i can care less if u hate mario or nintendo plus if u hate nintendo so much why are u in this website lol

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