Nintendo Land Zelda Battle Quest

We suspect a significant percentage of current Wii U owners have a copy of Nintendo Land, simply due to the 32GB model — with which it was originally bundled at launch — selling in greater numbers in the system's early days. A number of upcoming bundles are shaking up the formula, however, and while some do include the mini-game collection others do not, and we shouldn't forget those that opted for the white 8GB launch model before now.

In a bid to get as many owners playing this title as possible, Nintendo of America has now slashed the recommended price for the game by half — it should now be available in stores and on the Wii U eShop in the region for $29.99, a discount from $59.99. If you're one of those that have missed out, then perhaps you should check out our Nintendo Land review; we gave it a strong recommendation and a score of 9/10.

At the time of writing no equivalent official price cut has happened in Europe, with the UK eShop — for example — still selling the download for £49.99. In truth the title has been heavily discounted by various retailers in the region for a while, so savvy shoppers need not look far for a good deal.

Have you missed out on Nintendo Land to date, and if you're in North America does this new price tempt you?