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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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shaggyc commented on Feature: 12 Days of Christmas - The Legend of ...:

Yeah.. I like Mario... but LOZ is why I will always own nintendo consoles (or whatever hardware is required to play nintendo games) I bought that zelda edition wii u so I could be ready when the inevitable wii u zelda comes out. Bought a 3ds for a link between worlds. I didn't wait for the zelda themed 3ds I knew was gonna have to come out.. kinda didn't like it at first, but I regret that decision now



shaggyc commented on Poll: Nintendo and the Wii U Fight For Your At...:

In a gamestop on black friday.. there were numerous people that came in wanting to buy a ps4. Each one of them they let know that they had xbox one's in stock. One couple and myself seemed to be the only ones that were interested in wii U games. Sadly. Hopefully they get some more must have titles out. I want more to play.. and hope they are able to sell more systems as well.



shaggyc commented on Talking Point: The GamePad and its Role Defini...:

Oddly enough, I didn't want a Wii U because the gamepad looked uncomfortable. Playing the entire New Super Mario Bros Wii U Demo in walmart changed my mind. I'm on the fence about how they should use it though. I like the games that have off screen play, but would like to see some more creative ways of the gamepad being used, that could take out off screen play. Just depends on the game I guess.

I'd really like to see some interaction between the 3ds and the wii u. The same kind of stuff Nintendo was talking about doing with the wii and DS, that we didn't see much of.

I do dislike the battery life on the gamepad as well. Sure, you CAN play with a cord plugged into it.. but who wants to?



shaggyc commented on CNET Outlines Console Purchase Choices And Hig...:

Best advertisement for me was the kiosk set up in walmart. The gamepad looked terribly uncomfortable. Them having new super mario bros wii u demo on the console sold them a unit, and got them an advocate for the system. I thought the same thing about the wiimotes. Guess I need to quit doubting and wait until I hold these things



shaggyc commented on Nintendo's Miiverse Social Network Finally Mak...:

Being as I need Wifi to use it, and I usually only have wifi at home so this won't really help me to use it much more than I do. Still its a welcome change, as is the account balances. Here's to hoping thta on next direct its announced that purchases available on both systems only have to be purchased on one system to be owned on both.



shaggyc commented on Nintendo Releases Handy Wii U Comparison Chart:

@gurtifus Not all wiis do though. The later ones.. or that wierd mini does not play cambue games. Adding that line would only add to more confusion, I'm betting any consumer interested in that feature wouldn't need this chart. I just hope this drums up some sales for this console. I really like what they are doing here, and bigger installed base means more third party games.



shaggyc commented on River City Ransom:

Man, this game was awesome. I put countless hours into playing this game when I was little and will likely put in countless more once this is released.