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Shin'en Multimedia Announces FAST Racing NEO for the Wii U eShop

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

By popular demand

It's been common knowledge for a good amount of time that Shin'en Multimedia is planning multiple Wii U projects, with the intention to continue its support for Nintendo hardware. It's also been confirmed in the past that a successor to WiiWare title FAST - Racing League was on the cards, and after some recent Twitter prompts the developer has now confirmed FAST Racing NEO for the Wii U eShop.

To date only a basic announcement website has been launched with the above concept art, with a 2014 release promised. It's the second Wii U title from the studio to incorporate "Neo" into the title after the excellent Nano Assault Neo.

We suspect this news will be gratefully received by fans of the studio — which has done a lot of terrific work on Nintendo systems — and it's tentatively pegged for 2014.

Are you excited to hear that FAST is making a return on Wii U? Let us know what you hope to see in the title in the comments below.

Thanks to WiiLovePeace for the tip.


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Gen0neD said:

Want this game, will have this game but, a 3DS version would be ideal.



Samurai_Goroh said:

Now I know what will take care of my "futuristic racer" fix.
Man, after what they did on WiiWare with size constraints, I expect this eShop game to put most Wii U retail games at shame.



Shiryu said:

I can't wait! I can't wait! I CAN'T WAIT! Man, I wish they would need some music for this, id loooooveeee to contribute.



WebHead said:

Knew this was their next game lol. But yeah, I'm excited. I hope it has online MP. This game is gonna be beautiful.



EverythingAmiibo said:

Yes! Never played the original, but this should be an awesome temporary fit for the f-zero shaped hole in the Wii U!



DrkBndr said:

Awesome! Can't wait for it.
I played the demo of the previous game and I thought it was quite nice. Especially the graphics and the sense of speed were very good. really looking forward to it



Jazzer94 said:

Finally something to fill the void caused by Nintendo not releasing a new F-Zero.



brandonbwii said:

Nano Assault Neo had far less content than the previous entry. I hope the same isn't the case for this. I'd also like the difficulty to be more scalable instead of kicking everyone's but right outta the gate.



Giygas_95 said:

I have a lot of faith in Shin'en! I'm sure this will be incredible, and I'll most likely pick it up after how much I enjoyed Nano Assault EX and Neo. Also enjoyed the FAST demo on Wii Ware, but I never got the full thing.

@Shiryu Perhaps you should contact them and tell them you could contribute a few songs! I'm sure they'd listen to you.



DerpSandwich said:

I don't really like racing games, so this is pretty darn disappointing. They make such good games with such amazing graphics, so I was really excited to see what sort of game they could come up with. But I guess right now they're really just into shooters and racers.



ACK said:

I want this to be great so bad. Not just for my own selfish self, but truly for Shin'en to achieve a true breakthrough.

Either way, I think FAST has as much potential as any of their previous franchises. The reasons are two-fold: 1.) the core mechanics and foundation are extremely solid yet crying for expansion; 2.) the market could really embrace an impressive, hardcore racing game spiritually hearkening back to the inexplicably ignored F-Zero franchise, on a platform with few competitors.

To those ends, the major issue I had with FAST was that the polar system, while potentially engaging, was largely a gimmick foisted upon the player. It mostly yielded a needlessly obtrusive and, occasionally, confounding experience. In effect, making a commendably tough racing game all the more inaccessible.

It all comes down to the design. If the game design is altered or adapted to fully realize the potential of the system. If the level design is expanded and improved to properly encourage varied tactics, routes, and skills. If the two are lovingly married to complement instead of complicate... There is a good enough foundation to make for a truly great racing experience.

I can only hope.



DavidH said:

This should be great, love everything Shin-en put out, factor in online leaderboards and I'll be in heaven.



DavidH said:

This should be great, love everything Shin-en put out, factor in online leaderboards and I'll be in heaven.



Yosher said:

If Nintendo won't listen to people wanting a new F-Zero game, then this is most certainly the next best thing! Getting this for sure.



Nintenjoe64 said:

Hope it's as ambitious for a Wii U game as their Wii games were for Wiiware. Nano Assault Neo was good but quite small. No pun intended.



Caryslan said:

Given Sony killed off Wipeout and Nintendo is stubbornly refusing to make a new F-Zero, this may be the only way for fans of futuristic racers to get their fix.

Hopefully, it will sell very well and might convince Nintendo that the genre is still popular enough to put a new game out.



PinkSpider said:

This is gonna be incredible, I cannot wait to see the quality shinen put into this. F-Zero who now? Oh well Nintendo...



LeVideoGamer said:

I suppose this will do since Miyamoto is so unnecessarily stubborn about releasing a game without an abundance of new ideas.

Fast Racing League was good, but hopefully this can improve on it. Online play would be appreciated, and if Shin'en can somehow deliver the same sense of speed that F-Zero GX has, it'll be a day one purchase. I wasn't a fan of boost orbs, a new damage system would be nice, and I would love it if tracks could have more branching paths.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Shin'en knows how to make challengin, fun games with overwhelming visuals, so this is more than just a given!



Kirk said:

They could have revealed some screens of footage at the same time.

The original was well made but I really hope you can at least have the option to play without the silly orb collecting this time around. Just let us switch state at any time (if we even really have to do that too). It will be much more satisfying.

If they actually just removed the orbs and switching altogether I think I'd actually enjoy it more because then it really would be like a very well made third party version of F-Zero.

That's my two cents worth.



the_beaver said:

This is a good news, finally! Nintendo is lacking good news lately, unfortunately...
Now I hope Shin'en is working hard in this one, I've never bought a game from these guys, but this could perfectly be the first one, as I've been waiting for a new F-Zero like game for a long time.
But I also hope Nintendo to see the interest the players have on this kind of game and create a new one, cause I really doubt this game will have the same quality the GX had...



TruenoGT said:

YES! Never got around to picking this up on WiiWare, but did enjoy the demo and love this type of game in general. If they have online play or at least leaderboards for tracks, this will be awesome.



MussakkuLaden said:

The demo of the first installment didn't convince me at all, so I never bought it. However, Nano Assault Neo was pretty great and a new F-Zero is nowhere to be seen, so if the price isn't too high I may very well buy this game this time.



element187 said:

@Gen0neD Shin'en is always known for impressing with their exceptional visuals, and the 3ds isn't powerful enough to let them stretch their legs. I would prefer Shin'en to concentrate on blowing us away on the Wii U for awhile, as they already have several titles on the 3DS.

We need at least one 3rd party studio showcasing what this console can do visually. All the big 3rd party publishers seem content to just release games that look as good as a 360 game and call it a day (minus NFS MWU of course)



Zyph said:

I really enjoyed the first one on WiiWare and it was teriffic both visually and in gameplay. I'm really excited for this one.



Gen0neD said:

@element187 I agree with you 100%. I just love the GREATLY under appreciated 3D effect on my DS. Basically, I wanna see this in 3D.



Genesaur said:

Closest thing we'll get to a new F-Zero, I guess. I do hope it lives up to its name and features sickeningly fast gameplay. I have faith in Shin'en.



audiobrainiac said:

I can't WAIT for anything Shin'en does. Would LOVE to see this in 3D with online leaderboards or online play. DEFINITE BUY.



Pahvi said:

The original FAST had enough content to justify the price tag in my view. If FAST Neo has enough multiplayer options and enough content (levels, difficulty levels, online features (even ladders?), ...), I think I'd at least consider buying it. Adding a bit more character to the racers would also be welcome (even just expressive portraits would be a good step forward).

And for those who say they haven't had good futuristic racers on Nintendo consoles since the Gamecube other than FAST on WiiWare - take a look at Speed Racer but don't get it at full price if you think it could be interesting - it's rather thin on content and game modes.



Imerion said:

OMG, it's here! My most anticipated eShop game! Can't wait for screenshots and trailers!



Mommar said:

I never knew this game existed on WiiWare. How closely does it play like F-Zero versus other contemporaries (i.e. Wipeout?) To be honest I've been been a fan of the floaty cornering of F-Zero and preferred the Wipeout games. Watching some video it seems like it's kind of half and half, or maybe 75% F-Zero 25% Wipeout.



Neogaard said:

Any video or screens of this one out there?
Really like these guys, Nintendo should bring them closer to 'in house'



WiiLovePeace said:

I'm hugely looking forward to this game I've greatly loved & been impressed by all of Shin'en's releases I've had the pleasure of playing. they really work hard to get the most out of Nintendo's hardware, it's really awesome to see



LittleIrves said:

I appreciate Shin'en's work on Nintendo systems and attempts to push graphics... but something about their games leave me cold. Just can't get into them. Glad they have a loyal audience here, though.

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