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The Pokémon Company Confirms X & Y Starter Evolutions, Mega Mewtwo X and More

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Along with lots of images and a starter evolution trailer

Earlier this week CoroCoro magazine revealed Pokémon X & Y starter evolutions, Mega Mewtwo X and new 'mon, plenty of details to keep the hype train going at full pelt. All of that information was translated and shown in scans, so The Pokémon Company has now released full details for the Western names of these 'mon, while also dishing out some rather attractive images.

First things first, below are the updated details with the Western localisation names.

Middle starter evolutions

  • Quilladin — Chespin's evolution. A pure Grass-type that knows the move Mud Shot (super effective against Fire-type Pokémon), can repel attacks with its spikes.
  • Braixen — Fennekin's evolution. A pure Fire-type that knows the move Psyshock, is particularly effective on opponents that have high Special Defense.
  • Frogadier — Froakie's evolution. A pure Water-type that knows Bounce, which sends the user into the air on its first turn so it can attack on the second; this move is super effective against Grass-type Pokémon.

Two Fossil Pokémon

  • Tyrunt. A Rock/Dragon T-Rex which has a new ability called 'Hard Jaw', which increases the attack power of biting moves and knows Crunch.
  • Amaura. A Rock/Ice Diplodocus which has a new ability called Freeze Skin, which turns Normal type moves into Ice-type moves and raises their power. It knows Aurora Beam.

Three other new Pokémon

  • Furfrou — A white dog that was seen in the recent Pokémon Direct and is a Normal-type. It can learn Baby-Doll Eyes, a new Fairy-type move debuting in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y that allows its user to go first regardless of Speed and can lower the opponent’s Attack stat. You can also customise its appearance.
  • Meowstic — A psychic-type cat which has male and female appearances. Moves vary by gender. The male is more of a supporter while the female is more of an attacker; the female knows Extrasensory and the male knows Miracle Eye. It has Keen Eye or Infiltrator.
  • Pyroar — An evolution of Litleo, it's a fire and normal-type Royal Pokemon with abilities such as Rivalry and Unnerve. It can also unlock Normal-type move Echoed Voice, and comes with male and female appearances.

Fairy Type chart (No updated details, so these are the CoroCoro revelations)

  • Reportedly, Fairy is Super Effective on Fighting, Dark and Dragon and not effective on Fire, Poison or Steel. Is weak to Poison and Steel while resists Fighting, Dark and Bug. It is immune to Dragon.

Mega Evolutions - Mewtwo and Garchomp

  • Each game has a named Mewtwo exclusive to that version. Mega Mewtwo X is a Psychic/Fighting-type and has the ability Steadfast. Mega Mewtwo Y is exclusive to Pokémon Y, no further details yet. They use the items Mewtwonite X & Mewtwonite Y to Mega Evolve.
  • Mega Garchomp has the ability Sandforce, while its Dragon-type move Dragon Claw becomes extra ferocious.


In Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, players can visit boutiques and a salon to change their Trainers’ outfits and hairstyles. You can change your clothes, hat, shoes, and accessories to show off your individual style and put together different looks. There are boutiques in many of the cities throughout the Kalos region, each with its own unique style. Adding to this customized feature, when players change their outfits and hairstyles, their icons on the Player Search System (PSS) update too!

More is known about Team Flare. Five Scientists are believed to be the driving force behind this mysterious group, each one identified by a different hairstyle and unique outfit. The purple-haired woman is Celosia, the orange-haired woman is Aliana, the green-haired woman is Bryony, and the blue-haired woman is Mable. There is one man among the Scientists, Xerosic, who is easily identifiable by his red goggles and fire-red hair. Their focus is world-changing, and they have a clear goal in mind, but what is it?

Everyone in the Kalos region loves Diantha, a famous movie star Trainers will meet during their journey. In addition to her acting career, Diantha is a Pokémon Trainer, though she seems to show more interest in other Trainers who have real potential.

So there you have it, the official details. Below you can check out a selection of lovely images and a brand new trailer showing the starter evolved forms, while you can sound off on designs, names or anything else in the comments below.

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User Comments (91)



rdp223 said:

I really like the distinction between female and male pyroar...keeping it true to a lions nature haha.



Porky said:

Mega Mewtwo X.. Still a toothpick: just a little added muscle on those thin arms. Lets go Machamp xd.



rjejr said:

Curious, do a lot of girls play this game? I know it's mega big and a lot of my sons friends play Pokemon games but all the boutique stuff has me thinking this is bigger among girls than I previously thought.



Pokefanmum82 said:

This game is going to be amazing. October 12th can't come fast enough. Love Pyroar and Meowstic. Love that I can change my clothes. And I want both of the fossil Pokemon. These games are going to be my #1 games of the year.



Nabbit101 said:

Fennekin's final evolution might actually look like a witch considering the stick was a wand



sinalefa said:

Why are there no details on Pyroar? There are pics, but no "specs" or moves they know, etc.

Love the customization and I want to see pics or a video of Team Flare.

Edit: is it just me, or are the Megamewtwo like male (X) and female (Y)? As the Mega Y looks like more frail and the Mega X looks beefed up. I am not saying they have genders, it is just the way they look to me.



NintyMan said:

Wow, this just keeps looking better. I'm still sticking with Fennekin and Mega Mewtwo X, and I like Pyroar, Tyrunt, and the Meowstics. The customization also looks nice.



Shadowkiller97 said:

@rjejr I dont care that it is called a boutique... I just love the fact that I can customize the character. I think that original hairstyle for the guy looks horrible.



SpinelessOyster said:

Never had any doubts about Chespin being my starter, but after seeing Quilladin in action I like it even more.

I hope Litleo can be caught early in the game. I want that Pyroar!



NintyMan said:

Tyrunt looks adorable; I'll be catching him for sure. I’m also glad to see that Quilladin doesn’t look as bad as people thought, not that I thought he looked bad anyway. Chespin always seemed like a cute and silly Pokemon to me.



ThomasBW84 said:

@sinalefa I'll add some from our Pyroar story yesterday, The Pokemon Company provided asset but no details; that seems to be how they roll.



Yorumi said:

I want my fennekin now, why is it still a month away. I love the info but it's such a double edged sword, just makes the wait more unbearable.



Rezalack said:

Can't wait to get this.. Froakie was my initial choice and now he's just looking better. Chespin is starting to look appealing though.. I bet he'll have a fierce looking 3rd form.



Shadowkiller97 said:

Its interesting how they explicitly stated that Quilladin gets Mud Shot to counter Fire types and Frogadier gets Bounce to counter Grass types... but Braixen gets nothing similar for water types. Maybe it is a hint that Frogadier has really high special defense?



DarkKirby said:

So Mega Mewtwo X gets a unique kicking animation but Mega Blastoise still has water appear out of nowhere in front of him instead of it coming out of his cannons?

So bias.



Kit said:

My starters are going to be Froakie, Torchic and Bulbasaur - see what I did there?!!



FiveDigitLP said:

@Shadowkiller97 I'm right there with you. All three of the evolved forms of these starters looked much better in action.

Personally, though, I think Tyrunt looks pretty awesome. A nice mix between cuteness and toughness.



Shadowkiller97 said:

@Kit Chespin, Torchic, and Squirtle for me... though I still might change my mind based on the final evolutions... The magazine picture for Quilladin scared me but the in-game shots has me warmed up to him. Frogadier does look pretty awesome though... But I love Blastoise far more than Venusaur.... Ugh... choices...



SpinelessOyster said:

@Shadowkiller97 Same goes for me. Im pretty confident I'll stay with Chespin no matter what the final evolution looks like. And I have to go with Squirtle, well, because he's just the best.



MrMario02 said:

Quilladin sounds like Paladin.
Frogadier sounds like Brigadier
Braixen sounds like Braise (French word for coal)



Yorumi said:

@MrMario02 Braixen is a combination of something and vixen.
Quilladin is Quill + paladin.
Most are saying Frogaider is frog + brigadier.



Justaguest said:

They went too far with Braixens ear hair. Looks absolutly terrible. Id rather go for Quadallin.



Ralizah said:

Downloading this the instant the game becomes available! Braixen is adorable. I'm really excited about the trainer customization options.



Wii_Win said:

@SkywardLink98 Same. Chespin has easily the best middle evolution and the second-best first evolution. However, I've never loved grass starters. Fennekin has best first evolution, and BY FAR the worst second.



AVahne said:

If Froakie's final form turns out to be a frog commando, I'll be sure to pick it over Fennekin.



AVahne said:

And as if Ice Beam wasn't enough of a threat to most dragons, now Fairies are IMMUNE to Dragon-type attacks?
This better mean that I'm getting a Dragon-Eevee.



Firebird360 said:

@rjejr my wife is very excited for these games. But I don't know of any other girls personally, maybe they are trying to make it more appealing to girls?



Jazzer94 said:

Hype levels rising hype levels rising!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
only thing I wish they would add is the ability to change skin color.



PrincessPeachy said:

@rjejr I think all of the pokemon games are pretty unisex and I think Nintendo does a fantastic job catering to both genders in the game. I think Pokemon X&Y will be no different.



One-Winged-Pit said:

Quilladin is not as bad now that I see it in-game. Still the worst though. I hope we do not get any more news after this, I want it to be kept a secret and it is starting to get overwhelming.



Lalivero said:

That screenshot of Quilladin makes me ashamed no longer! Chespin it is! Dang, that thing is both adorable and looks pretty 'baddonkey' as well.

Really like Meowstic as well.

This last month to go is killing me haha, everything looks better and better.



Melkaticox said:

"Pyroar — An evolution of Litleo, it's a fire and normal-type Royal Pokemon with abilities such as Rivalry and Unnerve"

Oh god, he sucks so bad.



Captain_Toad said:

Looks like Fennekin isn't going to be a fire fighting starter again. Now I'm legitimately excited for this game



realar said:

Still not sure who to pick. Quilladin or Frogadier? Chespin or Froakie, ugh I need to see the final evo to decide.



Arcamenel said:

@realar My same dilemma at the moment. I initially fell in love with Chespin but Froakie won me over in the anime teaser, it's evolution is just tops as well. D:



Emaan said:

The starter evolutions look so much better in-game ;o
I still like Mega Mewtwo Y much better than the X form. Loving the customization options for your trainer though



kingdjk said:

Imagine having all 3 of the mewtwo forms in Smash Bros. That would be so epic!



Gioku said:

So this is one update that I have zero complaints about. All the starter evolutions look great in-game.



mamp said:

Awesome with all this customization I can stick to the male trainer now.Cuz I don't like his original look.



Vee_Flames said:

Oooh.. Some of those 'mon look... weird. Frogadier? Blaxien? Quilladin? Bad..
Anyway, it's awesome! Just hope you can remove that horrendous glasses the male has. Seriously, I'm considering the female character over HIM just because of those glasses!!!



Polaris said:

I wanna see a mega machop or some form of its' evolution. I really dislike Mega Mewtwo x's ugly look, but the type seems kind of cool. Looks like a bad drawing that was actually realized.



EpicGamer said:

Uh, yeah! Me (I'm a girl), my sister, my sisters friend that is a girl, and my friends that are girls all play Pokemon
And I've seen more girls at my school that like Pokemon than guys.



Jazzer94 said:

@Shadowkiller97 thanks missed that info though I feel the option should of been available since gen 3 just one of the things I felt should be available in games like Pokemon and Animal Crossing.



PokeNerd said:

@rjejr I'm a girls and I've been playing since they released the first 3 Pokemon games on gameboy color (Red, Blue, and yellow) and I've played every versions since and still own them.



BulbasaurusRex said:

You know, I want Mewtwo back in Smash Bros. more than ever now that it has two additional forms to use. It could either be a Down-B transformation like Zelda and the Pokémon Trainer (that Confusion move for Down-B in Melee sucks, anyway), or they could be used in its Final Smash where it either mega evolves into Mewtwo Y and uses Psystrike or mega evolves into Mewtwo X and uses its best fighting type attack.



rjejr said:

@EpicGamer - Well then I have 2 sons who I think would be very happy to go to your school. My oldest son - 11 tomorrow - told me he only knows 1 girl in his entire school who likes Pokemon.



Kitsune_Rei said:

Noooo I'm getting X because I like the deer, but I really like Mewtwo's Y form a lot more.
I'll admit I like Meowstic.

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