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Video: Let's Take A Closer Look At The Wind Waker HD's Special Edition Ganondorf Figurine

Posted by Orla Madden

For once, the beast looks beautiful

Yesterday was a good day for The Legend of Zelda fans; Nintendo finally confirmed that the Limited Edition Wii U bundle for The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD was not a rumour as previously reported, but was in fact coming to North America on 20th September and Europe on 4th October.

If this wasn't enough to whet your appetite, a Limited Edition boxed version of the game was also revealed for toon Link's upcoming HD adventure, which includes a figurine of the evil Ganondorf. The bundle will be available in both the US and Europe.

Nintendo has released a trailer showing off the ever troublesome arch-nemesis, looking fearsome as ever enclosed within a display case. Take a look at the video below and let us know if you'll be pre-ordering a copy while stocks last.

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Hong said:

This is the moment I have been waiting for. I was ready to buy the Wii U at $350 with a good bundle like this, so a price drop is a bit of a pleasant surprise.



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

It would be nice if they confirmed how big it is. I wanna know just how big a figurine my extra £15 is gonna land me (As well as how much space I'm gonna need to clear. XD)



lividd3ad said:

What I really don't understand is why Game is charging £60 for this edition (£15 more than the regular edition!) whereas in America, it costs $54 (only $5 more than the regular).

Making this a Game exclusive was a terrible move. Their prices are awful.



rjejr said:

Ganandorf doing his best Sepiroth imitation (sorry, that's all I could think of listening to that music)

So, Zelda fans get to choose between the Wii U bundle w/ digital download and the disc-figure bundle? hmm, I forsee a lot of used copies of the game at Gamestop.



Kicked2TheKirb said:

Man I feel like I got my wii u too early... been waiting a year for games and now this awesome bundle comes out ... dang.



Play-Doh_25 said:

@Metalslime I was thinking the same thing. I was going to get the Wii U bundle for The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD but now Im thinking I should get this and buy Wii U separate.



rjejr said:

@Stimpy - I bought mine 2 1/2 week sago, imagine how I feel. (hint: not good). On th ebright side, I don't have to choose between the 2.

@Play-Doh_25 - Get the bundle - that Gamepad looks awesome - then buy this, then trade in the game or sell it to a friend.



turnmebackwards said:

I'd only value this Zelda HD remake at £20.00 maybe £25.00 but no more then that it's just a ported Gamecube game with HD graphics.
So pretty much it's £20.00 for the game £40.00 for the figure making it a GAME rip off of £60.00



SLiM said:

That Ganondorf figurine looks pretty sweet! $60 is still a steep price, but I might get pushed to buy it with it being released within a day of my birthday.



taffy said:

Getting the Lego City bundle and the Special edition of this one, should do me good. Please Nintendo release a special edition of X that would be SHA-WEET!



Warruz said:

Figure looks nice but this should be part of the hardware bundle. Im still getting the digital version of this game as i know i wont want to trade in a zelda game.



unrandomsam said:

Rubbish thing to get. (If I wouldn't buy it anyway I am not bothered about it as a preorder bonus).

(I preordered it on the gamecube and I got the only 60hz PAL version of Ocarina of Time and the Master Quest. Think I prefer that version to the version on my 3DS XL.)

Played the bonus disk more than Windwaker.



element187 said:

@lividd3ad it appears Nintendo is doing something special for their biggest resellers... They did stuff for bestbuy and gamestop here.

Looks like bribe money to keep shelf space.



Peach64 said:

I don't buy this special edition stuff anyway, but the price of this in the UK is ridiculous. I mentioned in a post yesterday how often in the UK we get a bad deal when someone takes a US price such as an iPad for $400 and then just changes it to £400. It would have been sickening if they'd changed that $55 this costs in the States to £55 but they're actually charging £60. I'm not sure who's to blame here, because Nintendo just use that line about not setting suggested retail prices, but they still set a cost for the retailers to buy from them, so in reality they are setting the price as I imagine the store mark ups are pretty standard across all games.



BakaKnight said:

Gamestop in italy still not show this special edition, but since they sell the game alone at 60€... I'm even afraid to think how much a limited edition like this will raise the price >_>;

The console bundle instead look pretty nice, but I got my WiiU just 2 weeks ago ironically -o-
Oh well, at least it was on offer at 100€ less, way more than any possible price cut, and I'm playing W101 now, not after september (yeah, I need to keep repeating these to myself for not regret my purchase XD).



RedYoshi999 said:

Oh and guess what? The special edition AND the Wii U bundle aren't releasing in Australia. Typical.



zeldagaymer93 said:

@Kodeen All of the news articles are showing this. However, the Gamestop website shows $60. And I went into Gamestop to switch my pre-order to this special copy and they said its retailing $60. There must be miscommunication somewhere.



DarkKirby said:

While Wind Waker Ganondorf is my favorite Ganondorf, as a Ganondorf who's thoughts are exposed and shown to not be evil just for evil's sake, I don't want a figure of him.

I'd buy a Twilight Princess Zelda figure, IF THEY'D SELL ONE.



yvanjean said:

SWEET .... I really want to get that WiiU Zelda HD Bundle, but I'm a proud owner since last November. This special edition of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD will make up for not being able to get that sweet WiiU Bundle.



yvanjean said:

The WiiU Zelda bundle will get The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia as a digital download. But that also mean if you don't get the bundle you can probably still buy the book from the Nintendo Eshop. Sweet

I might just have to go cancel my Xbox One: Day One Pre order... keep my gaming money for Nintendo this year. Wait for Xbox price drop



Yodelman64 said:

Man i really hope they tweak the final ganon boss fight at the end. IT was really epic but ti was also really easy, I hope that they make it harder



Alshain01 said:

@mega I know what you mean. I'm watching the video and noticing how there is absolutely no description of it's build whatsoever. My guess, cheap plastic from the figurine to the clear cover.



chucknorrmis said:

@beingvasey According to a forum i was at, it's a "priceholder" thingy (fee?) But we all know where this is going. Gamestop just wants to butt penetrate us few who can't resist this and they know we're helpless.



MathRaph said:

Does anyone knows where it's going to be sold in france? I can't find it anywhere.



Brotagonist said:

I don't even have a Wii U, but if I hadn't already pre-ordered GTA V, I'd definitely go for this.



felix330 said:

It looks awesome but is also very expensive. The game itself is very expensive for a game that I already own the original version of. But still, I really want it....



Sobtanian said:

Pre-ordered, because just look at it!!

I hope the stupid triforce hunt has been improved BTW. I really can't face that again.



Jazzer94 said:

Would have considered it if it was £50 but £60, Game are just ripoff merchants.



JaxonH said:

It's actually $60 here in America, not $54. Idk where they got that info, but it's wrong. I have this pre ordered right now through Gamestop.



JaxonH said:

I hear ya. So much Wii U awesomeness in such a short time! SYSTEM...OVERLOAD... MICROSOFT...........DOES NOT COMPUTE



ToxieDogg said:

Making this a Game exclusive? Why, Nintendo, why? There's a lot of us who've had extremely bad experiences with them in the past and absolutely hate having to buy anything from there.

Heck, even a Grainger Games exclusive I would've preferred....



PokemonManiac said:

Cool this is ganondorfs best design in my opinion. Too bad I'm broke and don't even have a Wii u but maybe for not too long because of the price drop!



Megajack said:

@theadrock13 This doesn't look like a very high quality figurine though. Maybe it's just me not into collecting figurines, but if saw this Ganondorf figurine at any place for even $5, I wouldn't get it. That's just me though.



Godstrike said:

I want to know and I mean really want to know if it comes to canada because I can't tell at the moment



xKing_Koopahx said:

I Reserved It the day the news came out but they told me i was unable to reserve The Limited Edition because it wasnt on the system yet but I could reserve the Regular copy then just Upgrade the next day Via Phone.

So, yes.. I called the first minute G-stop opened and got my Upgrade as soon as possible :]
This Gannon Figure is going to be hella tight!



lividd3ad said:

@JaxonH Well, my info was from the press release Nintendo gave out, so there must have been a miscommunication. Either way, $60 for a special edition (I believe that's the usual RRP for games in America) is trivial compared to £60 - the usual RRP for games over here is actually £40, so it's basically the equivalent to you paying $90.



ToxieDogg said:


I have preordered one

I just hate having to buy it from Game. They've tried to rip me off numerous times in the past, once they sold me a 'brand new' copy of Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga for full price that turned out to have a 20 hour game save on it when I got it back home. When I returned it the next morning and complained, the manager tried to claim it had come from the factory like that! I made them let me test another one to make sure it was unused and left it at that.

That's just one of many horror stories I can tell about the times I've bought stuff from there.....



mralloverit said:

To open or not...tempting, but no. I pre-ordered this morning along with the collectors edition hardcover guide. My plan is to leave them both sealed and just buy the digital edition on the E-shop at launch. My wallet is gonna hurt a bit, but if past experience is any indication, Collector prices are gonna skyrocket 2 or 3 years from now.



Henmii said:

Very cool! I guess this figurine would look great on my tv desk! This AND the Oot Ganondorf are the best!

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