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United Kingdom

Fri 16th November, 2012

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Sobtanian commented on Weirdness: If Only Monster Hunter Was Released...:

Couple of things:

1 said Twitter user is the pixel artist Army of Trolls, he does great stuff like the Gamecity Poster edge gave out. Might be worth mentioning that in the post?

2 he's a massive MH and Nintendo fan and knows there's no L on Gameboys, but he makes a point that Nintendo would have released an addon to accommodate, just like the circle pad pro.



Sobtanian commented on Hardware Classics: Game & Watch JR-55 - Donkey...:

I have both DK1 and DK2 in really really good condition complete with boxes/manuals.

Trouble is, I left then in Baghdad in 2000 and our house has since been ransacked many times. They're probably with some GI Joe's children as we speak.




Sobtanian commented on Rayman Legends Demo Available In Wii U eShop O...:

Oh yes, yes, yes!

Just today I finished Rayman Jungle Run 100%, and of course Origins 100% a while ago, so was gutted to find out that Legends wasn't a launch game.
At least this demo (hopefully it'll be available .eu) plus Mario will keep the platformer-itch at bay :D