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Fri 16th Nov 2012

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Sobtanian commented on Prototype SNES PlayStation Found In The Wild, ...:

@Damo nah, I didn't read it, I just saw the word fake and decided to come and comment rolls eyes

Of course I read it. I didn't really see any humour in the tweet tbh.

Out of interest, if this is the real deal, why is the top half so pristine, compared to the yellow bottom half?



Sobtanian commented on Turns Out The GameCube Controller Adapter Won'...:

Very disappointed.

After reading the news here yesterday, I went and preordered the game/adaptor combo and a controller from the Nintendo store.

Today, I've cancelled the order for both. I'll get the game by itself.

Would've been great to have the adaptor work with other games, was quite looking forward to it.



Sobtanian commented on Russian Phenomenon Tetris Celebrates Its 30th ...:

Old enough to have played the original DOS version, which didn't really have graphics as such but was made from ASCII through and through.

Because of that, I managed to run it at normal speed on my Atari ST via a DOS emulator. I wasn't allowed to use the computer during school days but my mum was out so I smuggled the computer out and played and got so darn addicted my mum walked in and gave me a hiding.

Ah, the good old days eh.



Sobtanian commented on Weirdness: If Only Monster Hunter Was Released...:

Couple of things:

1 said Twitter user is the pixel artist Army of Trolls, he does great stuff like the Gamecity Poster edge gave out. Might be worth mentioning that in the post?

2 he's a massive MH and Nintendo fan and knows there's no L on Gameboys, but he makes a point that Nintendo would have released an addon to accommodate, just like the circle pad pro.



Sobtanian commented on Hardware Classics: Game & Watch JR-55 - Donkey...:

I have both DK1 and DK2 in really really good condition complete with boxes/manuals.

Trouble is, I left then in Baghdad in 2000 and our house has since been ransacked many times. They're probably with some GI Joe's children as we speak.




Sobtanian commented on Rayman Legends Demo Available In Wii U eShop O...:

Oh yes, yes, yes!

Just today I finished Rayman Jungle Run 100%, and of course Origins 100% a while ago, so was gutted to find out that Legends wasn't a launch game.
At least this demo (hopefully it'll be available .eu) plus Mario will keep the platformer-itch at bay