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Feature: EarthBound Captivates Miiverse

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The old and rare meets new and inclusive

More than a week ago, EarthBound arrived on the Wii U Virtual Console, with Nintendo adopting a shock tactic by releasing the long-awaited title with no advance notice. Though the merits of dropping one of the Nintendo community's most talked about games onto the service in that manner can be debated, what is beyond doubt is that it caused quite a stir, dominating social network chatter for a few hours before, naturally, many downloaded it and started playing.

With such a long wait finally over, it's been a big opportunity for long-suffering fans, and also those that didn't sample its delights when originally released on the Super NES; its North American release wasn't a commercial smash and it never even arrived in Europe. Those combined audiences seem to have helped it along to pleasing sales, topping the "recent bestsellers" list in various regions and bringing it into the top 10 of the equivalent all-time Wii U eShop charts; that's despite a higher-than-standard price.

A good barometer of a game's impact nowadays can also be found on Miiverse, and the EarthBound community is already up to nearly 20,000 active members, already making it one of the most popular Virtual Console areas of the network. What's also striking, when browsing posts, is just how much the current Wii U audience is enjoying the title and its quirky dynamics. It's a unique experience, which is going down well.

We've decided to pick out some fun and positive posts from Miiverse to show just how EarthBound is being received by some Wii U gamers; check them out below.

So those are some EarthBound Miiverse posts that we enjoyed when browsing its community, so let us know what you think and link to your own favourites in the comments below.

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Erixsan said:

I will buy this games when it gets to the 3DS eshop...

There is 0% support on the Wii U in Argentina, and the only thing I found in a store was the pro controller...
Something like that happens to 3DS (30% support at least), so the only way I have to buy game at fair price is with digitals release, so it's a little sad.



AlphaLink said:

As well it should! I'd say the game still pretty much holds up by today's standards in its own crazy way!



Nintenjoe64 said:

This is a great game, I don't know if the 1995 me would have had the patience for it or understood how funny it is but I'm so glad Nintendo have released this.

I just wish they could make a proper Earthbound 64 because that game's preview was one of the (many) reasons I got an N64.



MasterChordles said:

Man, this game. The miiverse posts just write themselves! Having way fun playing it and drawing posts



Shambo said:

Now for the physical 'trilogy' collector's edition here in Europe! Because you know you need it! I have all three original on GBA in Japanese, but I don.t understand any of it



GN004Nadleeh said:

I don't get all the fuss over this game. I got it and the battle system sucks. the only rpg where you have to open a menu and select talk which is not eve the first choice. time to get this game remade with modern touches like say real battle animation?



sinalefa said:

Haven't gotten it yet. Thankfully digital versions don't run out of copies so I can take my time. A friend gave me Final Fantasy 3 (6 in Japan) and Chrono Trigger so I have plenty of JRPG goodness ahead of me.

Looks very creative and the enemies are ridiculous. I hope this prompts the localization of Mother 3.



mjc0961 said:

This game is okay but it would be great if the attacks weren't so inaccurate. I hate taking 5 minutes on what should be a 30 second battle because 15 attacks with the bat, frying pan, and magic all miss right in a row. So annoying.



Drawdler said:

I still need around $90 before I can get everything I want from the eShops, but this game is on the top of my list.



Goginho said:

I've never experienced this game. I'm more of an action-adventure type gamer instead of turn-based, rpgs (although I really enjoyed the pokemon games), but from all the positives I see the whole time, this game seems pretty amazing. Unfortunately, nothing gets me hooked to it tbh
..I might try it though, eventually, since everybody posts about it like it's the game of the year or something



seronja said:

it really is a special game ( funny, disturbing, great story, great characters, great mechanics ) the price is worth it, but it could be cheaper like every other VC game, otherwise i have no other complaint about the game except the fact that i don't own a physical manual hehehe so i recommend to everyone, pick it up if it's going to be on sale



moomoo said:

I am trying so hard to like this game, but I'm really not impressed with it. Compared to other SNES RPGs at the time, this game has some incredibly archaic gameplay mechanics and design choices. I like the humor in the game, but everything else in it just isn't good to me. Everything that makes it a video game are mediocre at best, from the battle system to the exploration to the story-progression.

It's good that others are enjoying it, though. I'll keep playing to the end to see if it clicks with me. I'm about 8 hours in, by the way.

Also, I recommend fiddling with the controls in the game. I made the A button do what L did and set the A button to Y.



Megumi said:

Only thing that bugs me in this game are those obnoxious mushrooms at the beginning. xD (and the mushroom boss)



Emaan said:

Love the positive reaction from all the fans and new players on Miiverse, now if only I could get home from my vacation and play this wonder~



Moshugan said:

@moomoo ''Also, I recommend fiddling with the controls in the game. I made the A button do what L did and set the A button to Y.''
Button mapping is a wonderful feature to have.
Other console games should have it too.



Humphries90 said:

Really wish they'd bring this to the 3DS, which I know they won't. However, I'm sure I will be picking up a WiiU about a year down the line so I will finally get to experience it then. And I know I could play it on my laptop via an emulator, but it's just not the same experience at all.



Yanchamaru said:

I emailed Nintendo requesting that Earthbound is also released for the Wii Virtual Console. Would love to play this game without having to buy a new console.



Druski said:

@GN004Nadleeh I don't own a Wii U and and am unable to get this re-release (though i'd pay double if it was available on the WII) However, You are indeed able to just walk up to things and talk/interact with them without opening the menu. If i remember correctly, on the original controller the button to do so was something wacky (like the rest of the game) like the left shoulder button.



Melkaticox said:

@Erixsan Woah, really? Dude, the Wii U can be found in some stores in Venezuela, and the 3DS is found everywhere. Can't believe there is so little support for Nintendo products there.

Ok Nintendo, now bring Mother 3 to the Wii U VC...



moomoo said:

@Moshugan Indeed. Especially with the weird button-mapping in this game. Why would they make the L button automatically check? L should do what A does. And why leave the y button all alone? I just don't get it.



StarDust4Ever said:

@Erixsan Does Argentina have online retailers? Have a wii-U shipped right to your door! Be sure to buy some eshop cards as well incase it has problems with your bank.



Kirby3ds said:

I can't afford a wii u so I really hope it comes to my 3ds I would pay full price for it. The only turned based RPGS I've played is Pokemon but I'm taking the community's word for it.



LeVideoGamer said:

I just completed it this afternoon, and I must say, EarthBound is a truly special game. The game just nails everything; story, gameplay, music, art style, dialogue. I literally have no complaints about this game whatsoever. The only other game I can say that for is Xenoblade Chronicles.



Dpullam said:

I'm really eager to get the opportunity to try this game myself! I still need to buy a Wii U though!



unrandomsam said:

@Humphries90 Unless it has improved greatly the best emulator (bsnes) is closer to a real snes than the Nintendo emulator. There is also the issue of getting the right controller. (I was going to get the SNES one as a club Nintendo reward but there is none left and I only have 6000 points.) I liked the SNES Virtual Console on the Wii when the Wii was connected to a CRT (I bought loads of TG16 and most of the 60hz SNES ones and Sin and Punishment.) I would rather play anything up to and including Wii on a CRT. (Especially stuff that assumes no input lag. At least on my HDTV I cannot play Super Mario RPG with the component cables even if it is in game mode).



R_Champ said:

Probably going to use my $30 credit from the SMT IV + FE:A deal to get this...well, part of it.



kevkeepsplaying said:

@Erixsan I highly doubt it'll be touching the 3DS eShop, Nintendo doesn't seem up for putting anything past NES on there in terms of console games.



hcfwesker said:

@Goginho Same here. I've never played through a single RPG in my life. I toughed it through the first disc of FF7 on PS1 and felt that was enough lol. I really do want to get this and try it, but RPG's have never held any appeal to me, other than their great characters & vast story. The gameplay is what turns me off, having to stand there while I get hit and select menus to attack, defend, heal, or cast spells lol.



sr388survivor said:

Hey I posted a picture of the police saying kids should be playing Nintendo games too! Where are my props? lol.
But anyway, I never played this game but was always intrigued by it. Am really enjoying it so far. I can see why it's such a classic.



denpa-ben said:

@moomoo I believe the L button was designated as the Check/Talk button because it makes it possible to play the game almost entirely one-handed. Denpa Men does the same thing. However, they probably should have also made Y do the same thing as L anyway...



Goginho said:

@hcfwesker Yea, exactly ..I find Pokemon is the only franchise where that seems to fit the best, cuz it's like having your own pets I guess lol (and there are many to choose from) that you get to train and customize the way you want them (even though I haven't played the recent relseases). Other than that, I dunno, I just don't seem to have the patience for such games, especially if the combat and overall gameplay are bland and tedious, which is a shame, since the storyline might be stellar and therefore I miss out.
I'm a huge Mario fan, but the RPG games (like Mario & Luigi) I haven't really played. I like my games to have flow to them ..where I control the battles with actions and reactions through real-time movements (whether it'd be buttons or motion controls). Like you said, I would really like to give it a try ..and also maybe give the Mario RPG series a real try too, 'cause from the looks of it, it's really charming and polished.



Hunter-D said:

Just a quick pointer. Those with a Wii U should REALLY follow Maidens. He's a really cool guy, amazing artist, good sense of humour, very polite and down-to-earth. Just take a look through his posts. His contribution is outstanding.



akabenjy said:

@GN004Nadleeh there is a quick button which talks and checks at the same time. It is mapped to one of the shoulder buttons so you don't even need to open the menu. I mapped it to the right one because it is more comfortable for me when playing on the Gamepad. So anyway if you had even bothered to check you would know this.



brucelebnd said:

if you like JRPGs you'll love the game is the best SNES JRPG? no of course not it's has some heady competition like Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana and FF 2+3 (or 4 and 6 for the anal person who will point out what everybody already knows)

it's worth a pick up though if you like JRPGs



element187 said:

Its the best game on Wii U in North America.... although Pikmin 3 will probably knock it to number 2 in 4 days.



wober2 said:

I just finished it today. One of the best metaphors for a lot of the in the game mechanics: collecting those sounds were just so beautifully elegant.



ricklongo said:

@StarDust Thing is, Nintendo doesn't really support South America for the Wii U right now. Which is to say not only hasn't the console been officially released in the region, the e-Shop service is unavailable, making us unable to purchase Earthbound unless we pose as Canadians. It's all even more outrageous since Sony will release the PlayStation 4 in South America simultaneously with North America. I really don't understand why Nintendo treats a sizeable potential market like this, and this is the reason the PS and the XBox dominate the market in my country (Brazil). I did order my Wii U online, since I'm a huge Nintendo fan regardless, but it's a disheartening situation.

On topic, it's heartwarming to see this amazing game get the reception it deserves. Fingers crossed for Mother 3 in the near future!



sr388survivor said:

@Goginho If you don't like RPGs I don't know if you'd like EarthBound. It's fun and the atmosphere and humor is great but the fighting is very old school. You don't even see your characters.
Anyway, I would definitely recommend the Mario & Luigi games because while they are RPGs, they also have a lot of action. When you select a command you don't just sit there and watch it happen. You have to time your button presses to do additional damage and when attacked there is always a way to dodge or lessen damage if you do it right. It's a little puzzle figuring out each enemy's pattern so you are very involved with each battle. Also they have great stories and are very funny.



StarDust4Ever said:

I got started on 16-bit RPGs with Super Mario RPG. Great, excellent game btw. Unfortunately, the ledgendary Earthbound was out of reach ($200+ on feebay) until Nintendo released it on VC.

@ricklongo I don't know what to say if Nintendo doesn't want to support the eShop in South America then importing and signing up a Canadian account may be the only way to do it. I read somewhere online that the Canadian eShop accepts international credit cards, or you can buy point redemtion codes online for the USA eShop and have them sent to your email.



Goginho said:

@skjia Oh okay, thanks Yea ..I've seen videos of Dream Team, it looks really impressive and charming, and it's definitely on my list ..near the very bottom though, since I'm saving up for other games.
lol I'm very weird like that I have a virtual list of games, where I basically plan on getting games in a certain order according to how much money I have to spend. Currently, Link Between Worlds, 3D World, New Island, and MK8 are at the top of the list. Tropical Freeze and WW HD are up there too ..and obviously Zelda U, but that doesn't come out till a lot later, as well as Smash Bros. and Yarn Yoshi.

Oh man, that's quite some money to spend. It's just plain scary how well Nintendo is going to do
I read somewhere that the 3DS is already on its way to becoming the best handheld of all times, and I have a very confident feeling that the Wii U can be the best home console of all times. I know it's a radical thing to say, but.. whatevs XD



ricklongo said:

@StarDust Oh, they will support it when the console officially launches here in October. It's the delay that bothers me to no end, especially when the other big companies seem to pay a lot more attention to our corner of the world.

And yes, let's just say posing as a Canadian works.



GN004Nadleeh said:

@BrightBeing and how much shipping? how much waiting? the fact is you had to buy one just for you wii u that needed it and it is now locked down to that wii u forever. however I live in Colorado where some things are legal. so I paid about $100 worth of durbin poison (which I grew at very little cost) a western digital 4tb unit. now it holds everything my other 2 hdds held and I now have a 2tb drive for the wii u which I already traded for. so have fun when that cheap drive fails



MeloMan said:

I'm loving the EB love. I just hope it keeps up so Nintendo will realize how much they need to get Earthbound 2 (Mother 3) to the masses.



yvanjean said:

@Goginho This game is pure RPG... requires grinding & patient... the story is unlike anything you would of played before, but you have to go through a pretty basic RPG experience (40-50 hours) if you want to see the end. There is alot of random encounter and sometime cheap one hit kill then you have to start over from last saved point. I loved it but i'm an RPG fan.



yvanjean said:

@Yanchamaru Really buddy, just get a Wii U already.... Earthbound is one of the few WiiU perks (this goes for everyone asking for Earthbound to be release on 3ds, I don't see why Nintendo would want to push the game on that system, they'd rather have you playing there new software).... I'm actually really enjoing my WiiU right now bought Assassin Creed 3 for $30, Earth bound $ 10, Star Wars pinball for $20 in July... I'm getting so much playing time! Also, I got Super Luigi U back in June 20th seem like so long ago now.



mercurio2054 said:

@Erixsan porque no puedes comprarlo por el eshop?
yo lo que hice fue desde el primer día configure mi Wii U y mi usuario con si residiera en Miami, le dije a un familiar en NY que me comprara una tarjeta de las de Nintendo eshop y así pude comprar varios juegos en el eshop.
también puedes hacer la misma configuración y pedir una tarjeta por amazon US.



Squiggle55 said:

Very happy and very satisfied to see this game enjoy so much attention. It makes me very happy to hear positive responses.



misterquin said:

Am I the only one who wanted the game to be "visually enhanced?" Nothing major but maybe some subtle improvements to the graphics and maybe making it support widescreen.

Also, there BETTER be a sequel to this coming for Wii U. All this hype was for nothing if there's no sequel coming. Nintendo caused a huge uproar but only the diehard Nintendo fans are even aware of it. This game needs a 3D, open-world sequel!



Erixsan said:

@mercurio2054 No puedo comprarlo para Wii U porque no la tengo, quiero comprarme justamente cuando salga para 3DS.

Respecto a las tarjetas, yo las compro en Argentina aunque estén a precio inflado pero no tanto como el de los físicos...

El tema es que no puedo comprar nada fuera de mi país, con el cepo monetario y la importación cerrada, tengo opciones muy limitadas.



Erixsan said:

@mercurio2054 No puedo comprarlo para Wii U porque no la tengo, quiero comprarme justamente cuando salga para 3DS.

Respecto a las tarjetas, yo las compro en Argentina aunque estén a precio inflado pero no tanto como el de los físicos...

El tema es que no puedo comprar nada fuera de mi país, con el cepo monetario y la importación cerrada, tengo opciones muy limitadas.



Erixsan said:

@StarDust Just the only ways I buy games is with prepaid cards, I have my eshop account of my 3DS configured like I live in USA...

I want to buy with credit card but I can't because economy problems in my country.



Erixsan said:

@Melkaticox Te hablo en español

En Argentina la mejor forma de comprar online es por mercadolibre, de la cual solo lo ofrece un vendedor.

Aparte, sólo un local la ofrece en mi país, tan sólo un local de todo el país. debo viajar 800 kilómetros para comprarla y la ofrecen a 850 dólares, una locura.

Lo peor que se puede comprar en mi país es tecnología...

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