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Black 3DS XL Arrives in North America on 11th August

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Black like your former bank balance

Last week we told you about some marketing for the black 3DS XL suggesting that the model would arrive in North America at the weekend. Well, it didn't hit stores as expected, but Nintendo has now confirmed that the new colour will be available in the region from 11th August.

That's the same day that Mario & Luigi: Dream Team arrives, prompting Nintendo's PR department to rather tenuously link the two together.

The system is launching on the same day as Nintendo 3DS game Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, so fans that pick up a new black system or already own a Nintendo 3DS can also play the exciting new entry in the much-loved Mario & Luigi role-playing series. Aug. 11 will be a classy day to become a new Nintendo 3DS owner. Just make sure there is room in your tuxedo pocket or fancy purse!

So, will you be digging out your nicest suit or "fancy purse" to buy this and carry it around? Well, there have been worse ideas.

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MF_MaxiMillion said:

When it came out in the stores, I figured it was time for me to finally buy a 3DS XL. 'Cuz that black trim is amazing, guys.



Will-75 said:

I already have a blue 3DS XL , yet I am kinda liking the all black though I heard there is gonna be a special Zelda edition coming out also - if so I'm sure I will pick up the Zelda edition .



tchaten said:

Wish this was out in March - I thought it was out of stock - after all how could there not be a plain black XL? Ended up getting the red, which is pretty nice. Don't think I'll make the switch as I anticipate a SE Zelda 3DS XL coming out alongside the new game ...



Burning_Spear said:

This one actually looks a little too plain. I like my Cosmo Black better and will stick with my blue XL.



Pikachupwnage said:

I like the shiny looks of a normal 3DS better. I still need to get one of those fire emblem 3DS...



FernandoMachado said:

I wanna upgrade but I'm holding my breath for a limited ZELDA 3DSXL that will certainly hit the stores in chrimbo.



dumedum said:

Yeah, I wish they made it like the Cosmo Black. I thought I will downgrade/upgrade to a 3DS XL once it goes black (next time I'm in the U.S. or something), but I'm not sure anymore. I'm quite happy with the regular 3DS.



Nintenjoe64 said:

Am I the only Nintendo fan holding out for one with a CPP built in?

I also think the 3DS is actually too good a console at the mo so I am considering not owning one because Nintendo's dominance will be so great they might get complacent!



OrangeSmoothie said:

I love my normal 3DS, but this is tempting... but I probably should wait awhile since the end of the summer and into fall is already gonna be an attack on my wallet.



XFsWorld said:

Yes!! I will finally upgrade to the black 3DS XL, had my cosmo black 3DS since March 27, 2011.



hYdeks said:

I prefer my red XL, thank you. That looks really plain in my opinion, I actually wish they brought over the white XL instead, that would be alot better than this.



IAmNotWill said:

This is perfect. I love my systems in Black. I need to upgrade to an XL but the PS4 and the holiday rush are approaching. I don't know if my wallet can take it.



Pokefanmum82 said:

i'm just going to wait and see if they are going to release a Pokemon special edition. Although it being all black is kind of cool.



Epicnessofme99 said:

This ones definitely one i'd pick over the other XL's since they're probably already sold out, but i'll be waiting for if theres another special edition XL before I hop on this one.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

@Nintenjoe64 What?

Like many others have said, I'll wait until the holiday season before I pick up another XL. I have a reg Black 3DS, and a Pikachu LE 3DS XL. A LE Zelda XL would be great, as would that LE Luigi XL. Luckily I've got friends in the business that can guarantee me the LE models if I want one. Who knows though. I might get this one to use it and keep my other ones in the box, collector style.



kyle5 said:

i like the all black but recently got a red and black xl and prefer it too the all black



yvanjean said:

To get a Black 3DS XL or to wait for a potential un-annouce 3DS XL-Zelda Bundle??????



SyFyTy said:

Wait didn't Reggie way Black or White in the US wouldn't sell?!? I knew he was a liar. (I seldom call anyone that) I don't begrudge them making more money by creating another color, but if people are asking; don't make up some lame incongruent story as to why it wouldn't even be possible, when you're planning on it anyway. PS I would rather have had white but this will do, now how to transfer the T-O-N of DLS from one to the other without taking a month to do it.



Tony_342 said:

@Klimbatize I'm with you. It's been a very long year, hasn't it?

I've badly wanted one of these ever since they were announced. It's finally time to upgrade to an XL! Also, I can finally stop harassing Nintendo through Twitter and e-mail!



bezerker99 said:

Finally, time to upgrade.........or hold out some more in hopes of a LoZ: LBW model!?!!?!



Burning_Spear said:

@SyFyTy Reggie said silver and white haven't sold well in the United States. He also never said that those colors wouldn't be released. ... not as far as I've heard, anyway.



Pichuka97 said:

I really like my black 3DS but I already have a blue 3DS XL so I guess this one wasn't meant for me.



idork99 said:

The Cosmo black was a very sleek design and looked sexy. But the size of the XL feels great in my hands compared to the regular 3DS.

I'm gonna save to buy this (over a Wii U may I add).

And I won't be giving up my XL Blue/Black to upgrade. I want to have multiple 3DS systems so I can multiplayer with family and friends when they visit me



WoottWinds said:

I was reeeeeeeally hoping for the Luigi 3DSXL. Would've been a no-brainer purchase for me, even with already having an XL. Dang dang dang...



Obito_Sigma said:

I'd prefer some kind of Dark Green Nintendo handheld. I haven't had anything like that since the Game Boy Color with this Lime Green Game Boy. I'm sure that I saw a green DS Lite that came in a bundle of some sort a couple of years ago, but I want something like an Olive Green Handheld at the release date of the ninth generation.



SuperiorTech said:

My fiancee' bought me the original 3DS and when the 3DS XL came around, I ended up buying it and giving her my other one. I told her that the smaller one is too cramped and my hands start to hurt when I hold it for long periods of time. You can always put it towards the 3DS XL if she's not interested in gaming. That way, it's kind of like she still helped buy the one you wanted.



MeloMan said:

Do want, but I'm still not splurging on a 3DS XL. I'm still holding out for the next iteration of 3DS, which at the least, should be "announced" next year... you KNOW it's coming...



ouroborous said:

wanted this when the XL came out but now i dunno, i love the XL blue model so far but wouldn't be upset about changing to a new color or design. probably gonna wait for a special edition or something though.



MakeMyBiscuit said:

...uh, do we know what stores will be carrying it on August 11? I would much rather do a pre-order than driving around like a mad man on that day.



NeoZuko said:

My wallet is ready!! It's the color Batman would choose, so I can't go wrong.



Asaki said:

Awesome! It's about time they released a white one!!!

........oh, wait a minute...



ollietaro said:

Have the XL but the next one I get will be the White Felyne one packaged with Monster Hunter 4 (assuming that comes to North America).



hamae said:

White White White White White White White White
Give me white XL.



navonod18 said:

@yvanjean wait! I learned me lesson this weekend. if I would've waited 1 day like my conscience told me to I wouldn't have this blue xl and would be picking up the black 3ds like I always wanted. Listen to ur conscience it won't let you down!

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