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Limited Super Mario Accessory Box Reward On Club Nintendo Has Sold Out Already

Posted by Orla Madden

Gone in less than a week

Nintendo updated its Club Nintendo catalogue in North America this week with a neat Super Mario canvas accessory box, which allowed you to keep your games, controllers and other bits and pieces safe in style. A limited quantity was made available, and Nintendo was true to its word.

The item was made available to purchase at 700 of your hard earned coins, and in less than a week it has managed to go out of stock. As you can clearly see, the box is green, which is surely to celebrate the Year of Luigi.

Were you lucky enough to nab one of these while they were available?

Thanks for the heads up, Shinesprite!


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hypercoyote said:

lol, yea, news of its posting would've been nicer than news of it being sold out. Though I wouldn't have personally been interested in it.



CaveDweller said:

I actually really like the look of that thing.. wouldn't mind one myself.

Why doesn't Nintendo offer up these sorts of things as purchasable items as well as Club Nintendo rewards? Personally, I think they could make a fortune.



RedYoshi999 said:

I would've got this if it came to Australia. Beats anything we have on our stars catalogue. I've got 6500 stars rotting away with nothing to buy.



ikki5 said:

I probably would have gotten it but...... it wasn't announced..... neither here, Wii U daily, or on facebook :S



solcross said:

I saw it, but it seemed like a waste of coins. Which is not to say that a lot of Club Nintendo's selection isn't already. Then again I have shelves for all my game stuff.



Ralizah said:

I'll save my coins for games or game cases, thnks. But yeah, never knew this existed either.



theblackdragon said:

@CaveDweller: I'm kinda with you on that one — if people were given the opportunity to actually purchase some of these items with real money via an online store, i could easily see them making money hand over fist, haha :3



CaveDweller said:

Pretty much. I think one of the best examples is with the likes of the Super Mario Galaxy OSTs. Not being able to legally own one of the most acclaimed gaming sound tracks other than racking up a ridiculous amount of coins/stars is an odd decision.



sinalefa said:

Usually with these rewards it seems to be hit or miss. You see things that are always there and things that sell out with ease. And when they go out of stock, it takes ages to see them back. Maybe that is why I always get games instead of physical rewards.



hYdeks said:

Nahh, I finally got past 700 points last night, but they where sold out already. There seems to be a little bit of hope for it being back, cause it's listed in the "Currently not available" spot, and alot of the times, they show up again. I won't hold my breath to it, but if it does show again, I'll have to nab it, for sure.



iphys said:

It's really not the best reward. The fact it sold out so fast just goes to show how limited rewards are these days. They seem to be more interested in us redeeming for downloadable games than offering new physical rewards in any quantity.



C7_ said:

I wanted it but I'm saving all my coins and surveys for the next Club Nintendo year in order to make sure I'll hat platinum.

Shame it sold out so fast.



Ron_DelVillano said:

I actually went on Club Nintendo to check these out yesterday and they were sold out. I didn't realize they were limited edition. Just thought they were kind of cool.



Handy_Man said:

I had enough coins for it, but I didn't get it anyway because it looked like a piece of junk to me. Hopefully this Club Nintendo year will have some cool prizes on offer!



DarkLloyd said:

I think we werent told of this so you members could get your hands on it first jks



Raylax said:

Oh man, I hope this appears on the EU club nintendo haha. I have a ton of unspent stars atm.



b23cdq said:

I don't see a reason to care about club nintendo, until they let me join.



Philip_J_Reed said:

I didn't even realize these existed. because this would have been the first thing I bought in a long time!



ThumperUK said:

NoA gets all the good Club Nintendo stuff! Just hope it arrives on the European site soon.

Having said that, I do like my recent Mario & Boo notebooks. Also a massive thank you to NoE for sending out another Mario notebook to me quickly when the first one disappeared in the post.



Burning_Spear said:

I would have bought this too. I guess its release was overshadowed by the story of the Japanese blogger who was sleeping around.



allav866 said:

Why would this sell out? It's like the Yoshi cleaning cloth: it's not a particularly interesting item, yet for whatever reason it sold out rather quickly.



Jukilum said:

@ThumperUK Haha! No. America Club Nintendo is terrible. I'm guessing that this was only as desirable as it was because it was marked as being limited edition.



One-Winged-Pit said:

Oh just the bag I thought you got the stuff with it. I mean it is a nice bag sure but unless it is Zelda I would not pay 700 coins for it. Pay more attention to Zelda, Nintendo! People buy your systems for Zelda not Mario!



Intrepid said:

@Juklium Agreed. The only thing we have over Europe is downloadable games, but Europe has points cards, a Mario Galaxy soundtrack, and a Mario Figurine, not to mention the Mario Kart 7 trophies it had. Europe is way better.

As for the green bag, I didn't want it anyway, but I also didn't know about it because I never expect Club Nintendo to actually put anything good up. I'm pretty sure we'll get a terrible platinum reward as well this year.



SCAR said:

I wasn't interested honestly. I saw it because of a post in the forums. I'd rather save for some Wii U stuff, or something of more use.
The Yoshi cloth didn't even get bought because anyone would actually use it... I'll just keep my coins until a controller or something comes out.



A1234 said:

didn't even know about it. wish it was posted on here. wish I got it. will it come back in stock?



DeltaPeng said:

Coins get reset every 2 years, and at the beginning of every nintendo year your status resets, so you cannot save coins for gold/platinum status.

Best explanation is on Club Nintendo site. Summary: When you earn coins it adds to your status (need to earn 300 within the Nintendo year for gold, and 600 total for platinum), and spending coins will not detract from the number of coins needed to earn gold/plat status. If you reach either status, you get an extra reward on top of anything you buy or have already bought with your coins. If you check Club Nintendo there should be a place where you can see if any coins you have will be expiring at the end of the Nintendo year (believe it starts up in July).

Hence, if you've already reached platinum status, you should save registration codes on games and systems you buy until next Nintendo year so that they can count towards that year's gold/plat status.



bassoongoon said:

That's really cool. At 700 coins it is pretty expensive! I just got platinum about a month ago, and have already spent some of my coins. I wonder what the platinum gift will be this year. I hope its something cool, I have spent too much money on video games this year! =P



Foobeka said:

I ordered one and received my shipping notice. I was on twitter the second this was announced and picked one up



Ras said:

Hey, I bought the Yoshi cloth and I use it! I find it surprisingly difficult to find a good microfiber cleaning cloth not included with some other product.

I couldn't afford this box. I have a few spare surveys and registrations that I'm saving for the July reset, but not enough for this. I don't think I'd get it anyway.

Unless Nintendo offers a downloadable game that is otherwise unavailable, I will never use my coins for that. I'd rather save coins for hopefully cool future items. I was glad to have a bank of coins for the gold nunchuk instead of having blown them on games I could pay cash for, for instance.



gblock said:

screw that bag, NA CN blows compared to Europe and Japan...Europe has Super Famicom Wii controller, the Mario Kart 7 trophies and Japan has/has had lots of kick butt stuff...



edcomics said:

Well, I totally missed out on this one. Honestly, I'd be willing to spend my coins on anything that seems remotely useful. This, although a bit on the small side, might have some use. I just didn't know there was an update to the catalogue.

As someone else said, some of this stuff should be available for actual monetary purchase. It doesn't make sense that there's so little Nintendo merchandise out there. At Toys'R'Us, the most unique item is a Super Princess Peach backpack. At the Nintendo Store in New York City, you can buy the Hanafuda cards and a Toad vinyl toy... but the rest of their stock is basically t-shirts, baseball caps, plush toys and coffee mugs.

When you start to think about it, it's really kind of bizarre. Anyway, it's too bad I missed out on this item. It might have been fun. What would be better, though, would be a Zelda Accessory Box, featuring the different versions of Link, perhaps.



Gold_Ranger said:

I know I do!
That's why I'm getting a WiiU!
Wind Waker HD here I come.... August can't get here fast enough, though I now have Ages & Seasons to keep me busy.... until June 9th anyway...
Animal Crossing: Jump Out/New Leaf here I come...



ouroborous said:

almost bought one of these just because it was something new, finally, on the stupid nclub rewards site.
didnt buy one because what the hell would i do with it and also it cost alot of coins to purchase.
but i suppose most people had the same impulse as me and went ahead and spend the coins, since, there is NOTHING else on there to spend the coins on whatsoever. WORST REWARDS PROGRAM EVER.
add some new stuff and stuff that isnt worthless already.



SamuraiShyGuy said:

I informed NL of this the first day it went up on Club Nintendo, and they post an article after it sells out and gives someone else the credit. Sorry to the people who NL didn't inform in time.



Kurtis_the_Red said:

Who cares about a green canvas bag? Let me know when they re-realease the gold nunchuk! I have 900 coins ready to go, and burning a hole in my Club Nintendo Account.



KnightRider666 said:

I saw this last night on the site, but it was long gone. I'm sitting on 1,530 coins w/ nothing to buy right now:(



DarkNinja9 said:

yeah kinda late on the news here <.< but meh while the design is nice i would of passed i dont even have enough coins no more



ThumperUK said:

Most people seem to think other regions have a better Club Nintendo. I just wish Europe had a Gold/Platinum scheme so we had something to aim for each year (and get a freebie too!!). I don't know why Europe isn't offered game downloads as part of the Stars Catalogue as it would be easy enough to introduce.



MakeMyBiscuit said:

Looks like the only option to get it now is E-bay. Hopefully you don't get into a bidding war so you can snag it at a descent price...

I just looked and it is not there yet

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