With Pokémon X & Y coming later this year, many fans of the franchise are no doubt enjoying every second of the buzz and hype. Part of that fun is learning about new evolutions or, when we're lucky, all new creatures, which makes fan-site Pokémon Fusion worth a look.

It's the work of Alex Onsager, and he's currently working towards completing the first generation of 'mon in the site's collection. It's extremely simple, as you select two creatures from the drop-down menus and your fused creation appears automatically; you can see our Hypbat in the picture.

Some of the results sure are quirky, as this fan-art collection shows, and is entertaining whether you're a fan of the series or just a random gamer trying to create strange 'mon.

Check it out and, if you feel like it, post your delightful results below.

[source pokemon.alexonsager.net, via joystiq.com]