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Weirdness: Pokémon Fusion Fan-Site Remixes Your Favourite 'Mon

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

We like the Hypbat

With Pokémon X & Y coming later this year, many fans of the franchise are no doubt enjoying every second of the buzz and hype. Part of that fun is learning about new evolutions or, when we're lucky, all new creatures, which makes fan-site Pokémon Fusion worth a look.

It's the work of Alex Onsager, and he's currently working towards completing the first generation of 'mon in the site's collection. It's extremely simple, as you select two creatures from the drop-down menus and your fused creation appears automatically; you can see our Hypbat in the picture.

Some of the results sure are quirky, as this fan-art collection shows, and is entertaining whether you're a fan of the series or just a random gamer trying to create strange 'mon.

Check it out and, if you feel like it, post your delightful results below.


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Bulbousaur said:

I swear I heard about this like over a month ago, its still pretty cool though.

To be honest, these don't look as good as they could of been. I know they have to do 22801 (151 squared) combinations to finish the gen 1 Pokemon, which is a lot of work, but some of them just look plain ugly.



Einherjar said:

This should be implemented into th games itself Some of them look simply awesome.



GamerZack87 said:

@Bulby: You should multiply that number by two as there are two results for each combination based on the order: if you choose Bulbasaur and Ivysaur, you get Bulbysaur; if, however, you go Ivysaur and Bulbasaur, you end up with Ivybasaur.



Lan said:

Old, but cool nonetheless. Don't just fuse Pokemon for looks, some of the names are hilarious as well.



ThomasBW84 said:

Well I only heard about it this morning, so I don't care how old it is, I wanted to share...



DarkNinja9 said:

lol well that sure its weird but remind me of those guys that fuse some parts of another pokemon together on youtube



FernandoMachado said:

@Bulby the images are generated automatically using the "face" and color pallete of one pokemon and the body of the other. there's no way they could predict all the 151² results.



ueI said:

I discovered this less than a week ago, and I think it's really cool. I'm sad that he'll never get through all 649 at the rate he's going.

Also, some people's links here lead me to gloouasaur instead of whatever they're trying to link to.



Retro_on_theGo said:

I've been seeing these fusions pop across the Internet over the month. I remember I uses to take sprites and make my own Pokemon fusions.



theperson said:

put a staryu or starmie on the left an hitmonlee/hitmonchan on the other. THEY SHOULD EXIST!



theperson said:

golchoke looks angry! combine golbat and machoke. oh my god metachop, metapod + machoke



ShadJV said:

Um... NL, why is this news? That website is from quite a few years ago...



theblackdragon said:

@ShadJV: the creator has posted via Twitter recently that he's nearly finished with the project (i believe i've seen him post that he's only planning to do the 1st-gen pokemon), and as far as I can recall we've never featured it before. why not join all the other users above and post some of your own wacky creations? :3



ThomasBW84 said:

@ShadJV As TBD says Plus we use the "Weirdness" tag, often, for fun things we just like to share. As I said earlier this is the first I've seen of it, and I'm not aware of us posting on it before. And because games are meant to be, you know, fun.

That and it's a Holiday in most places, so I'm just trying to amuse!



KidNo0b said:

I've seen these on tumblr, but some people draw the fusion and they look really good.



RudysaurusRex said:

Jesus Christ. /r/pokemon on reddit has been using these for too long. Every other post is, HEY! I MADE A COOL FUSION! IT'S FUNNY/ AWESOME/ SEXY/ SCARY/ ETC! I'm so sick of these.



Phle said:

(^_^) My kind of thing. I made a Manchu (Mankey + Raichu), a Jigglysprout (Jigglypuff + Bellsprout), a Zudude (Zubat + Geodude) and a Goldta (Goldeen + Ponyta). I like RevolverLink's Geosey and SkywardLink98's Weebone.

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