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Tue 8th Jan 2013

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Kitsunekin commented on Yakuza Producer Describes The Wii U Version As...:

Experiments evaluate if a continuation or a new series can be ported overseas to the Western audiences. Let us not get the hopes up and fall on deceit for a game that is new to this continent, and let's try getting the best out of the compilation.

However, I've seen some close-up pics, and they look horrible in comparison with the PS3 version. The game looks clunky and faulty, with downgraded graphics and less attention to detail than in its original console.

For making a bad port, why would they spend money on doing something that's not going to help them for anything but to widen their public and see if they can get the game here? I'd stay away from this port, everything that is fishy smells funky. This game does, too.



Kitsunekin commented on Dying Light Set To Skip Wii U:

Nintendo's main strength has always been First-Party titles, and they know it right in their pockets. They can't trust other devs to make profit, since some may feel disappointed for the specs compared to the other two consoles (XBOX ONE/PlayStation 4).

I'll always be fond of Nintendo for one thing: Its games.

For the rest of games that you might consider to play and aren't made by Nintendo: PC. That's where the Graphics outdo sometimes gameplay, and lets every game to be run. Third-Party games, though awesome and indispensable, don't make me run and buy a console lest it's a game I've been waiting for very long and calls out my name silently to rush into stores and grab a console. Ex: Tekken Tag Tournament 2.



Kitsunekin commented on EA: Excited About New Generation Which Is "Yet...:

This guy's speaking nonsense. There's no such thing, at least for Nintendo, as the Wii U being a "4th Gen" console. If you start counting that games were introduced since the PSX, then his only motivations are:

  • To deteriorate Nintendo's image to a 'wider' public.
  • Or to be a completely fool that thinks SONY/Microsoft could make profit in this generation.

SONY's situation is harsher than other companies, in the sense that PS3 didn't win the 7th Generation's console war, and PSVITA is not selling well (it's a catastrophe, heck, PSP outsells its newer counterpart!).

Graphics don't make up a console, and they don't make gaming fun. Games can stand a close chance, but what really makes it your console, what engages you into hours and hours of tiring gameplay is the funny moments you have with it.

Why do I prefer playing SNES over Wii? Because SNES brings me more memories of me having fun, just that, simple times when life wasn't hard, when you didn't have to make your living, when you were a kid. Wii is a good console, don't misundestand me, but it's not for me what I expected.