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Best Buy Will Showcase Playable Demos of Nintendo's E3 Games

Posted by Lee Meyer

The next best thing

In a rather surprising and unprecedented move, Nintendo of America has announced that it has partnered with Best Buy for the retailer to showcase playable demos of Nintendo's E3 offerings during the week of the conference. While no details were announced about which titles will be playable, it has been confirmed that over 100 Best Buy locations will be participating in the event.

This is certainly the first time we've heard of any game company reaching out to let the public try products usually reserved for industry professionals or expo attendees, in this sort of timed way, at least. Will you be heading to Best Buy this June to see what's on offer?

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Linkstrikesback said:

... No nintendolife, "the next best thing" would be downloadable demos straight from e3 on the eshop!



citizenerased said:

Making these downloadable would be awesome, but let's face it, they're games that are very much in their alpha or beta phase. Nintendo doesn't want these on everybody's Wii U, out there with tons of bugs.



rjejr said:

They should have had demos since day 1 on the kiosks. This is just another reminder that Nintendo has done a lousy job marketing the WiiU.

And only at 100 Best Buys in US and Canada? They should have at least partnered w/ Walmart. Or even Gamestop.

Sorry so negative, but when Reggie made such a big deal about demos on kiosks, even if they are special E3 ones, well... it's just absurd.



Whopper744 said:

only over 100??.....that means I won't get to try these out since I live in WV. Yeah, there is two Best Buy's within range of where I am, but I already know all these demos will be in New York and California.



ouroborous said:

eshop demos are the way to go if they really want to spread the hype.
if worried about bugs then make them only available/playable for a specific time.
or hell, just make it clear that it's a beta and roll with it.
the demo of metroid prime hunters for DS was quickly forgotten, but it was cool at the time.
sadly, there have to be way more than 100 best buys in the US so most likely it wont be one in your/my area that has the in-store demos.



Shanksta said:

There's only one in my area and if they don't get it I guess I'm outta luck. There's like 1500 stores in the US so that needs to be taken into account as well.



Mqblank said:

Downloadable demos on E3 week would be amazing. Can you imagine Mario Kart, new 3D Mario, Sonic Lost World, Zelda 3DS and more (Bayonetta 2!) all having demos in one week. Mind blowing! What about instead of 30 plays per demo, they are all available for just 1 month?



Shadowkiller97 said:

I don't understand the complaints... a 100 Best Buy stores is a 100 more locations than the E3 show floor...

Yes, eShop demos would be awesome... but it would take a million years to download with all the traffic hitting at the same time... The server would probably crash too...



Whopper744 said:

I have to say, eShop demos during E3 would be awesome, and I think would be a great idea if it wasn't for us all crashing the servers. haha.



Stark_Nebula said:

This is actually a better marketing plan than having a huge E3 show. Good on Nintendo for coming up with this. I hope they continue this trend; I much rather it than the "only ever here in California" that excludes a huge majority of fans. Hopefully they'll get this running in Europe and elsewhere, too.



bonesy91 said:

the most disappointing part of the direct... I was hoping he would say "well now you can download the demos directly to your wiiu" but no.



Whopper744 said:

I guess this is bitter sweet news for me. I really like the idea. I'm happy Nintendo thought of this (alittle disappointed they aren't eshop demos, but..). I just know the demos won't be here in WV though.



warlordovblood said:

Really cool idea. I don't see the others showcasing anything like this or going out of the way to get the public involved in someway with e3. I doubt my best buy will get one but at least others will get to try it. Good job ninty.



marck13 said:

Verrry smart move by Nintendo!!
...too bad that Europe seems to get left out..?



Ryno said:

People even find a way to complain about Nintendo bringing an "E3 light" experience to more people.

I think its a cool idea, good for Nintendo to try something new.



Shadowkiller97 said:

@Stark_Nebula I agree. This is way better than spending money on the flashy press conference. And today's direct proved that a Nintendo Direct hits the press like any other conference. By 11:00 it was already one of the top articles on my Google Tech News with an article from Forbes...



jshaw61 said:

The amount of people crying about this is completely appalling! First people complain about not having a presser, they give you something better then a presser an opportunity to play the games that will be coming to the wii u. If you are not press you wouldnt have gotten to play those games anyway! So now they give you an opportunity but you have to get off your butt and drive to a store you complain about it? Then say why no shop? Well lets see the point is not to get people that already own the console excited but the people who don't own the console. This is something no other company has done but gamers just complain complain! If Sony or Ms did it it would be the next thing since sliced bread! Grow up people and be happy when someone gives you an opportunity that you wouldn't have otherwise!



Emaan said:

:Makes plans to visit Best Buy E3 week:

Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. Wii U will be all mine to play >:0



real_gamer said:

I wonder why they didn't (or couldn't) also get more brands like Walmart and GameStop on this deal?



eddyg said:

Here is the thing about this by doing this at BestBuy Nintendo is doing great marketing. A thing like this would not have worked at GameStop because that is for the fans and gamers. By doing it at BestBuy is marketing the Wii u and the games to the general public and the fans because BestBuy is general electronic store. Now they did said that this is going to be done at over stores so the specific number is not revealed but this is not going to be done all the GameStop so that is a fault at there part. But than again we do not know the specific of the deal. Now another thing that they could have done is include the demo on the eshop but that would have only worked for those who own a Wii u and those who do not are out of luck. What they could have done is both. BestBuy for the general public and those interested gamers who do not own a Wii u yet and the eshop for the Wii u owners but lets hold our horses this can still be a possibility but Nintendo decided not to announce it yet until the next Nintendo direct



MatthewRPG said:

E shop demos? They are marketing the wii u to people that DON'T have one yet, not those of us that do. This is a great idea to get people to play the system that haven't, and educate people about the differences of the two systems ( wii/wiiu). This can only improve sales which will lead to more games, DLC, and a stronger competition for the upcomming consoles that will be the talk of E3. GREAT IDEA



Dreamcaster-X said:

I will make a trip to Best Buy if it's within reasonable driving distance. Although the lines could be an issue for large metropolitan areas like Chicago.



RoboConker said:

@rjejr Gamestop and Walmart lol
So you want the systems to be turn off, unplayable and the gamepad without buttons, scratched on the screen and chew up thumbsticks?



Williaint said:

I certainly hope they do this at the Best buy I got my Wii U at!
That would be AWESOME.



Dpullam said:

This is a pretty interesting idea from Nintendo. If only one of the Best Buy stores near me would participate in the event! I might never get the opportunity to go to E3 anytime soon, but this is easily a great alternative. Kudos to Nintendo!



NintyMan said:

I really hope there's a Best Buy near me that can offer this. Trying the new 3D Mario and Mario Kart would be nice, and it would also help those that haven't gotten a Wii U yet. In fact, this would probably affect non-Wii U owners more than actual Wii U owners, since not only will it make them hyped, but will make them want to get a Wii U as well to play it. A smart move by Nintendo here.



Pokefanmum82 said:

well count me out then. i don't live anywhere near a best buy although that week is usually when my dad comes down to take us shopping for my son's birthday. maybe i can get him to take us to whitby if they even have it there (probably won't). with my luck it will be in toronto lol



Alienfish said:

I'm probably going to have to drive about 300 miles to see them, but I think it's a cool idea. With roughly ten people per square mile in my state I don't think the one Best buy that I know if will be getting these.



rjejr said:

@RoboConker - "So you want the systems to be turn off, unplayable and the gamepad without buttons, scratched on the screen and chew up thumbsticks?"

Better than sticky from all the kids with unwashed hands at Best Buy.



TrueWiiMaster said:

That's awesome, but I wish they would go the whole distance and make the demos downloadable, even if they only had 1 try each, or locked after E3 ended. With only about 100 Best Buys across the whole country, there will be a lot of people who won't be able to get to one, and there really wouldn't be enough space if everyone who wanted to went anyway.



kereke12 said:

The idea of actually putting E3 games in Best Buy is a splendid idea....I guess i don't have to dream anymore about me wanting, to go to E3...Instead i can go to Best Buy....For an E3 experience. Sad thing is that i live in a small town and they don't got Best Buy here...



bezerker99 said:

The last time I felt the need to visit BestBuy to play a Nintendo game on display was Metroid Prime. Will be interesting to see what's available to play come E3.



Pokefanmum82 said:

@theblackdragon well actually i didn't realize i could change my username. i do have 3 kids. my youngest was born in january last year. but thanks for the congratulations.



DreamOn said:

This is a great move for them to get the Wii U love up. I'm sure these kiosks will generate much needed traffic. But too bad for the rest of the crappy demo-less oh wait a playable rayman demo at the back-kiosks.



Peach64 said:

Well, unless something major changes between now and E3, they'll get to show off their games to a lot more people by doing it through store demo pods that just putting them up for download through the Wii U itself. I know Microsoft was putting up demos of games from E3 as far back as 06 though, so not really an unprecedented move.



StarDust4Ever said:

I certainly hope this comes to Shreveport, La because I'm not driving to Dallas or Baton Rouge just to play some demos.

Edit: I hope they also give an option to download demos on home consoles in case people don't have a participating Best Buy in their area. Best part about the program though is it will give people an opportunity to experience the games who don't already own a Wii-U. Nintendo desparately needs to ship more units and anything that increases public awareness is a good idea. Maybe some 3rd party devs will change their mind about Wii-U support, but at least there appears to be a good selection of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party titles coming out.




Tony_342 said:

This is a neat idea (especially for people who don't already own a Wii U), but it means nothing to me. I'm not driving three hours to a Best Buy to play demos for 20 minutes and then driving three hours back home. These demos really, really need to be released on the eShop as well.



Senate_Guard said:

Never buy anything at Best Buy (get it?...), but you can bet I'll be there if playable demos of Mario U and Mario Kart U are there!



TomJ said:

I will be absent during this event....somebody please feel sorry for me.



Byron-3D said:

For demos on the 3ds couldn't they use download play from a wii or wii u, I'm almost certan that it can be done that way and then nintendo could just make them available for 24/48 hours



Byron-3D said:

Lol I just realised what I put. If the have download capability for the wii then they could just use the eshop and single uses. I'm going bed



UnseatingKDawg said:

Not bad, but I won't be participating. There's only 1 Best Buy I know, and me and my immediate family don't care for them.



deitypower said:

They didn't have it downloadable so when other people see that there are a crowd of people in a best buy store, of course the others will be curious and go there also and if those, non-owners liked the demo, they would buy the console.

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