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Fri 11th Jan 2013

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eddyg commented on Best Buy Will Showcase Playable Demos of Ninte...:

Here is the thing about this by doing this at BestBuy Nintendo is doing great marketing. A thing like this would not have worked at GameStop because that is for the fans and gamers. By doing it at BestBuy is marketing the Wii u and the games to the general public and the fans because BestBuy is general electronic store. Now they did said that this is going to be done at over stores so the specific number is not revealed but this is not going to be done all the GameStop so that is a fault at there part. But than again we do not know the specific of the deal. Now another thing that they could have done is include the demo on the eshop but that would have only worked for those who own a Wii u and those who do not are out of luck. What they could have done is both. BestBuy for the general public and those interested gamers who do not own a Wii u yet and the eshop for the Wii u owners but lets hold our horses this can still be a possibility but Nintendo decided not to announce it yet until the next Nintendo direct