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Game & Wario to Retail at $39.99 in the U.S.

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Nintendo confirms budget pricing from day one

Late last week eager pre-order shoppers in the U.S. spotted that some retailers were listing Game & Wario at a lower-than-normal price, with pre-order guarantees tempting some to jump on the perceived bargain deals. It's now been confirmed by Nintendo, however, that the official retail price of this game in the U.S. will be $39.99, which is a good deal less than a standard new release, and particularly rare for a Nintendo title.

Nintendo of America will no doubt be hoping that Game & Wario's arrival on 23rd June will tempt more gamers to the system, as it's comprised of 16 mini games designed to show off the Wii U GamePad's capabilities. The discount price may be to encourage more to take the plunge, and perhaps reflects the depth — or lack thereof — of the experience on offer; sales of this title have failed to impress in Japan, meanwhile, despite it reportedly being available at a reasonable price in the region.

There's currently no release date or pricing information in Europe, but we'd be surprised if a similar deal isn't adopted in the region. So how about it, North America, does this cheaper price tempt you to take the plunge? The recently released teaser trailer is below to remind you of some of the mini-games included.

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Aqueous said:

No, it doesn't have my interest and the ambassador one didn't either.



ledreppe said:

I preordered this a while ago in Europe for £37.85, and that's with a discount. So hopefully the price will come down in Europe to before it's released.



Jaz007 said:

Yeah, this wouldn't do well for $60. It's just not worth that price. $40 makes much more sense. I might get this one day. Money will be a tad scarce with the PS4 coming out.



Pachterkid said:

The game looks like garbage, and I think Nintendo knows this. The pirate game especially seems like a recipe for disaster. “Let’s shake our new strapless tablet controller up and down. What a brilliant idea! People will love having to replace their broken gamepads, despite the fact that we don’t sell such a product.” Idiots.



47drift said:

Pretty excited for this. Another title released on the Wii for a budget price on launch day was Rhythm Heaven Fever. Can't wait to see what the Rhythm Heaven team does with Wii U.



Mickamott said:

I was on the edge, but this pushed me over. I know what I'll be doing on June 23rd!



iphys said:

Probably going to pass on this one. I liked the microgames, but most of these minigames don't even appeal to me; and I didn't like the Nintendo Land minigames, which is what this collection sort of reminds me of.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Been looking forward to this since I first head of it...definitely day 1. The lower price is just icing on the cake.



NintyMan said:

I was going to get this regardless, but the low price is definitely a good thing and it makes sense considering this is just a minigame collection and not a platformer or RPG. It's already pre-ordered for day one for me!



NMRodo said:

Guess Nintendo's not very confident in this one, and I can't blame them. Wario's a hard character to sell. I myself was going to get the game anyway, so the discount price is a nice bonus.



DKDonkeyKong said:

I'm going to wait and see what the reviews are for this. As much as I enjoy the WarioWare series, I've heard mixed early reviews for it.



Dpullam said:

This is a pleasant surprise. I'm still not sure if I would get it though.



bezerker99 said:

Never planned on getting this and still don't. I will get a 3DS game with that 40 bucks.



ultraraichu said:

This is even better news for me since I was willing to pay $50 day one but let's keep that a secret to everyone.



CrispyGoomba said:

Honestly, I'll only pick it up if I see it for $20 or less. Nothing against the game, I'd just rather spend money on prepaid eShop cards.



Oscarsome said:

Ehh, this game looks like total garbage. It seems like it was quickly put together as an excuse for a launch title. I honestly think it was SUPPOSED to be a launch title. That's why the games are so "meh" and not much other content is packed into it. The original will always be the best. And the DS one. They need to go back to that formula.
Nintendo knows this, so they put down the price. Smart?



TheRegginator said:

By the looks of it I can't tell if it has as much content as past games in the series. I certainly hope it does.



SCAR said:

You're supposed to play it with others, and the demo just showed the guy 'dancing' to make it seem more interactive. Tons of kids will probably like this game, and the price point is easier to afford.

I'm not quite sure what to think of this game... Some of the mini games look fun I suppose.



tsm7 said:

I'm pretty sure smooth moves was offered at forty day one as well. It is still one of my favorite Wii games...hopefully this is good but I haven't been impressed by the videos.



Zombie_Barioth said:

This was certainly a pleasant surprise, and I found it a bit tempting despite not being interested in this sort of game. I think the Warioware series is a good way of showing off what the Wii U can do with a bit of creativity.

Probably a bit late, but I like that the title pays homage to the Game&watch series.



Wiidsguy said:

Wario has always been fun. But I think they should sell this at 60 with a wiiu game pad. Like wii play.



Tasuki said:

Wow I was debating on getting this game but at that price I can't debat anymore. I will pick it up at some point.




It doesn't matter to me what price Nintendo put this game at on the market. For some reason, I don't find Game & Wario AT ALL interesting to pick up and try. $39.99 is not gonna help this with Wii U sales not one bit. That I already know.



hendie001 said:

I hate to say this because i love nintendo, but wario sucks. Has to be nintendo s worst ip.



dc_10 said:

"it's comprised of 16 mini games designed to show off the Wii U GamePad's capabilities."

I thought that's what NintendoLand was made for?!?
I'm not crazy right?? No thanks Wario, you can game alone.



marck13 said:

Wario is genius! But i agree that he isn't the easiest character to sell. I am sure this game is a lot of fun if you give it it's chance!
However it's (again)l not the titel that promises you the graphics the Wii U is capable of, and I believe way too many people judge a game on it's graphics. There could be a crapy game with better graphics than Xbox and Ps3 and people would buy it. ..well, THAT story had been told before.



Ichiban said:

Lets be honest here guys, the Wii U launch window has been nothing but a stale turd, This should have been out months ago, ditto Wii Fit U (even though its not my thing), and don't even get me started on Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101. Rayman hurt, but at least it has an actual release date and the challenges app (which is quite good!)
I really have to stop buying consoles day one




Pre-order in EU on is £39.85! I expect that to go down but don't underestimate the extent to which EU is ripped off compared to the NA in software and eShop pricing happens countless times. Raw deal over here.



datamonkey said:

So no doubt this means it'll have the "budget" price of £39.99 over here in the UK!

Oh and £49.99 on the eshop!



SilentHunter382 said:

Even at the price drop which is good the 16 mini games don't interest me. I would rather have a true WarioWare game.



XCWarrior said:

This is great news for the people that like this series. But considering I find this serious not very fun, that's still about $45 too high.



Trippinator said:

"This is garbage and isn't a real WarioWare game!" Well, it isn't called WarioWare, soooooo......



Banker-Style said:

The game looks good,but it's more-or-less the Wario version of NIntendo Land.
I want it,but I won't pay any more than £30 for it.



LittleIrves said:

Yeah, I'm surprised at the lack of enthusiasm here. I'm honestly more excited for this than Pikmin 3. Just total wacky madness. This opens the door for other mid-tier price points for full retail games, too, which needs to happen with the rise of digital.



Wiidsguy said:

@iPlayNintendo My point was not that they should do something to lose money or do it if that meant a bad decision. if there was a way to do something like what they did with wii play i think it would be neat. and smart. if not this game. they should do it with an upcoming title. wii play did great for them and was a great idea.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

I can't believe that Nintendo of America thinks this is going to sell systems as you stated @Thomas. The game looks cool and will probably be fun, but it is not going to make systems fly off the shelf when it is released in America. Hopefully Pikmin 3 does that, and the Wind Waker HD remake helps sales even further. Of course they will be relying on the Super Mario U and Mario Kart U titles when they are eventually released. Hey, if G&W sells systems that'd be great! I just don't see it happening without a bunch of great reviews and hype from the internet gaming websites... (So get on that NL )



ultraraichu said:

I wonder were the rest of the warioware fans go? You know the ones who play Warioware Snapped! for even an hour total or Warioware D.I.Y without the do it yourself. Feeling more negetives then positive energy around here.



AJWolfTill said:

Yeah this is exactly my sentiment, it seems like a well packaged tech demo to be bundled with something. Exactly like Wii Play.



Ducutzu said:

Some people believe that being negative and harsh demonstrates that they have a critical eye or something.



sinalefa said:

I would not pay $60 for this one, but $40 makes it a lot more appealing. I just hope it is not boring as hell if you don't have anyone around. I don't have friends coming that often so I would not play it that much.

And of course it is hard to judge a game you have not even played. And if you judge from looks alone, then you are judging a book by its cover, not a wise thing to do.



3DGamerDude said:

@koopakid Dude, most people don't even use wrist straps on the Wii Remote. You'd have to be really clumsy to break the GamePad. I couldn't tell you how many times I've banged my GamePad against something and it still works perfectly fine. I, for one, think the game looks great. Nintendo didn't go wrong by making this game. Don't dish something if you haven't even tried it yet.

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