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You Can Use PlayStation 2 Pads On Your Wii U, Should You Want To

Posted by Damien McFerran

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Are you a bit bummed about the fact that the Wii U Pro Controller isn't compatible with original Wii titles? Do you consider Sony's iconic Dual Shock pad to be one of the best in the business? Well you're in luck - Datel Japan has released an adapter which allows you to use your PlayStation 2 joypad on the Wii U or Wii.

All you have to do is attach it to your Wii Remote, plug in the PS2 pad and you're golden. It even has a turbo button, just like old pads used to have in the 16-bit era!

Release date in Japan is 8th December, and it costs 1,980 Yen - which is around £16 / $25. No word on a western launch yet, but we'd imagine it's likely.


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MAB said:

Makes perfect sense to me when you consider the fact that Playstation will be completely phased out soon.



chiptoon said:

Its always odd when you encounter other peoples tastes. I prefer both the Wii Pro controller and the Wii U Pro Controller to the Playstation models.



Chunky_Droid said:

Eh, I'm actually happy with my Classic Controller Pro to be honest

I'll leave my PS controllers with my PS3



RupeeClock said:

That's neat if you happen to prefer the old Dualshock 2 controllers.
But honestly I just think the Classic Controller Pro is just so, so much better with that d-pad, lovely grips, perfectly placed sticks, large shoulder buttons, big clicky face buttons...such a wonderful controller really!

Still a shame that the Pro Controllers are not compatible with Wii software. You'd think they could just make the controller pretend to be a Classic Controller but I guess not!



StarDust4Ever said:

This is awesome news! I have a dual shock 2 and a digital PS1 controller that would be great for VC games. I also have a USB adapter that works wonders using a PS controller for emulator use.



DarkNinja9 said:

lol that is so wrong in many levels xD

but yeah wouldnt this have come out along time ago o.O or is this a new version or the cable?



Shining-Void said:

This would be great if the ps2 controller wasn't so awful to use. Those things are way too small.



AbeVigoda said:

I have an adaptor (Mayflash brand) that lets you use original nes and snes controls with the wii/wii-u. By far one of the best things I've purchased for the wii.



AugustusOxy said:

Why would you want to? Playstation controllers are the worst controllers ever invented. Flat buttons, soft analog sticks in the MIDDLE OF THE control pad, jerky d-pad, weird bumpers... no.



mookysam said:

I like the PS2 controller!

The Wii's classic controller pro was excellent and so comfortable to hold so I don't know why they changed the button placement for the wii u pro controller.



ajcismo said:

In my humble opinion the Dual Shock controller is the worst in gaming history. I'd personally rather play games on the Jaguar monstrosity, the original 2600 or the Intellivision disc-pad thing. Dual Shock angers my blood.



SheldonRandoms said:

Now if only they can make an adapter that let's you play Wii/Wii U games with an Xbox 360 controller, because a 360 controller is so much better then a PS controller.



Handy_Man said:

I wouldn't be suprised if they make GameCube controller ports for those dedicated Melee and Brawl players.



ElMastero said:

For a second I thought the title said you could use the wireless PS3 controller on the Wii U. Now that would have been something. Plugging a PS2 controller into a Wii Remote sounds like too many wires and peripherals dragging on the floor. Meh!



WesCash said:

I'd be very surprised if something like this were brought to NA. Not likely at all.



ItalianBaptist said:

Where's the GameCube adapter? GC controller is best controller - never thought I would ever be saying that, but after playing mainly VC n64 games on the wii, I'm hooked



FJOJR said:

Missing the boat with not making a GC one. Wonder if there is an Xbox fat controller converter?



Bulbousaur said:

Weird, but a very good idea. Just about every single gamer has at least one PS2 controller laying around somewhere. I know I have at least 3, and I don't even own a PS2 anymore.

Now if they can do the same thing with the GameCube controller...



Yosher said:

I'd rather they do this with the Gamecube controller, too. I used those a lot on the Wii. They're the best (normal) controllers around if you ask me!



Hokori said:

Hopefully this means PSOne VC on 3DS and WiiU, PSP on 3DS, and PS2/3/V on WiiU



R-L-A-George said:

@AugustusOxy Actually if you have a Madcats Dual Shock. Its more durable and survived when I was playing Kingdom Hearts, unlike the original PS2 controller. LOL.



WaxxyOne said:

Pass. The Playstation controller is awful, from the bad analog stick placement to the cheap feel and non-existant heft. This would be a huge step down for me.



SCAR said:

Ya, this is an old product, bur probably not as widely known or marketed like this is. I don't have need for this, even if I did have PS1/2 controllers. That's just because I already have 2 classic pro controllers, but if you have PS controllers, than I could see people wanting it just to not buy more Nintendo controllers. Should have had a bluetooth feature for the PS3, or other wireless controllers that use bluetooth too...



Parasky said:

...I was not aware tat the PS2 controller is apparently worse that the Jaguar controller. ._.

The ps2 has the best controller I've ever used.



Firejonie said:

Could this cause legal problems? I'd rather have a GameCube controller adapter though.



Bankai said:

The PS2 controller is by far the most comfortable and well-designed controller ever built.

So this is a good thing.



Henmii said:

Since the Wii u supports usb devices, does that mean I can also connect my cheap controller I formerly used on my PC?



biggsydaboss said:

Depends on whether the controller's drivers are compatible with the Wii U, which I imagine is unlikely, but you never know.



Wolfgabe said:

Wonder how long it will be before Sony tries to get this pulled from shelves?



WolfZombie said:

This is pretty cool. The DualShock is such a great controller and the true evolution of the great SNES controller. Plus, PS2 controllers should be fairly cheap if you can find some.



Pastry said:

Does the Wii Remote give off enough power for a wireless controller to work?



TanookiMike said:

I just got a convertor for my PS1 Dualshock to USB for PC games. They're great controllers.



gblock said:

agreed dude, best accessory you can buy for the Wii is that Mayflash NES/SNES controller adapter, beats paying $65-$80 for a Club Nintendo Super Famicom Wii controller on eBay.

I got 15 Super Famicom controllers from Japan for $60 plus a Mayflash for $15, I'm set for VC gaming



TheRegginator said:

I don't think so. Sony controllers are terrible. I'd rather that the Wii U support USB controllers. I have a really nice 360/PC gamepad that I'd love to use.



Hetsumani said:

I've actually never bought a pc controller, I prefer using my ps3 ones, now I could use them, well the ps2's, on a Nintendo console, instant buy.
But agree with @Firejonie # 54.

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