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Mon 3rd Dec 2012

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biggsydaboss commented on Kojima Productions: We Aren't Thinking About M...:

Just compared the sales figures for three of the biggest exclusives on the Wii, Xbox 360 & the PS3, that's Mario Kart, Halo 3 & MGS4 respectively. Mario Kart sold 32 million copies, Halo 3 12 million copies & MGS4 26 million copies. So even though the Wii wasn't supported very well by third party devs. It had great customer support & the Wii exclusive outstrips the top exclusives of the competition in terms of sales. So even though we may share some concerns over news like this, take hope in the fact that Nintendo will support the Wii U.



biggsydaboss commented on Kojima Productions: We Aren't Thinking About M...:

I have to admit I'm a bit concerned that there seems to be quite a few multi-platform games that aren't being developed for the Wii U. This might just be a slow start for the Wii & hopefully it will sort itself out soon enough.



biggsydaboss commented on UK Press Pins Blame For Sandy Hook Massacre On...:

For those who are not from the UK. The Sun newspaper is a badly written Tabloid, not quite as fantastical as the US based National Enquirer, but not far off.
As part of helping someone with their degree in Child Psychology (she chose do write her dissertation on video games), I researched a lot about any correlation between video games & violence. The results didn't support that there was, but stated that further research would be a good idea. I won't put up the exact research papers I used, but they are freely availiable via Google Scholar. Though if you wish to research this subject further, remember the two axioms of research "reliability & validity". Ignore research done by 'right wing fundamentalist organisations (Christian based ones especially, as they have a historical bias against entertainment mediums in general & video games specifically. Also avoid research paid for or conducted by the video games industry (for obvious reasons, it will also be biased). Check the validity of the research, what type of studies were involved, were they the right study methodology. We're the studies conducted in a way that might leave the findings open to misinterpretation, limitations or miss use & so on.

My personal feelings (not based on research, but on many years interest & study in psychology & psychopathology), are that on the occasions that video games are mirrored by real life violence, there are some. This isn't a causal relationship. These individuals who commuted such acts were obviously capable of great violence, probably as a result of a psychopathology, whether diagnosed or otherwise. These people might get ideas or inspiration for their acts from entertainment media. At most thee is a coincidental link in these regards, as they could've just have easily got their inspiration from religious texts or (as been proven, in relation to copycat crimes) from documentaries or news stories.

On a more personal note, society likes to blame elements of youth culture, Rock 'n' Roll (1950s), Video Nasties (1970s-80s) & now video games. As the youth culture grows up & become decision makers these attitudes change. I'm an avid video game player & an adult in my mid 30s & I'm in a professional position to debunk such claims, as & when they are proved false. As is looking likely in the case of video games causing violence.



biggsydaboss commented on Wii U Software Falls Off The UK Charts:

Considering Black Ops 2, FIFA 12, AC3 are all released on the Wii U, as well as on the PS3 & Xbox 360. Do we really think that Nintendo Land could keep pace.

I'm an Xbox fanboy (well at least until the Wii U got released lol) & I'm not worried for the potential success of the Wii U. We all said that the Wii would fall flat on its face & we all know it never.



biggsydaboss commented on Microsoft's Application For Killer Instinct Tr...:

I'm pretty sure if MS decides to fight this they'd win. When it comes to trademarks & IPs it's based on timing. If Rare or MS can show that they used the trademarked name "Killer Instinct" before the TV show (this seems more straight forward then it is) then the ruling can be overturned. IF (big if) the TV series is based on a published novel that predates the game then the rights stay with the TV. Not sure why the Patent & Trademark Office reached this decision. It does seem strange seeing that the game certainly came out before the TV show. It might be that Rare was a UK based company & maybe they trademarked the KI name in the UK only, then this wouldn't automatically stretch to the US. That being said as the game was released in the US the decision could be overturned on these grounds. It might involve a court case so a judge could decide & whether MS would commit the resources to see this through, especially as their R&D on the 720 has left them a bit short of money, I doubt they will fight this until they're in a better financial situation.



biggsydaboss commented on Wii U Struggles to Make an Impact in the UK So...:

Apart from Zombie U (which is over £50 in some places) & Mario U (I didn't get this I'm ashamed to admit), there really isn't any quality Wii U only titles available. I bought Just Dance 4 (for my daughter) & Sonic ASRT (for my son). Once Xmas is out of the way I will be investing in some what you might call core titles. ME3 or Zombie U (I'm from London, so this title really apeals to me) are likely going to be the way I go.



biggsydaboss commented on Mass Effect Trilogy Could Yet Come To Wii U:

I'd love this to be the case. I'd like them to have the heavily patched, up rezd version of ME1 that you can get on the PC, the ME1 community patches seem pretty cool. Even though ME1 was my fav, it did lack the polish of ME2 & 3 (oh & while you're at it, do you think that they might remove the 'starchild')



biggsydaboss commented on 18-Rated Content on Wii U eShop Only Accessibl...:

Ok I completely respect the concept of restricting content to certain hours. The problem is that I'm a bouncer & my wife's a nurse. I'm at work during these times & my wife does 13 hour shifts 7.30-8.30 ( know way she's awake at 11pm). I've also got two young kids, so I understand the need for parental controls on games. This situation has completely negated my ability to download adult rated items on the Wii U eShop. Though I have to admit I'm in a rather unique situation, still I'm a bit gutted.



biggsydaboss commented on Review: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (...:

I noticed some pretty big frame rate problems when I played. Though that was before I downloaded the uber update. Has anyone else noticed that, or has the uber update sort it out, or is there any other issues in regards to Sonic ASRT that might be causing FPS drop out.



biggsydaboss commented on Review: FIFA 13 (Wii U):

EA trying to pull a fast one on customers, surely not. Next you'll be telling us that they like to release day one DLC, that gives us items/characters/storylines that should be in the finished product without having to fork out an extra fiver...... Oh wait, they do that don't they. I wonder why they got voted the worsrt company in world earlier this year, yet do they stop their shenanigans. Nooo they don't they just try them out on a new console, with potentially new customers, thinking that we wouldn't notice. Errr Mass Effect 3 fan here, I know what you're up to EA. I want to buy ME3 for the Wii U, but I don't think my heart could stand being broken a second time. Curse you EA, with hell's fury I spit at you. If my chest was a cannon I'd fire my heart upon you (EA I mean, not you Ben)..... Ok the nice nurse is bringing over my meds, so I guess that's my rant over. Night night



biggsydaboss commented on Take A Whistle Stop Animated Tour Of Nintendo'...:

I've owned many of these consoles & loved all of them. Though I didn't et in to the Wii. To my shame the last gen was my 'core' gaming days & obviously the Wii was just too much fun & didn't take itself seriously enough for me. Like a prodigal son I've returned to the flock with a rather sizable investment in a Wii U Premium & a few games on top. Though if I ever feel like becoming that little moaning git again, going on & on about my K/D ratio, it's good to know that Nintendo have catered for that side of me. My Wii U is going to take pride of place as a console that me & my family can enjoy equally.



biggsydaboss commented on Wii U Hits 40K Sales in UK Launch:

I pre-ordered mine from Zavvi. I gave them till the 30th to dispatch my Wii U, when I saw that they were no further forward in processing my order, I even gave them up till 5pm. I phoned up Game & asked if they had any left, they had, so I cancelled my order with Zavvi & went straight to Game. Got it home, waited till the kids went to bed, set it up & downloaded the BIG update & played a bit of the new Sonic All Star Racing. Then packed it away, well it is for the kids Xmas, but I needed to get the big update out of the way, that's my excuse & I'm sticking to it lol. I think the best thing to do is keep your options open. Pre-order with a company you can cancel on & if they don't come up with the goods, cancel & go somewhere else. I wasn't going to risk it not turning up by Xmas, my kids have been going on about the Wii U for a while now.