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Mon 8th Jun 2009

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Lanmanna commented on Feature: Taking Off to the Miiverse:

Miiverse was a pleasant surprise for me. I thought Nintendo would continue with their cruddy practices of not being able to connect with strangers without friend codes.



Lanmanna commented on E3 2010: Nintendo's 3DS line-up:

I want all the games, save for the submarine one. Looks like I am going to break the bank! There goes my saved up money for college and/or a car. >_>



Lanmanna commented on Kingdom Hearts Returns to DS with Re:coded:

Don't get me wrong, KH is one of my favorite series, but I have already played the levels from KH1 about 3 times throughout KH1, KH:CoM, and 358/2 Days. Do I REALLY want to replay the same levels a 4th time? I just don't know...



Lanmanna commented on Review: Need For Speed: NITRO (Wii):

@Amorous Badger
If you consider a resurrection of a series that just had a new release in 2008, I guess you could say that. xD It is called Burnout Paradise(one of my favorite racers along with Mario Kart and Gran Turismo).



Lanmanna commented on Nintendo Announces DS Line-Up For THE WORLD:

I want Zelda, Pokemon, WarioWare, and Golden Sun. I can't believe some of you are complaining about the list. They will be announced at E3, plus there are over 40 great DS games already out.



Lanmanna commented on Nintendo Download: Monkeys, Musketeers, Cards ...:

You people who say,"VC is dead!" is hilarious. It is called being patient. Nintendo either has a plan or is just being dumb(pretty sure it is the latter). Not sure how many of you know, but US people were waiting months for FF7 to be on the Playstation Network after Japan got it. Heck, at one point, the PS Network didn't get any PS1 games for a few months. Just like you guys, they were mad. I can understand that, but I'm pretty sure I never heard any of the PS fans say something as crazy as,"Sony stopped supporting PS1 classics on the PSN".

I'm pretty sure most of you have lots of VC games that you have yet to get off the service anyway. I sure know I do.



Lanmanna commented on Upcoming DS Titles Get Dates:

I want-
Professor Layton 2
Kingdom Hearts
Mario and Luigi
Zelda: Spirit Tracks
Phantasy Star Zero
Golden Sun DS(Never played the other games)

Glory of Heracles
Fossil Fighters
Picross 3D

Can anyone say DS is the best handheld and system around?