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Mass Effect Trilogy Could Yet Come To Wii U

Posted by Andy Green

BioWare has plans for Nintendo's new console

Mass Effect 3 was a Wii U launch title and saw the franchise make an appearance on a Nintendo console for the very first time. Naturally fans of the series want to see the previous two games make the move to Wii U as well, but BioWare has no plans to do so - at least for now.

Speaking to GamerSyndrome, BioWare seemed to be impressed with what the Wii U has to offer, saying Straight Right did a great job with Mass Effect 3.

Wii U is a console we feel is really cool and that more Mass Effect would look great on it, so we do have plans for Wii U but nothing to announce at this moment.

Whether these plans include the Mass Effect Trilogy compilation is debatable, but it's worth noting that BioWare said similar things when people asked about a PlayStation 3 version - something that is now a reality.

As we like to tell people on Twitter, “Never Say Never.” The same can be said about the Mass Effect Trilogy for Wii U. Never Say Never.

Would you like to see the Mass Effect Trilogy make it to Wii U, or should it have just been prepared instead of the Mass Effect 3 port?


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Einherjar said:

I would really like that. Just having MA3 doesnt make any sense to me, in that all three games interact with each other (some more, some less).
Having the whole Trilogy with every DLC stuff on a Nintendo console would be really awesome.



edhe said:

Yeah, I'd go for it.

I already own 1 & 2 on Steam, but I'd definitely consider this.

They'd have to throw in the opportunity to purchase the DLC though.



Yosher said:

If it comes I might actually get it. Don't feel like getting only part 3 when the trilogy is available on other consoles for the same price.



sinalefa said:

It would make a lot of sense. If there are not publishing issues for ME1 anymore, then go for it. They will most likely wait until the install base is of a decent size, though.



9th_Sage said:

Well good, I hope so. My dad has never played any of these and is likely to one day have a WiiU, I can't feel like I can recommend ME 3 for WiiU though since it's missing the other two games. This though, I'd tell him to buy it immediately.



Xilef said:

I'm really interested in playing these games and the Trilogy coming to the Wii U would be awesome. Don't have the time to buy and play the Trilogy on the PS3 anyway.



SanderEvers said:

@Kyloctopus It is if they come from EA. Just like this, if they can make money out of it, they will. So yeah, they'll release it just to make more money.



chiptoon said:

Each time I think I'm going to buy ME3 they announce another new package. If they were to release the trilogy on WiiU I'd definitely bite.



Chunky_Droid said:

I might hold out on getting the trilogy on PS3 if it were to come out on Wii U. I have plenty to tide me over until such news may arrive.

Still not sure why they just didn't go for this with Straight Right to begin with, would have made more sense.



Shiryu said:

I ended up buying 3 all the same, so that EA can't say they're not coming to the Wii U because of poor sales of 3. And Yes, I would defiantly pick the trilogy day 1 for the Wii U.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

@SanderEvers By that logic, every game is shovelware because every game makes money. Shovelware is games that are poorly made just to make some quick cash from foolish people who decide to buy such nonsense games. Mass Effect is a carefully orchestrated experience that took YEARS to make and has won several awards for its rich and beautiful experience, if anything its furthest thing from shovelware.



Aerona said:

As someone who hasn't had the chance to play the series, if you release the trilogy I'll go for it. If not, pass.



TrickySx4 said:

I'm actually more excited by the thought of future bioware projects than just the ME Trilogy



Luckycharns said:

I've been thinking about this series even before wiiu! I also thought it was weird to out out me3 as a way to introduce the series to wiiu owners. Definitely will buy if it is announced. I guess I can save my pennies for now.



Neram said:

Um, hell yes. I'd go out and buy that ASAP. I've put a ton of hours into Mass Effect 3 already. I'm a lot more impressed than I thought I would be, seeing that it's my most played Wii U game so far, I'd love to play through the other two games on the system. (Instead of having my bulky white Xbox 360 Arcade hooked up looking like an eyesore in my living room.)



Ben_Rage_V2 said:

I say if you haven't played any of the Mass Effect series and own a Wii U, then go ahead and buy Mass Effect 3. Here is my reasoning (and it's a bit of an educated guess) : Look at Mass Effect 3 like you would look at Star War IV: A new Hope. Yes, you jump into the middle of the story, but you get a great piece of entertainment regardless of not experiencing the events leading up to it. Then when EA releases part 1 & 2, go back and play those with the mindset of experiencing a prequel saga (albeit a much better prequel saga than the Star Wars Episodes 1-3). If you wait and don't purchase Mass Effect 3 now, there might not be an incentive for EA to release the complete trilogy on Wii U.



biggsydaboss said:

I'd love this to be the case. I'd like them to have the heavily patched, up rezd version of ME1 that you can get on the PC, the ME1 community patches seem pretty cool. Even though ME1 was my fav, it did lack the polish of ME2 & 3 (oh & while you're at it, do you think that they might remove the 'starchild')



ShadJV said:

I would probably get this. I'm not planning on buying the third when 1) I haven't played the first two and 2) it's $60 for one when there exists all three for that price. This makes for sense than them releasing just the third for U.



Alienfish said:

I actually opted not to buy ME3 WiiU because of the fact that everyone else was getting the trilogy. Bioware, give us the trilogy on WiiU and you will have my money.



Kyloctopus said:

@SanderEvers Every company tries to make money, EA does it in many shameless ways, like buying all game rights to the NFL, and FIFA, as well as the idea of Orgin. But adding a trillogy like this isn't bad or shameless, because Nintendo did the same thing with Metroid Prime Trillogy, only that was alot more expensive



ToxieDogg said:

@Alienfish I'm exactly the same as you...I was going to buy Mass Effect 3 on Wii U but as soon as I heard that Xbox 360 and PS3 were getting the trilogy I changed my mind.

I'd preferebly like the trilogy on Wii U but if it doesn't happen, I'll just buy it on one of the other consoles instead, it's no biggie.




I'd say their plans most likely start with DLC for ME3 that isn't on the disc as it's not been released yet on other platforms!



Sean_Aaron said:

Definitely. I was planning on getting Mass Effect 3, though I notice it's not available for download (and, given Nintendo's bizarre "after 11pm downloads for cert 18 games" policy it may never be), so it's not high on my list. I would naturally want the trilogy ove just part 3 and a "choose your own adventure" comic for the first two.

It does make one wonder about how seriously EA is approaching Wii U, because frankly I'd have thought they'd just wait and do the Trilogy release if they were really backing the system. Kind of makes you want to wait and see what EA's real plans are...



Taceus said:

I wanted ME3 on launch day but the store didn't have any copies(same situation for Darksiders2). So had to pass. Never played an ME game but really interested. Want the trilogy, might get ME3 if trilogy is a far way off. Either way EA need to get it together.



Ren said:

duh, of course we want it. It seems the the console marketing stuff always assumes, or at least hopes that their console will be the one machine to dominate your home entertainment; by extension there's no reason any game with a number next to it should ever start on a console higher than 1. if it does, find a way to get that number out of the title or those of us who decide to really try and stick to one console will always feel left out.
Maybe I've gotten too jaded but good ports of "hardcore" games are one thing I really look forward to for WiiU that's why I haven't gotten one yet; when there are more options like this one I'll be really excited.



DarkEdi said:

I haven´t played any of this games so the 3rd part doesn´t interest me, but if the Trilogy appears i buy it



DerpSandwich said:

I would definitely buy this. I've played the first one and I bought the second one cheap but have yet to play it. I would love to have all three in one title, and I would love to play them on my Wii U. I could just buy 3 on Wii U to complete my collection, but the whole interactive comic thing doesn't thrill me.



Ichiban said:

I thought the idea of bring the ME trilogy to Wii U made too much damn sense for EA to comprehend!



AJWolfTill said:

Please confirm it one way or another EA/Bioware. I have ME1 on pc and it was one of my favourite games of this generation! I'm itching to play the sequels and I would absolutely love to have the trilogy available for WiiU but please JUST LET US KNOW!!!



luminalace said:

After hearing about the trilogy on other consoles I skipped ME3 on Wii u. Bring it out and I will likely buy it.



danschemen said:

I've never played the first two so I wasn't sure if I should go ahead and get the third so this is awesome news.



arrmixer said:

I'm probably still gonna get ME3 and if the trilogy comes out get that as well.. what no talk of dragon age at all??



SheldonRandoms said:

It'll bring a new audience to the trilogy, So bring it to the U, and NEVER SAY NEVER!!!!!!! (but say never to Justin Bieber)



Araknie said:

Now if the trilogy is released now i would actually get it. I didn't get to play much of the saga since my old computer was not the best and if this comes to Wii U that would be a real deal.



N_PowerGlove said:

I never played any Mass effect games.. but a demo of II i think. Never really liked it.
Also i never got the Wii U to just play ports of games that were developed on the PC/360/ps3. If devs are just going to build games on other platforms and just port them to the Wii U i will not support any 3rd parties and stick with Nintendo first party only.



Hokori said:

They better, or at least better not blame Nintendo for low sales of the 3rd one, I don't care either way EA will never get my $



JayMiller1988 said:

They are milking Nintendo for the third as long as possible, then they'll give them the Trilogy most likely.



Henmii said:

I won't hold my breath, but I guess I just skip Mass effect 3 because I rather have the trilogy!!



TheMaverickk said:

Mass Effect trilogy on Wii U would at least be worth picking up.

I'm not purchasing Mass Effect 3 on the Wii U for the very reason that I've never played the first two so seems a bit wrong to start with the 3rd title.

If they release a trilogy collection like they did for the PS3 it's a no brainer and I'll buy it and play it from start to finish.

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