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Mon 10th Dec 2012

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N_PowerGlove commented on Talking Point: Test Running Rayman Legends:

The touch game pad stage is fun but annoying at the same time i dont want to always be looking up and down. But the demo over all is amazing and the music rocks. I hope the next mario looks this good.



N_PowerGlove commented on Japan Clocks Up Impressive Wii U Launch Sales:

I buy all my games on Disk i have a few external USB HHD.. Black attracts too much dust and fingerprints. I went with white and got mario and batman sorry Nintendo land i might pick it up from ebgames for 10$ one day.

Oh and i got the charging dock from Nintendo for 8$.. only wish they send me a white one

Anyways GO JAPAN!



N_PowerGlove commented on Mass Effect Trilogy Could Yet Come To Wii U:

I never played any Mass effect games.. but a demo of II i think. Never really liked it.
Also i never got the Wii U to just play ports of games that were developed on the PC/360/ps3. If devs are just going to build games on other platforms and just port them to the Wii U i will not support any 3rd parties and stick with Nintendo first party only.