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Tue 11th Dec 2012

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TheMaverickk commented on Mass Effect Trilogy Could Yet Come To Wii U:

Mass Effect trilogy on Wii U would at least be worth picking up.

I'm not purchasing Mass Effect 3 on the Wii U for the very reason that I've never played the first two so seems a bit wrong to start with the 3rd title.

If they release a trilogy collection like they did for the PS3 it's a no brainer and I'll buy it and play it from start to finish.



TheMaverickk commented on Petition Started To Get Dark Souls II On The W...:

On the topic of "petitioning games" I'd like to see Dead Space 3 brought to the Wii U.

Dead Space Extraction was on the Wii and it's personally how I discovered the series, and since then I've purchased and played both Dead Space 1 & 2 on my computer through Steam.

With that said if they released Dead Space 3 for the Wii U, I'd more then support it with a console purchase.

I also happen to think the game would be a perfect fit on the Wii U. Specifically because you can do co-op in the same room using seperate screens. Similar to how Black Ops 2 allows.

So not sure who started this petition for Dark Souls II, but they should consider setting up another one for Dead Space 3.... I've also signed the Dark Souls II petition not, cause yeah... I want that just as much.