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Wii U Can be Used as a Portable Home Console

Posted by Orla Madden

Not something we ever considered...

We never thought we'd see a Wii U treated as a portable system, but that's exactly what's happened with a keen Japanese gamer — importing a system ahead of time clearly wasn't enough on its own. The console isn't portable, of course, but on select games you don't technically need to use the TV; a power outlet is all that's really needed so that you’re ready to play most games directly on the GamePad. A Japanese blogger tested this method out on the Bullet Train on his way to work, and it proved to be successful.

For online connectivity, he used his mobile phone as a WiFi device, so it's possible to play online games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, as well as accessing the Wii U's social hub, Miiverse.

Most trains and buses now have power supplies on hand, so it's possible, as demonstrated, to play Nintendo's new home console on the move. Of course we understand it's not worth the hassle if you have a half hour journey to work, but those 3-4 hour trips to a destination can be a bit of a pain, so now we know a bit of Wii U gaming is an option.

Is the extra baggage worth it for your journey, or are you happy to keep the console at home where it belongs?


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Tsuchiya said:

The train best come with a ball gag to muffle COD rage.
It's a bit silly but cool nonetheless



Xilef said:

This could prove useful when at our summerhouse and we don't have a good TV for gaming.



Bulbousaur said:

This is pretty cool actually, but I think I'll just stick to my 3DS for portable gaming



MAB said:

WiiU on a train and the toilet... At the same dam time



Shiryu said:

CODBO2 online on the toilet... truly we have reached the technological peak of our civilization.



thedanman64 said:

Not sure if this truly practical. Sure,it's good for long journeys, but what happens when you want to go to the toilet? You'll leave it on it's own, meaning there's a good chance that someone will steal it. Not to mention you'll probably get funny looks while playing it.

I think i'll stick to the 3DS for my portabe gaming needs.



Le_Gazman said:

I'm curious as to how this works. Do you have to export the game to the gamepad before you head off? That's quite a nice idea.



Gold_Ranger said:

The original Wii was rumoured to have a portable, collapsable screen, before it was released, with the projector built into the Wii.



Chunky_Droid said:

Le_Gazman: Not that I have one yet (I'm Aussie) but I believe the system boots up first on the gamepad, so he could load up a game, then just press the button that instantly sends the game to the gamepad.



ouroborous said:

this is awesome, i used to drag my PSOne around with me since it had a nice built in screen. the WiiU should have been a self-sufficiently handheld system anyway, who wants to be tied to a TV/console these days?



rjejr said:

I suppose it won't be long now before somebody is marketing a carry bag for the Wii U with holes for the cord and game slot and pouch on the side for the Gamepad, like those portable DVD player bags.



Beta said:

I have always thought of that method since I heard about the Wii U XD



Dr_42o said:

I'll keep my idea of walking around with a car battery in my backpack along with a Wii U and cellphone. Cause it isn't portable if you are plugged into a wall..



SheldonRandoms said:

I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!

If only I was in school still, then I would have brought my Wii U with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and play it on the bus and in school in front of these Xbox 360 fanboys that hate on the Wii for being "a children's toy" or "the graphics suck", ahhh school, good times indeed



aaronsullivan said:

Another more practical use I've seen mentioned is in a hotel or when visiting someone. It's pretty cool to not have to hook up to a TV or try and take it over when you're a guest.

I could totally see a geek or two bringing this to school, but I don't recommend it.



ennan said:

Looks like the Wii u could be done with a gamecube-esque carry handle



Auracle said:

You gotta admit, that is pretty neat. If I had a phone, I wonder if I could play it in my car...



Madmanonfire said:

I was hoping this could work. I'm glad I now know I can bring it to school to kill some time, once I get one...



thanos316 said:

hmm i agree with comment #6. if u was able to do it with the gamecube then why not on the wii u. this system is just asking to be hacked. im not saying illegal games, but there is always someone out there that will go hmm nintendo says this can't be done with the wii u, but im gonna check it out for myself. well this is pretty cool, and i hope brand new ideas keep on coming



iroxursox said:

to make it trully portable all you need is a portable battery that you connect the WII u to it's just that simple hopefully they will make a backpack for this



DerpSandwich said:

I would never take it on a train or anything, but I do think it's cool how you can just plug it into any outlet and play. When I was a kid it was always a pain to find a TV to commandeer when I went on trips and stayed at friends' houses. Now it's just plug and play.



wing0black said:

This seems like a great idea, until the person in front reclines in their seat and knocks your shiny new console to the ground.



Lunapplebloom said:

As soon as I heard that you could operate it entirely from the gamepad, I knew something like this could be possible. I myself have already tried it, and it's not that difficult to set up. Probably took me less than a minute, just plug in the power and done.



shinesprite said:

Now how will U play during those long international flights?

Also, I wouldn't recommend playing disk or HDD-based in those situations. I wrecked my Wii's disk player once while I was using it in a moving vehicle with my portable Wii screen. All those bumps along the way are really hard on moveable media!



Drobotic said:

I wish I could bring the GamePad to my church so I could play it there without the main console.



GrandSparkster said:

I've been thinking about that; actually, considering playing the Wii U in the car.

So if given the right voltage, and since some planes have power outlets recently, the Wii U could make a good semi-portable device.



Urbanhispanic said: I wasn't expecting to see THAT.....

I'm quite content bringing my 3DS for those long trips on the bus/train, thank you.



MeloMan said:

Well... that wasn't specified previously I don't think. I thought that the pad had to be tethered to the console in some shape or fashion, so this is great news even if it may be an underused feature. I intend to fully put it to the test



KAHN said:

if a wiiU game doesnt use both the screens, i won't be buying it, so the idea of a portable wiiU is automatically ruled out as an option.



SheldonRandoms said:

Actually I take it back, sure you could bring it to school (there's outlets everywhere) but then you have people like "cAn I PlaY?!?!?!" and if you say no then they won't be your friends anymore, plus someone could steal it, but still.......



DarkNinja9 said:

@TheN64Dude yeah least someone in the forums had already brought it up and i had thought about it too so xD its to much work really not to mention probably getting stolen/attacked while your busy gaming D:



UnseatingKDawg said:

I don't travel much, especially by train, but that is a good idea. You could also probably rig up some kind of cig lighter adapter for car travel.



manic221 said:

@aaronsullivan That sounds like the best use! Believe it or not alot of my family members especially grandparents don't have HD TV's or only have 1 in the living, this will be perfect when I go to visit them for an extended period... They wouldn't even need to know I had it just plug it into the wall in the guest room and I can play Wii U games without stealing a TV or causing anyone bother I have to wait till January for my console but I am excited by all the prospects of this console for sure.



manic221 said:

@0LD_SK0OL_PUNK to be fair dude some games use both screens but still have this option available eg Batman, Sonic All Stars Racing and Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Plus by doing that I think your being a little silly as you'll be ruling out a lot of great games with that mindset example NSMBU while it technically uses both screens it doesn't do any more then mirror the TV screen... I just think your being a little bit close minded.... An maybe even slightly ignorant.



manic221 said:

@iroxyorsox that would be sweet imangine that a backpack with a battery built in all you have to do is pull out the game pad and hit play don't even need to remove the console from the bag that would be so cool!



DaemonSword said:

Will there ever again be a decent Wii U travel case available in the US, ever? This is pretty ridiculous.

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