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Wii U Pro Controller Lasts 80 Hours On A Single Charge, Not Backwards Compatible

Posted by Shaan Joshi

Two steps forward, one step back

According to both Gamestop and Amazon, the Wii U Pro Controller is said to have a battery life of around 80 hours for a single charge. This is a drastic increase compared to the Wii U Gamepad controller, and for comparison, most PS3 controllers tend to last 20-25 hours.

While this number hasn't been publicly announced by Nintendo, both Amazon and Gamestop use the exact same product description, which makes it seem like these descriptions were provided officially by Nintendo.

Here's the rub:

Your games, your way. However you think of your gaming style - hardcore, old school, or purely nostalgic - the Wii U Pro Controller puts you in the game. Designed for accessibility and extended gameplay comfort, the Wii U Pro Controller features the dual analog sticks and ergonomic button layout that you've come to expect, as well as a rechargeable battery that can last up to 80 hours on a single charge. The Wii U Pro Controller can be used for playing a variety of games - from packaged games at retail to downloadable games from the Nintendo eShop. Look on the back of Wii U game packaging to see which games use the Wii U Pro Controller. Not compatible with the Wii system or games.

While the 80 hour play time is certainly a plus, it looks like the Pro Controller won't be compatible with Wii titles, meaning you should hold onto those Classic Controllers if you still have them.

For an in-depth look at the Wii U Pro Controller, check out our hands-on impressions.


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Hokori said:

I'll be getting one fore Bayonetta 2 since the original was better with 360 controls



Nightsider said:

FIRST! ok my opinion is... this looks great. and i heard it feels "cheap" but not that much. i'm definetly getting this. just not on launch day



TruenoGT said:

It's a bit surprising they can't do an emulation of the Wii Remote + Classic Controller for Wii games, but I don't think it's too big a deal. I would be more disappointed if they said we couldn't use "classic controller" in lieu of a "pro controller" for Wii U games... hopefully this isn't the case, but I'm not getting my hopes up.



moomoo said:

So I'll take that this doesn't have rumble then?
@HarmoKnight I'm pretty sure it was better on 360 because it wasn't full of glitches and framerate issues. Granted, I am a much bigger fan of the 360 controller anyway, so whatevs.



Haxonberik said:

Does it play VC? Thats all that matters for backwards compatibility to me, because if not it will be lonely to play the classic games alone with my only wii classic controller



47drift said:

How is it greedy to want a controller with functionality for past games playable its current console?



Kevin said:

As long as its compatible with VC games the lack of backwards compatibility doesn't bother me one bit.



NintyMan said:

It's all right; the very big amount of energy makes up for no Wii game support. Besides, I would care more for it being compatiable with the VC.



TysonOfTime said:

Maybe that wan't the right word. I dunno, it's like, what do you want from this machine? Having the exact same backwards compatability capabilities as the previous system isn't good enough?
Bluh, maybe I'm misunderstanding it...



WaxxyOne said:

Why does Nintendo do this to us? I don't get it. You can't use the original Classic Controller for GC games despite including the analog triggers, and now you can't use what is essentially an identical device as a replacement for the Classic Controller? What gives?! Even if you slap that disclaimer on the packaging, Nintendo is sitll going to get a flood of support requests wondering why their Wii game which "Supports the Classic Controller" cannot be controlled with a nigh-identical device.



LztheQuack said:

The problem with backwards compatibility is that it's a completely different controller set up. I also bet the Wii runs on a separate system like Gamecube games did on Wii.

Well, perhaps if y'all were Nintendo engineers, you might understand. Otherwise I think it's more than simply running a simple program



AVahne said:

Classic Controller support would have to be programmed in separately from the U Pro Controller. At least Black Ops 2 has support for all Wii FPS inputs.



WesCash said:

Is it really that hard to make it backwards compatible with Wii/Wiiware/VC games? Honest question, I don't know the answer.

Like a lot of people, I already have a classic controller anyway. When GC games get released on the WiiU, I wonder if we will have to buy this controller or if we can just use the classic controller (or even the gamepad).



SPEtheridge said:

If i remember correctly,the original classic controller doesn't have analog triggers thus why it did not support GameCube games.



SPEtheridge said:

What happens if they release GC games, neither Classic Controller or (i think so, not too sure) Wii U pro Controller have analog triggers, the latter i find a bit of a weird choice.



Furealz said:

Ohhhh, no biggie! I'm sure it means, you can use the controller only on Wii U. Also, you can't use Wii titles like Monster Hunter that are compatible. VC is a definite yes, but WiiWare is a fat no because it was developed with the Wii hardware. Get where im at?



Fudge said:

@Fureals VC won't work either, the code is still being ran in Wii mode. While using the Pro controller should be possible in theory (There are efforts of using Wii hardware, including Wifi as BBA, for GameCube games running on Wii with hacks) it probably won't be implemented anyway.




I have no problem at all with a controller like this. Instead of talking about what the controller plays with and what it don't, I'm more pleased about the battery life with this sucker here. Now I know to some that 80 HRS. may not be nothing. But I find it a step in the right direction with something like this as it feels like it's got more battery life over your typical Wii Remote. And besides, to ALL YOU IDIOTS on here complaining about the problems with this thing, it said, "The Wii U Pro Controller can be used for playing a variety of games - from packaged games at retail to downloadable games from the Nintendo eShop." Meaning to me by the way I see it is that if a controller like this Wii U Pro Controller can play eShop games, then there's no reason WHY this can't play VC games from Wii when you transport them over to the Wii U. Same way for it they're sold on the Wii U's eShop. No reason NON what-so-ever why I see it can't play VC games. Including GCN if it does become as an available option on the Wii U eShop.



OptometristLime said:


I think backwards compatibility for the controller should have been included.
If only because the classic controllers are nice but have a really weird form factor.



MattEriks said:

i want to know if you are forced to use the Wii U Pro Controller or if you could use Classic Controller pro on wii u games. As far as i se the have the same buttons



WaveGhoul said:

Won't be bothering with the Pro Controller. And if anything feels 'cheap'(people said the CC and CCPro felt cheap and i completely disagree) it's the dual shock controller....Well, at least with it's loose & sloppy terrible dual analog sticks. The CC PRO destroys the dual shock controller in every single possible way. Sturdier, tactical feeling analog sticks? Check. Clicky Face Buttons check? Fantastic d-Pad? Check. More comfortable? You better your DK bananas!



Spooky said:

Surely every one of us should have seen this coming, we know the Wii U plays Wii titles including VC/WiiWare in Wii mode which like the Wii going into Gamecube mode means that in this mode it IS a Wii unlike offerings from Sony and Microsoft who only emulate backwards compatibility. The up side is 100% compatibility and the downside is that getting another controller working with that would be very tricky to engineer same goes for upscaling. Besides I like the fact that I can still use my SNES classic controllers



SilverSeraph said:

What's so disappointing about this is not the lack of backwards compatibility per se, but the pattern that is clearly being established. The Pro controller won't play Wii games, meaning it won't play anything in Wii mode, meaning it won't play Wiiware, Wii VC. Looking at the historical behavior of Nintendo as a company, this is something that is unlikely to ever change.

Couple all of this with the fact that the 3DS doesn't play DSiware (again unlikely to ever change), and it's not hard to imagine someday eventually wondering why we can no longer play our electronic back catalogues on Nintendo devices. I.e. when the Wii U/ 3DS successors come out they will no longer play Wiiware, Wii VC, DSiware etc. And when the systems after THOSE come out the next electronic (Wii U/ 3DS eshop) back catalogue is sunset etc. The arguement could be made that people won't want to play those games anymore, but that goes against the whole concept of building a library of downloadable games.

I hope I'm wrong. I hope Nintendo does maintain all downloadable games in perpetuity in a manner akin to Steam, but my gut tells me they won't if there is no revenue stream from it.



19Robb92 said:

Well, I never expected to be able to use it with my Wii. Question is, will I be able to play Wii games on the WiiU with this controller?



madgear said:

No backwards compatibility is a joke! IF I got a Wii U I'd need my Wii remotes, nunchucks, classic controllers, Wii U tablet and pro controllers. On top of that, since they removed GameCube compatability, I'd need to keep my original Wii anyway so that's another four extra pads! Are they trying to destroy my living room!?



Jack_Package said:

"Not compatible with the Wii system or games"

Maybe, just maybe...this is a warning to people who think its a controller for the Wii...I'm not so sure that it says you cant use it to play Wii games on the Wii U.

Just blind hope though....



DarkNinja9 said:

im stuck between getting this later on after i have my wii u and some games and not getting it at all since i heard it feels cheap and such but it does look nice and comfortable



Moshugan said:

I understand that it's not compatible with Wii game (as Wii controllers were not compatible with Gamecube games) but is it compatible with Virtual Console games?



Moshugan said:

@MattEriks #31 The Wii Classic and the Wii U Pro have the same buttons except the sticks aren't clickable in the old one. So yeah, that kinda answers that question...



LavaTwilight said:

The real question is can the Wii controllers work on Wii U games? Or if you have loads of friends like me, do you need 4 wii controllers and nunchucks, 4 wii pro controllers and 4 wii u pro controllers? I'm already in the process of replacing my gamecube controllers with the wii controllers. What's going to happen now?



TTGlider said:

Really, really, really disappointed that this will not be emulated as a CCP in Wii games. The ONLY technical answer I can "accept" is that a very few games (Mon Hun Tri) require both the Wii Mote and CCP during game play. Which Nintendo could have worked around here by just requiring a Wii Remote to be active at the same time as the Pro Controller.



gojiguy said:

If its not BC then I see absolutely ZERO reason to get it if I already own the CCPro.

CCPro is a beautiful, elegant, and comfortable controller that works on all Wii games and probably all Wii U games with classic controls... So unless I NEED clicky sticks, I wont buy a Wii U Pro controller and waste my money.



rjejr said:

As far as I can tell this is simply the Gamepad w/o the screen, so does that mean if this won't work w/ Wii games, then the Gamepad work with Wii games either? (on the WiiU of course, I'm not so daft as to think a new controller would work with an old system.)



Ryno said:

Why does a video game company nowadays have to make everything backward compatible? If you have a Wii currently you should have a Wii classic controller already.



MeloMan said:

So true enough I'll be keeping my Wiimotes on for the Wii U, so now I must keep my classic controller and CCPro as well? It's not... THAT... much of a big deal, but, was it THAT hard to program the WiiUCPro to emulate as need be? Pardon me for wanting less hardware sitting around my house...



madgear said:

@Ryno because when you're a kid you can keep as many games consoles and accessories in your bedroom as you like. When you become an adult, you'll find one console and a couple of pads even seems a bit too much for your living room.



Wonder_Ideal said:

That is an impressive amount of use time on one charge. I was worried that the controller wouldn't work with VC titles, but it was just Wii games. That is good because I am keeping my Wii remotes and I wasn't expecting it to work with the Wii anyways.



FonistofCruxis said:

If the Classics controller pro is compatible with Wii U games then I won't be buying a Wii U pro controller at all as I prefer the design of the CCP.



Gameday said:

What... not compatible with the Wii... Thats pretty weak it gets old keeping out certain controllers just in case.. i mean if you have multi systems think of all the new controllers you have from years and years ago starts to pile up indeed.



aaronsullivan said:

I wasn't necessarily interested in this, but if it would have played VC games it could have been a nice option. I'm pretty sure incompatibility with "Wii games" is going to include WiiWare and VC. It WOULD be nice for Nintendo to update its VC titles for More Wii U compatibility.

What about Gamepad compatibility then? I guess this rules out Wii games on the Gamepad screen, not to mention using it as a classic controller. Not that it would be that practical with most Wii games anyway. :/



StarDust4Ever said:

Nintendo will take forever updating the back-log of VC games for native Wii-U play. Until then, there will be no playing on the Wii-pad while someone else watches TV, and no Wii-U classic controller play. Dang, I would give anything to play Mario Sunshine on the Wii-U-pad while my mom watches "dancing with the stars".



DaveGX said:

Man, so many posts here about the confusing! So far from the main article all I've gotten from this is not compatible with Wii games or systems, and I'm fairly certain we can pretty much count out WiiWare and GameCube titles even if they decide to pop em on eShop, which would be where the Wii Classic Controller comes in.

My only real concern here is figuring out whether or not this actually applies to Virtual Console titles because figure this; We're talking about games that date way back to the NES, well before any of the current tech the Wii (even 3DS for that matter) or Wii U is providing us. I don't see why the Wii U Pro Controller shouldn't be compatible with Virutal Console titles (even despite emulation via the Wii) at the very least if you consider the button layout (and only apply those with appropriate functionality) not only on the Classic Controllers, but the Wii Remote as well.

Besides, it makes very little sense for this Wii U Pro Controller to work only with Wii U titles since we already know the majority of retail/physical copy titles will be supporting Wii U GamePad style gameplay. But, I dunno....maybe someone else sees something that I don't here because again, there's just so many posts about this back and forth that I didn't read all fo em because there appears a lot of different views and questions, valid points going back and forth about this.



LeVideoGamer said:

If you've got a Classic Controller Pro, what's the problem if this doesn't support VC games? Or Wii games, for that matter? Even if you don't, it's not like CCP's are expensive. British members, you can go down to your local GAME and find a new CCP for £5!
I would think it would be obvious that it wouldn't work with Wii games. It could've worked with VC games, but it isn't the big deal that most of you are making it out to be.



TurboPikachu said:

Honestly, I don't see why people are soo upset over this.
I found out that a CC/CCP will plug into the ext. port in the bottom of the Wii U Gamepad, just as if Gamepad is a traditional Wii Remote... So if you're lacking a CC/CCP and need to pick one up, you won't need to buy a Wii Remote with it. Not to mention, Classic Controllers are dirt cheap anyways. I don't know about CCPs, but I got 2 original CCs way back when the Wii launched, and they were very inexpensive. ($20 each). They still work well to this day, and are a blast to use on Black Ops and MW3.

I don't have a problem with the compatability, since I have two existing Classic Controllers, so I already have a Wii U Pro Controller preordered anyways, because I'm going to want it for Black Ops 2. The CC/CCP does not have the ability to click the sticks inward (A feature which in CoD is essential for sprinting, and knifing or crouching), and while the Wii U Gamepad does have every feature the Pro Controller has (and more), isn't the perfect shape for an FPS (though I could be mistaken).

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