Out Now: Nintendo 3DS Ambassador GBA Games (Australia)

Get to it!

Lucky 3DS Ambassadors in Australia and New Zealand: your GBA games are waiting for you right now.

Vooks.net reports the games are available early for those living Down Under.

Here's how to download your games:

1 — Enter the eShop from the 3DS Home Menu. It's the icon with the bag on it.

2 — Scroll to the far left and select "Settings / Other".

3 — Scroll down and select "Titles You've Downloaded"

4 — The games will appear here once ready for download, alongside software you've already downloaded.

Europe, North America: we'll update when your games are available. For now, just cast jealous glances.

Thanks to MarioPartyFan999 for the tip.

[via vooks.net]

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