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Out Now: Nintendo 3DS Ambassador GBA Games (Australia)

Posted by James Newton

Get to it!

Lucky 3DS Ambassadors in Australia and New Zealand: your GBA games are waiting for you right now. reports the games are available early for those living Down Under.

Here's how to download your games:

1 — Enter the eShop from the 3DS Home Menu. It's the icon with the bag on it.

2 — Scroll to the far left and select "Settings / Other".

3 — Scroll down and select "Titles You've Downloaded"

4 — The games will appear here once ready for download, alongside software you've already downloaded.

Europe, North America: we'll update when your games are available. For now, just cast jealous glances.

Thanks to MarioPartyFan999 for the tip.


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Gustoff said:

Same here, hope it's ready to download in 4hrs for when i get home. Plus i bought the 3D Classic Xevious from the Club Nintendo site for 100 coins. Got the code to redeem my download. Will do that first and then check for GBA goodness.



RedYoshi999 said:

It's MarioPartyFan999 but whatever. I'm enjoying playing my GBA games but I have no idea why we got them early!



Late said:


Minish Cap: 148 blocks
Fire Emblem: 280 blocks
Mario vs DK: 145 blocks
Kirby: 148 blocks
WarioWare: 78 blocks
Metroid: 84 blocks
Yoshi's Island: 80 blocks
Wario Land 4: 79 blocks
Mario Kart: 49 blocks
F-Zero: 47 blocks

Posted by MarioPartyFan999 in GBA ambassador thread. Copied by me



Geonjaha said:

Replace those images with those of Minish Cap. It's what this download is really about. Mario Kart was improved dramatically from the GBA to DS, so It isnt that amazing now. Not to mention most people just got Mario Kart 7.



Whopper744 said:

I was thinking about doing the same thing with my coins. I played Xevious on Star Fox Assault and liked it, but that game got scratched up. I'm out of here in about 4 hours myself. Here's to hoping for some GBA games when we get home. Now if I can just decide which game i want to jump into first.



Gustoff said:

For me, i think it'll be Yoshi's Island. When i had my GBA, i always wanted to buy it but no stores would have it available. Now i get my chance to play it. Can't wait...



Bass_X0 said:

Mario Kart was improved dramatically from the GBA to DS, so It isnt that amazing now.

I play Super Circuit to see which courses from that game I would like in future Mario Kart games as Retro courses. There are a lot of unique courses that would make for good courses in modern Mario Kart games. Plus regardless of later games, its still a classic GBA game.



Whopper744 said:

I may have to go with Minish Cap first. That's one Zelda I have never really got to play. The only one...except for playing it for about 2 minutes on someone's emulator once. Yoshi's Island is great though. Used to love that on the SNES.



grumblegrumble said:

@Giratina6 That's good to know! Europe should be next, then America. We just need to take a big breath and turn our 3DS's off for a whole day then we'll be fine. LOL.



Eldin said:

I hope us price-cut buyers will get to buy these games soon My guess is that that it will happen in about 3 months. Hopefully less.

I actually never had the chance to play some of these games back in the days. And what reason do Nintendo have to prevent me from playing them in this Dynasty of the 3DS? None.



Kholdstare said:

The wait is unbearable! I missed a lot of GameCube and GBA games while I was busy being a Sony fan.



SageofShadow said:

Bwahahaha, how hilariously evil, Nintendo. Just tease the Americas.
It's okay, we all know we shall get our hands on these games relatively soon.



TheAmazingRaccoon said:

thats what i get for visiting the eshop for the first time with my region set to uk. ah well only a couple of hours to go



AVahne said:

Nice for the AU ambassadors!
Good thing I have a Micro for when I want to play GBA games.



AutumnShantel said:

Lucky Australians... lol

@Koto: Me too, I love the Micro! I would probably rather carry around my Micro and play my GBA games, but it's one less thing to shove in my purse when I can download some of those games on the 3DS.



Dodger said:

Australia gets Pikmin 2 NPC and now this? They get all the cool stuff.



SanderEvers said:

@32: Australia is HOURS ahead of you guys. (+9 from UTC)

It's GMT+1 where I life, so they are still 8 hours ahead of me. It'd be like almost 6:30AM there.



Whopper744 said:

@sonicman1011 Pikmin is different. But, I personally really enjoyed it. 2 was even better in my opinion, but good luck finding it. (By the way, nice icon. Used to play Sonic Adventure 2 Battle on the GC like crazy)



Dodger said:

@36 I love Pikmin 1 NPC.

Didn't they get that plastic ocarina as a preorder bonus too?



stipey said:

Hm. I'm in NZ and can't download them yet. Under "Titles You've Downloaded", there are a whole lot of new spaces, but they're all blank, and the ones that say "Redownload" just give error messages when I try to select them. Ah well, can't be long!



Sonicman said:

@Joshers744 Thanks for the info on Pikmin (and the comment on my icon, SA2B is my all-time favorite video game by far!) @Dodger I believe they did get a plastic ocarina preorder bonus for OoT:3D.



MadScientistMan said:

I think Australia and Japan the games already because isn't it already the 16th of December in those countries



milkman12 said:

Ausies deserve it. they always have to wait for everything after NA. but now i just want my games even more.



Joko450 said:

I will love nintendo more if they prevent the people who didn't support the 3DS at the start from getting these GBA games. Shame on you...shame on you all!



HADAA said:

@Link_Belmont No, he's likely referring to Xenoblade which was released earlier than NA in Europe.
-casts a jealous glance at the Aussies-



Don said:

Reggie should give all of his bonus to the president of Nintendo of Australia for not being good.



Bucho said:

First time being an aussie is any good to anyone... well besides all the marsupials they've got...



Mr_DSi said:

Well, NOA never sent us a notification so I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't get them tomorrow...



SnackBox said:

We're so lucky! If I had to complain though, no multiplayer for mario kart or f-zero but oh well they're free =D Yay New Zealand got something first!



IronMan28 said:

Congrats Aussies...this is the one time you guys get something before people from other regions. I hope you love your games lol.



3Daniel said:

they released the NES games the day prior to the date they had listed, I also am not sure why but my 3ds always notifies me about the updates or stuff of any importance usually a day or two AFTER I downloaded them. I'm still waiting on my notice for the latest firmware update that I downloaded days ago...



kyuubikid213 said:

You Australians deserve it. I mean, usually you guys get shafted, right? I'm happy for you. Envious, but happy.



FernaMedel said:

oh look at the time, its time to about nintendo planning to release these games in NA next week.



bahooney said:

Can anyone vouch for if the GBA games have a terrible resolution, like original DS games.



Sonicman said:

I don't think Europe or NA are getting these games today :/ I'm VERY upset, more so about STILL no NA confirmation on dates and stuff



ZueriHB said:

GBA Games now available in Europe! Happy DL-ing.

Try using the standby download feature. Speeds things up.

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