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Fri 2nd Dec 2011

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BLUlink commented on Super Mario 3D Land Clone Hits iPhone, and Loo...:

Looked up the game on itunes. here's the description:

Very simply yet very addicting, this "unique" game requires you to quickly jump over obstacles and collect coins. But you are not secure in this beautiful cartoon world. An angry tortoise (-_-) could bite you. An easy and smooth control makes it very funny to jump or run.


  • Simple but skillfull
  • Items
  • Incredibly fun, just one more time, endless game play
  • Very fast gameplay
  • Suitable for both young and old
  • Auto save
  • Retina display

We had a lot of fun creating this game and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

YOU LIE D:< (I fixed their punctuation too.)



BLUlink commented on Talking Point: Using Glitches - Cheating or Cl...:

"quite a spectacle as half a dozen Nintendo mascots grind to a halt, queuing up to plunge to a glorious death"
I Lol'd at that.^ And I've seen four or five of them actually DO it at once, too. XD

It's rather annoying when half of the competitors pick Maka Wuhu EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Especially when we just did that course. XD

I just can't see why they wouldn't fix that. ):



BLUlink commented on Talking Point: Your Nintendo Christmas Presents:

I had a nice Christmas this year!
My little cousin got me 20$,
My brother got me a 3 pound bag of gummy bears, XD
and "Santa" got me Cave Story 3D, and Pokemon Rumble Blast!
I've saved up about 100, so Ima go buy Skyward Sword today!