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New Pokémon Game to Be Announced in January

Posted by James Newton

What could it be?

Pokémon super site Serebii reports that a new Pokémon game is set to be revealed in early 2012.

Japanese magazine CoroCoro claims to have the world exclusive on a new Pokémon game in its next issue, due out on 14th January 2012.

There are no further hints about what it could be, so feel free to engage your rampant speculation modes and shoot the breeze in the comments below.


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Aqueous said:

It's not likely pokepark 2, I think it's well known by now.
It could be pokemon grey I guess, but they would need to go far out of there way to get me to pick it up. I really hope it's not a remake of ruby or sapphire because I've played them to death and I'm still play them. Rather see those go to the eshop and hopefully have the downloads work along the lines of the dual slot function of the 4th gen. Hopefully this is for a new mystery dungeons, I'd like to see that. Of course it might be 6th gen. but I doubt they are that close to showing those games.



RVN said:

yo dawg we herd you like announcments so we announced an announcment so you can get excited while you get excited



The_Fox said:

With 30+ games released in 13 years I'm amazed Pokemon hasn't run its course yet.



shadow888888880 said:

it could be a new series (for example pokemon liquid and pokemon gas with a liquid legendary and gas legendary) and it will be selled to be used in 3ds or ds (or it will be selled in a cd for wii) how nows ?????



Bigdog said:

They need to finally do a proper big console game. Have it as a launch title for Wii U. It's almost too easy.



Marakuto said:

Not Gray but possible a Pokemon Stadium type game, plus why for 3DS Gray? It would ruin the system patterns plus also it could either be these games for the 5th generation: Pokemon Mystery dungeon, Pokemon Stadium type game, Pokemon type, Pokemon Ranch Black & White and more possiblities you could think of that could be obvious!



Marakuto said:

@shadow888888880 It can't be because every 4 - 5 years they make a new generation because the promotions for B & W still need to go on and R/S/E needs to have a remake in future too!



CanisWolfred said:

^They almost always release a new version of a game 1 year after release, which is usually superior to the other versions. Serebii has also noted several areas that could've easily been expanded upon in the next version.



Noire said:

I'm calling remakes of FireRed and LeafGreen, hereby referred to as FlamingFireRed and ForestyLeafGreen.



Denkou said:

It's gonna be Gray/grey version. It's been 9 months since black and white. We all know it's coming.



WreckItRyan said:

I'd love to see a first-person or close-up third person perspective Pokemon game for Wii. In a more probable light, this is referring to the third version of Black and White, most likely named Pokemon Gray. With the recent uplift of 3DS sales, Nintendo probably has plans to feed off of their momentum and release this remake on the 3DS.



ToneDedrick said:


At the same time, the way this announcement sounds, it could be the next generation in Pokemon or at least a small intro to a new batch of Pokemon. Its makes it seem like this is gonna be a bombshell announcement. Maybe they were working on a brand new entry in the main series for the 3DS at the same time? Either we are getting a new generation fairly early or we are going to finally get that non-handheld console main game, deeper than a Colosseum or XD

Or we could get the obligatory third game and it might, dare I say (outside of the few cosmetic changes) feature new Pokemon?



jpfan1989 said:

I'm expecting something irrelivant and uninteresting, that way I wont be dissapointed if it turns out to be a Pokepark,Rumble,typing,dash, mini-game-fest



BulbasaurusRex said:

A 3rd version announcement (Gray or whatever) would make sense. Except for Crystal, the 3rd versions have always come out 2 years after the first versions, and we're only 9 months away from the 2 year anniversary of the Japanese releases of Black and White.



ToneDedrick said:

I honestly wouldn't mind a new Pokemon Snap at some point. Still an awesome game today, using only one generation of Pokemon and the limitations of the N64. I can only imagine what they'll be able to do with 4 generations removed and hardware being much better.



Rensch said:

Probably one of those third versions or perhaps a remake of Ruby and Sapphire.



Linkstrikesback said:

@Marakuto What system patterns? It's not even unprecedented to have the 3rd game in the set be exclusive to the next generation of handheld ->Pokemon crystal was Game boy colour exclusive, where Gold/Silver were playable on the original Game Boys.

Plus, the DS is dead now. The 3DS will have been out for around 10 months worldwide by the time of this announcement, there is literally no good reason at all to release one of your best system sellers on a console on it's way out, when your new one needs all the help it can get.



misswliu81 said:

i'm guessing this'll come out on the 3DS or wii. either way, the 3DS and wii needs games particularly with the wii U arriving later on and pokemon is one of them.

i hope it is not like pokepark, rather than a standard pokemon game we'd come to expect.



AltDotNerd said:

Nintendo will create 2 new colors that are so beautiful, I fell to my knees and cried...



Onett said:

I hope to god it isn't "Grey" (if that is even the name they decide to give it.) I would much rather have a game (similar to Pokemon Colosseum) on the Wii or preferably 3DS featuring GenV Pokes with online capabilities and the option to transfer your Pokemon from the DS cartridge.

Come on Nintendo... I'm getting tired of the sprites and N64-esque environments. This series really is falling behind cosmetically. If the guys at Nintendo really are marketing masters, they will take advantage of the 3D feature and pre-existing models from the Pokedex 3D and just use them in the new game. This will also give the kiddies more reason to pick up a 3DS.



FriedSquid said:

Either the third version of the Generation V games (possibly for 3DS, but I doubt it), remakes of Ruby and Sapphire (also possibly 3DS), or perhaps some kind of Pokemon Stadium wannabe on 3DS (maybe Wii, but there's already PBR).



SunnySnivy said:

Ruby and Sapphire remakes or the 3rd Gen V game are the biggest possibilities.

Could be a spin off series too, we do need a Mystery Dungeon with Generation V characters.



Syrup said:

no. simply, no.
Nintendo, just stop.
Unless it's an entirely new game, that has original ideas, don't even bother releasing it.

Meh, what do I know? Those games always sell extremely well, so Nintendo must know what they're doing.



CosmoXY said:

@42 Why would Nintendo just stop as you insist? Pokemon is a cash cow. Put an entry in the core series on 3DS and watch them fly of shelves - games, systems, bundles, guidebooks, accessories, etc. I don't think Nintendo is walking away from that.



coolvw93 said:

3D verisions of ruby, saphire, and emerald would be cool.
I would like to see them put pokemon red, blue, and/or yellow on the 3DS virtual console.
or even bring back the pokemon trading card game that was made on gameboy color(that game was awsome!) and put it on the 3DS Virtual console or even make a whole new version with all pokemon cards.



AlbertoC said:

Pokepark 3, the majestic great adventure of pikachu. To be released in Japan March 2012, and in america on Fall 2014. (If it isn't a main version, who cares.)



rafaelluik said:

It may be Pokémon Gray. There's also a possibility it's playable in DS and enhanced in 3DS.

With all these big games (and remakes) just released for 3DS and Nintendo's plans I'm not sure if they'd start a new generation now or a remake.

Or Pokémon Dash 3D - please Nintendo NOOOOO



GamerZack87 said:

It may be 3D Classics: Pokemon Red Version and 3D Classics: Pokemon Green Version. I for one would welcome these classic gems of gaming, especially considering this would be the most likely way to 're-release' them on the 3DS. Not only would they gain a lick of 3D paint, but they would be able to keep the Cable Club intact and possibly remove those game-corrupting glitches.
SNIFF...I'll always remember you...Missingno....



Azikira said:

From some rumors I've heard, it's going to be Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire remakes for the Nintendo 3DS. And if that's the case, then sign me up!



GlasS said:

Pokemon Tower Defense. Lol, EVERYTHING has a tower defense.
Or, Pokemon Mario and Pokemon Luigi.



TKOWL said:

So stoked for this. It looks like my 300 hours in White will pay off... IF it's an RPG coming out.

If it is, Move Tutors and the Battle Frontier will be a must for me.



coolvw93 said:

i wish they would bring back the pokemon trading card game videogame that they made gameboy color. at least put it on the 3DSVC



BenAV said:

Better be something pretty good whatever it is.
If it is Pokemon Grey, it better be only for 3DS and they better add a lot to the game to make it different enough from Black and White.
I'm not prepared to fork out more money for practically the same game at the moment.



danschemen said:

ok well there probably will be a pokemon grey but after that what will be the names of the next two? i mean seriously they just did white and black



Reggie4Life said:

Alright, guys, here's how it's going down...
Pokemon Snap 3D or...
It would make perfect sense, though, black light (Zekrom) white light (Reshiram) ultraviolet light (Genesect)! Believe me, I know what I'm talking about. I visited every day for 3 years straight. No lie. ULTRA*VIOLET* (PURPLE), GENESECT (PURPLE)
AR battles would be great, a solid online w/ plazas where you can make friends, battle, and trade, and new cards you can buy that double as AR cards!

A couple gens later... A game for Wii U or 3DS (preferably Wii U) where it's the same RPG you know and love, but in 3D! Yes, a 3D environment, in HD, turn-based battles that actually show you the move instead of cheesy animations. The pokemon actually move and dodge instead of a still picture sliding left and right... Yes, the ultimate Pokemon game... I'll make a forum topic about this later, where I'll elaborate
Seriously though, you see ads for the Ultraviolet thing, you heard it first here, from ME. FROM REGGIE4LIFE. dont go off stealing my ideas...



JaxxRaxor said:

My bet is that the new game is either the 3rd version for the current 5th generation (and it will almost certainly be played on the 3DS, although there may be some enhancements if played on the 3DS) or a new Pokemon Battle Revolution/Stadium for either the Wii or Wii U.



alLabouTandroiD said:

@eryan64 (24.): I'm not sure if that's what you meant and it will most likely never happen anyway but i cannot help but think what it would be like to play as a Pokémon in first person. It's only a very vague idea, but could be interesting. It should at least work for the dungeon crawlers. (Or maybe Dead Space Extraction has too much of an impression on me right now.)

More action based, real time combat would be an interesting development too. Maybe a mixture of the accessibility of Paper Mario and the action of Tales Of games. I wouldn't care when there are less Pokémon in the game because of this. (Thanks for giving me the idea of dodging @Reggie4Life (64.)).

Anyways, a new Pokémon Pinball on the 3DS is nearly guaranteed to be good.

@Jahir (63.): Great idea for the controller. It would be a better than on the 3DS. But even there i'd like it. With optional gyro controls.



Marakuto said:

BTW Nintendo doesn't make Pokemon you guys should know that its Gamefreak because when Pokemon R & B first came as a idea Nintendo rejected that it would not sell well until it did and now they take the credit by being the label for Pokemon games or it could've been that they would move to another company if they didn't do well back in the 90s.



Azaris said:

What I want:Pokemon grey(25% chance),Pokemon r/s remakes(5% chance)
What is likely Another spinoff game(it' s probally another pokemon battle revelution, something new,or a spin off we haven't seen recently)



alLabouTandroiD said:

@SnackBox: With all the remakes that include both versions of each generation, huh ?
The greatest thing about it would be if they at least included all the GB, GBC and GBA games and enable you to get every Pokémon in these. So people who only own a 3DS don't have to get all the other systems just to have 'em.



Faithedphoenix said:

I hope it's another adventure game like Pokemon Grey or something. And hopefully for the 3DS but if it's not for the 3DS then that is fine as well because if it isn't that just means they are working really hard for the 3D part for the next one Or a Ruby Sapphire remake. I just hope they bring back the secret bases cause that was fun in Ruby and Sapphire lol I'm just so pumped I hate waiting for whatever it is lol I'm like come on I cant wait anymore. I bought White and beat it in 2 days and traded it in for Soulsilver I have Pearl as well. I hope the next one is alot longer and the pokemon look better and not just someone who looked at a trashcan and said lets make a trash pokemon lol Or someone who got ice cream from a Ice cream truck and said lets make a snowcone evolve into 2 snowcones lol

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