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Mon 2nd Jan 2012

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Faithedphoenix commented on Win a Metallic Red 3DS!:

I hope whoever gets it will surely enjoy the crap out of it it's fun and not only that Pokemon is coming up with more surprises January 14th I have a blue 3DS



Faithedphoenix commented on New Pokémon Game to Be Announced in January:

I hope it's another adventure game like Pokemon Grey or something. And hopefully for the 3DS but if it's not for the 3DS then that is fine as well because if it isn't that just means they are working really hard for the 3D part for the next one Or a Ruby Sapphire remake. I just hope they bring back the secret bases cause that was fun in Ruby and Sapphire lol I'm just so pumped I hate waiting for whatever it is lol I'm like come on I cant wait anymore. I bought White and beat it in 2 days and traded it in for Soulsilver I have Pearl as well. I hope the next one is alot longer and the pokemon look better and not just someone who looked at a trashcan and said lets make a trash pokemon lol Or someone who got ice cream from a Ice cream truck and said lets make a snowcone evolve into 2 snowcones lol